Saturday, November 22, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Another friend going away =(

And we keep growing up.. I just hope we won't grow apart..

Quick dinner in Ippudo, the new ramen place in the city, before Kenny-oppa leaves for Singapore. And the line is just... *sigh* Well, I can't complain because the wait is all worth it. Not cheap though! HAHA

He is just one of the few people I am comfortable to be cozy with. It's a bit sad that he'll be leaving us soon for work, yet, he will still be my "oppa" time and time again. I just love teasing him as my boyfriend. It's fun and we all knew it's nothing. I love them to bits.

Take care love and hope to see you again soooooooner! Be safe and behave.

Always ~ ♥A

Thursday, November 13, 2014

dreaming over reality ♥

I am still on a high over my recent escapade and really can't move on. Indeed a dream realized!!! It's a bonus that I did it solo and I have met nice people along the way.

a few days before moving office to another location.. I just need to do this!

This has been in my list even from when I just started my job out here.... A photo in the center island in the middle of the busy avenue. This is probably less risky than what I had in mind. Regardless, it still earned another check on my list of things I dare to do for myself just because..
Me and my crazy thoughts! 


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I just got back a few hours ago and it is them that I see!
Happy birthday to my ex-boss and now friend!! Always nice to catch up and see you! mwah!

back in the city

Back in the city.. back to work.. back to the busy schedules with the holidays approaching! Not looking forward to some of it though.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A day in Singapore

Yesterday, I was undecided if I wanted to stay a few more days or stick to my initial plan of leaving later tonight.

Hangover and starved from last night's drinking, I found myself a breakfast place near the malls. I am not really a fan of shopping and in a city full of shopping centers I am lost by myself. It was warm, humid and a bit sunny outside. If I were just home, I'll opt to stay in and lounge in the comforts of my bed for hours or do something else other than walk around; but since I promised my sister to buy her requested tea ihere in Singapore, do I even have a choice but to go out and see more of the city!

It took me a while to find my destination and before long, I have given up and admitted that I am a little lost. =P Well, nothing new! I just kept on walking ~ and besides, nobody will care since I am alone.

It felt like Christmas already with all the decorations! It must be beautiful at night with all the sparkly lights and glitters.

Halfway through the day though, I decided to stick to my plan and come home tonight. After hours of walking around and right after I bought my sister's tea, I started my way back to the hotel to pack up for my flight back home.

And good thing I left when I did because it started raining again!

Well, this earned me another teasing with my newly found friend still in Maldives and is basking in a sunny day by the beach! I'm pretty jealous at the time. They did offer for me to stay and join them for another 2 weeks or so touring farther in the different islands in Maldives but I had to turn it down. Thing is, I need to be back to work this week - I just wished I brought my work laptop with me so then perhaps a can extend a bit more. Or maybe, this is as good as it gets and perhaps this way is better. I'll never know though.

In general, aside from helpful people, Singapore is pretty cool. Basically, I just had a glimpse of it and didn't do any touristy stuff, sight seeings and all those things today. I just thought it's not fun doing it alone. Now, I will be planning to go back with friends or family. That should make it more fun than strutting my heels around the city by myself.

'Til next time Singapore ~ ♥A

guess I'm Lucky!

If I think doing Maldives solo was my adventure of the year! This is where I was wrong!

I arrived in Singapore and well, I need to figure out my way to the capsule hotel I've booked with my luggage and hand carry and all this stuff! Why did I do this to myself, eh?

It's easier to take a cab! But no...the stubborn me insisted to figure this out with the public transportation. I get to find the metro after hmm... a while of walking around the airport. How difficult is that? Now, I feel stupid since it took me a while to find it when it was in plain sight. Guess, this proves my "direction" and "maps" problem. And one not to lose hope... I was able to find my bus stop!!

 I waited for a while and worried a bit since it's getting late. When the designated bus arrived, being myself, I can't even carry my own luggage! Lesson learned - try not to over pack and make sure I can carry my own things by myself or else just don't bring more things I'll end up not using anyway. Anyway, Mr. Driver is nice enough to help me, it was a bit embarrassing with all the passengers looking at me and the delay it caused. I tried to ask directions and what's more nicer is Mr. Driver dropping me in the right stop and again, helping me with my bags!! And then I thought that was it. I can do the walking myself, only to be faced with this....

Okay.. I can see the hotel's name on the other side of the street!!! Now what?? This is hell of a steps with my bags. While trying to look around another way to do this a young couple walking down the steps saw me and perhaps the nice guy noticed my predicament. And my goodness, when he offered me his help, I can't thank him enough.

I walked my way across the footbridge and then now.. how do I go down? Lol same stairs on the other side and same problem for me! A while back a couple of middle aged men was walking with me across the overpass. And while I stayed atop the steps thinking of what to do next, They noticed me when they looked back to check if I am going down as well. Then, if it wasn't my lucky day today I don't know what is today! The other man went back and asked me if I needed his help since he saw me with the other guy who helped me up the steps. And again, all grateful to the nice people of Singapore. That's how I survived my first few hours in the city.

And it's as if it wasn't enough.. I entered the wrong door! I entered the spa beside it thinking "this is it! Finally!" only to find out as soon as I entered that it was the door beside it. HAHA I'm starting to lose it and would love a good laugh at this! But I needed to settle first and find food. And just my luck, a group of teens passed me by and taught me how to ping the reception to buzz me in and now, an elderly woman helped by holding out the door for me. Now, I am starting to fall in love with the people of Singapore!

Checked in and settled, I tried to find dinner and found this pasta place.

And more good luck, I met some people and took me a walk a round the city and treated me to a few drinks. Tonight, I scored some free beers, a 10 year old wine and funny new acquaintances. The new friend walked me back to the pod hotel..

Had a cup of coffee while talking away with this person in the hotel lobby - another new acquaintance - shower and then bed..

Just the way to cap the night...

Me and my faulty-sense-of-direction,


Monday, November 10, 2014

the end of my holidays

I chanced another walk early before my flight to Singapore. And well, I showered in the rain!!! Way to start my day.. A hotel staff has arranged my transfer to the airport and I am not thrilled to leave yet. *sad*

The city is still crowded and the people are walking everywhere which makes traffic bad. The hotel staff and I shared our cab with another tourist since he can't get any and it'll be just a quick ride why not. Amusing, just look at the "cab-rules" below.

Boarded and it's time to leave.... and still cloudy..

Last glimpse at this stunner!

And a sweet goodbye for now...

 A couple of days by myself was nice but a company once in a while isn't bad as well. I am leaving this pretty little islands with new realizations about myself, boosted confidence, learned lessons and new acquaintances. Now I get to check Singapore for a quick stop.. Do I extend or not?

undecided ~~ A

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kuda Bandos

360 view
Island excursion it is in Kuda Bandos island and no other activities available but then a minimum of 4 pax is required for it. Luckily, there were a pair of guys in for it and waiting for more people to join. Along with them, 2 women with their 2 kids joined as well.

I don't have anything to do yet. So I just packed my sunscreen, water, chips and pretzels along with my sarong, sunnies, book and phone while wishing Mr. Sun will grace me his warm rays. More sunning day for me!!!

The boat ride to the resort took a while.

And thank goodness, it was sunny by the time we arrived. So we have the whole day in the island until 4 in the afternoon when the hotel has scheduled to fetch us back.

First thing in order is to find the perfect spot in the area. Minimum requirement of a nice view with a little bit of shade to filter through just enough sun for me. And here it was.

Reading a few pages of the book I packed until I totally gave it up to just savor the moment and daydream some more. A catnap along the shore which earned me a sun burnt back later on - note to self, next time do it under a shade at least! and few more photos until it went all dark and gray, threatening a rain.

Yes! Maldives has an unpredictable weather around this time of the year. One of the guys I met in the excursion kept teasing me and calling me the "Rain Girl" just because... well, I am not really sure with his basis on the nickname but then they were in Maldives around the same time last year and they said it was all sunny without a drop of rain and then this one time I was with them and it was all gray and rainy. Totally not fair! I firmly believe I did not bring the rain. LOL

20-minute walk in Villingili Island

I turned in late last night but still woke up pretty early today. Mulling in bed while checking Facebook and chatting up with friends and family back home I thought of walking around the island. So after a while of my  tamad-moments - since it's only almost 6 o'clock in the morning and still pretty cloudy, not expecting a bright sunny weather today - I decided to take my morning walk and check out the beach or wherever is the shore..

I started my walk in the empty streets of Villingili. From time to time, I see people going out and some walking towards the opposite directions or across mine always with a shy smile on their faces and when you get close enough to hear them they also utter a quiet "Hello" or "Good morning". It feels nice that the people are welcoming.

I tried to capture what I amuses me with some selfies that I am too shy to share, so I'm not posting it here either!

I get to round up the whole island in 20 minutes but definitely, I did not explore every alley way just because I'm trying to keep track on my turns to and from the hotel for when I am to return to it.

And I'm not really sure if this was the beach area. Not as stunning as the one in Vilamendhoo but hey, I'm just starting my day and will be planning for what to do until tomorrow.

A quick walk and I was back in the hotel. More time to wait for breakfast and ask the available activities offered around here. Initially, I planned to push through with the wind surfing lessons but we'll have to see since when I inquire, looks like there's no lessons offered for the day. Guess, I need to find something else to do after my breakkie.

the City and the loitering guides =P

When we landed in the airport.. being my typical self.. I haven't exactly figured out where to go. I have confirmed a pick up service from the hotel I'll be staying at but there were no further instructions on where should I be waiting for the service. So I did try to wander and ask around.

The airport area was busy, swarmed with people - tourists and locals - and was really warm. I was about to head out to the information desk when people approached and ask which hotel did I have reservations to. They were guiding other tourists around too and helping out with the directions. I was complacent at first to accept the offer help but then why not. The guy, who I forgot the name (sorry!), was really nice in helping me find the hotel. We walked a bit around the city...

And was planning to tour a bit before going directly to my hotel but then he needed to stopped over a friend's souvenir shop.

I have read about this souvenir shops in the main city that sort of lures you to pick anything you like and then priced it with a lot more than what it's worth. Well, it's true!!! Then they'll try to negotiate with you with a "discounted" price but still, it's still way too expensive. It happened to me. It was a real held up when shopping souvenirs for a few friends and family. I tried to ask for the price of each item but the store owner kept saying it's really cheap and that we can talk about the price after I am done selecting. Guess what! After all the troubles, my spree was totaled around USD 2,000 for a few pieces. I almost ran out of the shop when he said it, except that my suitcase was with my guide. So instead, I tried to talk my way out of it. My gosh! so goodbye city tour since it's too late to make that walk anymore and I wanted to be settled in my room before dark. We found the restaurant but still we need a boat ride to Villingili island where the hotel is located.

We walked towards the dock and bought tickets along with the other locals that are about to go home in Villingili island. During the boat ride I chanced to speak with the women seated beside me and since most of the people knew how to speak English it was not a challenge to communicate with the locals. The woman explained to me that most of them are working and studying in the city and at the end of the day are still traveling back to their home to the next island when some stayed in the city, some chose to travel home. Not quite different from my home as well.

My guide and I arrived in the island at around 6:30 pm. The sun had already set and it's getting darker by the minute. Although I am in a different country with a different culture, tradition and religion from mine, I felt relatively safe. We are walking among the people of this small community in the island and they don't stare at you, rather they look at you, smile shyly and say hello. And just like that, people are really nice. 

It was a short walk to the hotel, but at the time I am already exhausted, smelly from sweating the whole day and nursing a couple of mosquito bites. 

But thank goodness I am safe and lucky enough to make it taking chances in trusting a stranger. Done with checking in with the family, had my dinner, took a shower.. Now, finally.. time for bed! Can't wait to walk around the island tomorrow and check out what else can I do with my last 2 days.

Exhausted but lucky,