Sunday, May 26, 2013

food for the thoughts... we women!

Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov, I love this book! Maybe I am biased or whatever but it teaches you some things about yourself. I'm not into a relationship and am not seeking for one at the moment. Very much available and yes, I am single since birth but who cares? ;-)

This book was referred by my girlfriend Ralei and it was only now that I had the time to read it. I agree with the book all through out. I do think that sometimes woman goes over the top with things or over analyze things about relationships and guys, the clingy and nagging tendencies, and the controlling streak and the other sort of unlikable stuffs we women do some times unconsciously, even I don't want any of that if I were a man for instance.

I can certainly relate and at some point I can see my lazy self on the description. HAHA Maybe that's the reason why I like the book, it mostly describe the clumsy me and the lazy me with no pretension. Oh in reality that sucks sometimes! (huh! cause I'm single and not trying to impress or needy of anybody!) Times like you can't open a sealed bottle by yourself or too lazy to cook a meal from scratch. Anyhow, I do believe this book is brilliant and can help a lot of women out there. It empowers you with the advantages that you hold over men. Although it points you to the other direction, I do think it doesn't meant for you to change at all. I do think it was written for us girls to realize what we're doing unconsciously that we thought are likable. Simply, it teaches us to be wise if I put it in simple terms. That's how I see it. Reading the book, it can either make or break your self confidence depending on how you see through the words of the author. Then I guess, it all depends on the foresight of the reader with regards to herself and her relationships. Like for instance, I and a friend of mine, Eloi, agrees with the author's point of view, the dumb fox as she called it while my other two girlfriends, Ralei and Ate Heidz, disagree with the book and stopped reading in the middle of it. I don't want to call my friends on that because we have different point of views and personality and I respect their opinion. Nonetheless, it might have been helpful if they finished the book all in all. It gives you another insight other than what you think of how men sees the ladies.

Anyway, it is a must read for the girls out there and I'll certainly refer it to my girlfriends and my sisters and other girls I know.

Inserting excerpt from the book.. one of the things I read that I really love on the book.

Go and buy a copy and soothe yourself!

bookworm for the day.. with lalalalaloooove! ♥A

morning like this

It's a family thing to attend mass together. And I love Sunday mornings with blue sky.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Hungry

back to food tripping... *oink oink* lol

I am not really familiar around Makati City and today I am to explore a bit. I will be meeting my KCC friends for lunch at Shin Dang Dong Korean restaurant. And since I am getting off from work early in the morning I have few more hours to myself.

I left the office at around 7 am because I can't take it anymore! Fridays always feel like that, too lazy for work or too tired of it for the week. I called on a cab, which I don't normally do, but since I am at risk of losing my way again and I am tired from working to walk back and forth and back and forth a couple of times so I gave in to it. And I failed! I still did the walking before I found A. Venue Mall.

While waiting I  decided to grab a cup and wait myself inside Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because I'm too early for lunch and while waiting I logged in for a little bit of work. I can't believe I did that! I was just ranting about it a few sec ago and now I'm working on remote access. Humor me!

I'm nursing a cup of cappuccino and bran muffin while working and waiting until Christine-unni saw me, then Jo-unni came in as well and then all of them. We then walked to Shin Dang Dong along the other side of the mall, or maybe not the accurate side I might be referring to, still it is on the side of the mall.

We ordered two kinds of Ddeokbokki.. yum! one has cheese in it and the other was somewhat like a concoction of jajangmyeon + Ddeokbokki = Jajang Ddeokbokki. *incredible huh?*

Jajang Ddeokbokki | Ddeokbokki + cheese
We ate heartily and felt so full. It is close enough to what I had back in Korea and I still dislike vegetables. We stayed for a bit, then I pushed them to order a bottle of soju to toast for today. Yey! The food was great and the service was good and the staff are kind. And since at that time the place was not busy we had all their attention. As for the price, 500 pesos for this huge pot was worth it! You can share it with a group and still it's worth it. Well, there's nothing wrong with being selfish and eating it by yourself, just saying.

 The interior is so cute! I want the wall of pictures, somehow we thought of how to get our pictures included in the wall. And it remained like that, just a thought. =P

We stick around until my sister came and settled for a bit. She and family is going around malls for Ate's last minute packing for her work-related trip to Sydney. And Aya is not happy about the shopping thingy knowing Ate.. I'll feel the same I was just lucky to be meeting up with KCC friends today.

We head our own way at around 4 in the afternoon and while waiting to be fetch by mom and dad with Ate we tried to look for another place to camp out. And that's where we found Focaccia Italian Restaurant! I love Italian and Aya love pizza and we saw the salted caramel ice cream display, so in we go. Again, we're just one of the two other couples who're dining in at the time. Seems like it's a slow day today.

They served Focaccia with dip for starters. It's on the house but then seeing how pricey the food were... you know what to think. =D

Yes it's expensive for me. It's not that the food was not superb but then my sister and I were not really impressed by it. When our Panizza came we also had our ice cream served as well.

Tartufo al Funghi
We took a bite then just ate our ice cream. I can't help but compare so biased of me. Anyway, the ice cream for me is a bit on the sweeter side. It's too sweet for my sweet tooth I guess or maybe because I came from a cleansing diet that my taste-buds were overacting on me.

Once done with the ice cream, we had our panizza wrapped up..

Now I think I'm obsessing over walls and wall arts! I like Focaccia's stained glassed wall with sort of short messages / notes in it. It looks pretty cool. Ambiance wise, it feels more like  a casual dining.

And we still have to wait. The parents texted and said they're starved from searching for Ate's trip necessities. She needs quite a lot of things for the trip because it is currently winter in Australia at this time. That's when Aya thought of another restaurant she saw on TV the other day that she really wanted to try. She remembered reading somewhere that the restaurant has a chain in Makati and luckily it was just across from the mall.

It is the Tex-Mex restaurant Chihuahua Mexican Grill. Perfect! Not an hour from eating and we're eating again for the nth time. I think I need a few minutes to digest all the food I'm taking in, not that I am complaining. =D

The wall design described it all. What they offer and what they have.

I like the fact that you get to choose what you like to put in your burrito. They have the step by step guide by the counter to get you through it. At first we were confused on how to order and even mom didn't want to ask and would just concede with what they have readily. lol Thank goodness to the lovely cashier, she helped us through it and explained how to do it. We ordered a couple of burritos and bowl of nachos and chips.

They have this corner that Aya loved! See why...

It housed different sauces and condiments. She likes sauces and condiments such as these especially the spicy ones.

After a while our food was served.

chips and dips

bowl of nachos

It was more than what we expected, truly a generous serving. I can't finish mine even if Aya and I just shared. I am too full to eat more and burritos are not my favorite, beans and all turns my tummy a bit upset. Nonetheless, I would love to come here again and try the other food in their menu. It's a self-service restaurant so you do get your own stuff but they do set the tables for you. I'd like to believe you get back the what your money deserved. Awesome interiors too. Hip!

We're now heading home! Finally, I'll get my deserved sleep. But then we passed through the parking lot and there were a couple of thrift shops. And since Ate likes to look, we then took a look and I got this. er... just a cute purchase for 50 pesos. I hope I'll be able to use it.

Anyway, finally.. signing off... with lalalalalooovee! ♥A

bonne nuit!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

supporting LGBT

Shades of pink
In lieu of supporting LGBT last 16th, we painted our nails with Pink. *late post* xxoo

Saturday, May 18, 2013

summer that sizzles

literally HOT! Straight from work to Batangas for the team summer outing event.

on the road - grabbed from Eloi

while planning our way out! - photo by Icar

PEO team -  Ayen, JC, Golda, I, Ms. Aqs, Icar, Eloi -
Photo grabbed from Icar

Well..... I have nothing to say because I slept most of the time and missed the games and activities. =P
All I can say is that I didn't like the place that much. It's summer I do understand and it's really crowded. The weather is too sunny for me and I'm not a fan of pools in mid day. oops! now I'm starting to rant. ;-)

Anyway, we ended the day earlier than the rest of the other teams. Now on my way to some family gathering on Dad's side. Ciao!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

redoing family dinner 2 years ago..

I took a day off from work for the family dinner. We do this sort of dinner whenever a family is soon to be leaving off to somewhere, sorta send off dinner or so it seems. But really we do this to bond, catch up and share stories and make tattle-telling, just to be in the company of each other. It keeps the family tight!

This time since Tita Julie is nearing the end of her short holidays at home we decided to treat her out again like we did two years ago before she left for work too.

I took a nap after playing with Princess and at around noon, Aya and I left off first to meet a friend of mine and coffee back at Caffé Bene in Eastwood City.

We spent a couple of hours talking there and taking time into drinking our coffee because it's too early for supper and we are to meet the family at around 7 in the evening. We were supposed to dine in Bonoyaki like two years ago but it was only then we found out that it has ended the business for quite some time now. Now we opted for another buffet restaurant near the area Sambo kojin (Eat All You Can).

Since Aya and I was just around the corner, we arrived pretty early and have to wait for the opening time for dinner. We were walked in our designated table after a bit and waited for Dad, Mom and Ate with Tita Julie. Aside from good food, I love the staff. My sister and I were taken cared of really well. Every staff who passes by our table would ask what we need and even offer us variety of soup, etc. And since they were persistent we settled for a sukiyaki soup while we wait. Sambo kojin has arrays of food variety that'll give you a headache to choose from or maybe not I'm just exaggerating! But it was for me! =D

In truth, Aya and I is currently undergoing some cleansing and this dinner was a huge break! It is more than a cheat day or an exceptional day or whatever it is called because we ate more than a lot. I feasted on varieties of maki rolls, sushi and sashimi and Aya more than what I took. She has an awesome tummy I'm jealous that she can eat as much as she wants. =P

After dinner was dessert! My favorite part of a meal. My sweet tooth is twitching with excitement.

We head to UCC for coffee and dessert. UCC is always love.♥

And we were seated on the same spot from two years ago.

UCC 2011 | UCC 2013 
Cool huh?! Seems like it's not only me who's not changing. =P

andddd my photos suck! how unlucky I did not even check. too late now! :(

i think this was cheesecake. I can't even remember =(

Japanese cheesecake

flour-less Chocolate cake
Tita is so sneaky she paid it on her way back from the restroom. It was supposed to be our treat this whole time and we were caught off guard. Anyhow, we really enjoyed our time together and sure to continue doing this whenever she'll be home for the holidays.

Bon voyage Tita! see you in a few! with love~ ♥A

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

..... and then

with Princess ~ photos courtesy of Aya

I'm bored.. coming from work I saw dear Princess and look what we did? Still tanned from my last beach trip! love it!

till my next post.. with lalalalaloooove! ♥A

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mummy's day

Yay! Flowers and kisses for Mother.

Happy Mother's day to all the awesome Mums out there!♥

with Mommy, Aya and Lola

Lola - where they say I got my pretty face! lol
I have the loveliest ladies I can ever have as a mother and a grandmother, what more can I ask for? I have a family I can always hang on to.

Family day today...

no more words.

with lalalalalooove! ♥A

More time with cousins...

This is the other side of my family.  Today, the family have planned a bonding date over a meal at Vikings a buffet restaurant. I arrived late and seeing the rows and rows of food in the buffet table... okay, I am pretty much overwhelmed. Family has begun eating eons ago and they're teasing me to catch up and make up for Aya and Ate's absence. Oh no! I'm in big trouble if that's true! =D

This is my family. Well, three of my aunts and the rest were some of my cousins. You see we are a handful what more with their kids and partners all together, the house is real full!

La Familia Unsay

Tita Julie - my visiting aunt
Ate Joane,  'Me', Emeree

Kuya Joshua and his Girlfriend ♥

Tita Yolly and Tita Lele

with Tita Julie 

Vikings is overflowing of varieties of food, a real treat if you can gobble everything in a short time. They have Korean, Japanese, Italian, and more. I find it difficult to eat while I am confused with what I want to eat. =P And since it was a weekend, the place was really crowded. Food is great, ambiance was nice except for the noise and while the place is busy buzzing, the staff were attentive enough to notice you and answer your curious inquiries in the food table. Since it was just nearby the house I'll just walk home.