Wednesday, October 31, 2012

out of the way

I was feeling a little burnt out from work this week.. and a little post in Facebook like this "cheesecake pleaseee..." means a lot! I've got a few perceptive friends and I'd love to keep 'em! And I think one of them is Joanne-unni, guess she knew it very well. Few minutes past and I have a date! A little invitation to meet is all I need and at times like this I'll never argue no matter where it is you'd like to meet.

I met them in KCC after class. Oh it feels nice to drop by. Sonsaengnim was also there, Aiza and another teacher I've yet to know. Anyway, I was to dropped by the classroom to pay respect to Noh Sonsaengnim but she's already walking our way so I met her half way instead and a little hug and a peck in the cheeks was how we greeted each other. A bit surprised I was. She felt familiar and.. Oh! she's so like motherly. Quite a shock with the hug and peck but then I guess it goes off as something normal. Now I long to attend her classes. She's strict but then she means us well, which is really nice. I've also wanted to meet Kang Sonsaengnim but then she doesn't have a scheduled class for today. We did a little chat by the lobby and I was surprised myself I could still understand a few. It just feels different to speak the language again. Then again, practice is what I needed.

We head out the building together and talked our way to wherever. We're undecided where to have dinner. Then thought of JT's Manukan. Their chicken inasal was fantastic! Like it a lot! It's not my first time to taste their chicken but it's my first time to dine in. The restaurant was a bit full tonight and the actor owner was there. Service was okay. People are polite and friendly but a little less attentive, maybe because it was a busy time and it is cramming with people.

We grabbed a bottle of Tanduay Ice (Whoops! alcohol before work is a no-no... I know.. but.. just one won't hurt!) I and Karen-dongsaeng. And since Kenny will be driving home, he passed same with Joanne-unni with low tolerance on alcoholic beverages. Stories about Bacolod, my recent trip to Boracay, future plans, their class, Korean dramas, recent Bigbang concert and a lot more were endless. Two hours felt so short with them, but we need to go. Kenny dropped us off on his way.

Happy thoughts before I start my night at work.. ^-^ something refreshing before another loooong day.. talking about my job like this seemed like I don't really like it. Well it isn't really that.. It's just... It's not something I dreamed to be my daily business. As I said it many times before.. i don't like it nor hate it, it is just as it is, bearable.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

happy birthday Laurie-ah!!!

Since I was out of town and a bit busy with myself these past weeks, it's only now that we get to celebrate Laurie's birthday. And because I was a bit spoiled with Laurie, I get to pick which food we eat! I want some sushi and maki!!! And he suggested Yakimix, the one newly opened in Robinson's Manila or Ermita or wherever that is.. so far from home.. Indeed, a little sacrifice for friends.

And because it is me, who's the very reason why we're eating there.. I can't back out even if I was stuck at work for hours and already wanting sleep at home. Going there..well.. going there.. forget about it. I was a little lost but props for me.. I find my way on my own! Just in time! I made it just in time. The weather was really warm and I really don't like it. ugh! Another little sacrifice for friends.. 

"the birthday boy"
he'll kill me because of these candid shots! hahaha
We ate our hearts out, chatting and laughing. And as much as I don't want to admit it... I really missed their company. Somehow, no matter how different I was to them, we missed each other and also, because it is only recently that Laurie and Tiffanie is shying away from complications. I am happy they've come to be friends again. Feels like forever since we shared time together without awkwardness. I miss how close they were and it's good that they're catching up again. I am really happy and I can't keep it to myself! 

Having no sleep.. and a little exhausted from work.. er.. I forgot their birthday gifts! I swear I propped it up in my bed ready to pick it up before leaving the house. I just don't know why it slipped my mind. Me and my scattered brain! toink! 

As much as I wanted to stay regardless of how exhausted I am, I can't because my nagging sister (replacing my Mother) was so persistent in bugging me to go home. *sigh* I understand why and I had no choice but to give in. One more round to the department store to by a baking pan then I'm out of there bidding farewells and see you soon.. 

Happy birthday Laurie!!! thank you for the generous meal! ♥♥

Sunday, October 21, 2012

new babies

We've acquired a new babies at home. hehe.. Meet Princess and Prince! ^_^

Prince really looks like my first puppy ever.. and I feel a bit attached the first time I saw him.. he really reminds me of Spattie..


 Prince is quite a mix of breed. His father is a mixed of Lab and Shitzu while his mother is a Japanese Spitz.


Princess is a mix of poodle and Terrier. Cute!!

Oh well.. they are both soooo lazy and tame I think.. Just lying around and sleeping all day. Really living up to their name huh? lol.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

the last of it for now

Up early in the morning.. *sigh* the moment when you think, "tomorrow will be the same as where you left it before" in other words, 'back to reality'.

Packing is messy! bits of clothes can be found everywhere and the thought of putting it back in place in my suitcase... ugh! Stresssss! It is just the same as always. XP

That is a neat version of my mess! Lol

Last breakfast in the cafe for now, then back to packing and prepping to go home.

Happy snap before checking out...

We had lunch in a Mexican restau.. Nachos, tacos and burritos! It's so yummy I want to be back sooonn!

Then for dessert, we had this huge bowl of ice shavings with fruits and icecream. The place was swarmed with Koreans. Couples and somewhat group of older Korean tourists. It was indeed a crowd!

Yum! But too much for me.. I'm not into much of ice cream and ice shavings together, though I should say, it is fitting for the place. Cold things for the scorching afternoon near the beach. Huge bowl of patbingsu for the win!

We grabbed takeouts for the trip back home after we picked up the Calamansi muffins. Yay! Pizza! Spotted Yellow Cab and felt the urge to eat pizzaaa! except for the annoying and seemed like ignorant ladies dining there, I am happy to see Yellow cab back then. nevermind those unwanted people!

We had a 2 hour drive to Kalibo airport? Not quite sure about it cause I slept most of the trip to the airport. More or less it felt like hours in the road. My bottoms got numb from sitting. and while waiting to board, Ate treat us to some milk tea. I didn't have milk tea *not a fan* chose something far from it. then we ate a slice of pizza and back to our seats in waiting.

The flight was hourssss delayed! So when we arrived home I flopped in bed and woke up the next day. bad habit when I am dead tired..

All in all... I loved our mini trip together.. looking forward to more of these... ^-^

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

before the last

The last two days of our trip went by so fast. Same drill goes... beach in the morning, out from the comforts of the hotel in the afternoon..pretty much that's all we did.. hehe.. a little shopping for Ate's sake and more photos together. Lol.

We had lunch in a barbeque house named I Love Backyard barbecue. The servings was awesome! Overwhelming to look at! But as a meat-lover I'll never complain. It's relatively affordable and totally worth it. Tasty I must say so too. Like it a lot!!

I like the bits of personal details in the place. Similar to some of the other food spots in Boracay, the walls are creatively designed. Funny insights I may say..^_^ My favorite ones posted below. XD

After lunch, we head out of D'mall. Strolling while Ate looked some good finds souvenir. For a while, we've been walking around until finally we decided to have some takeouts for dinner because we're all a bit on edge with colds and I am freakin' itchy!!! I don't understand. 

We opt for some dessert in Zuzuni and burgers / sandwich in Jammers. Both won a spot in my heart! lol

Quick walk by the shore. Then back to the hotel once more. Junkie dinner in bed and noodles for late night snack. See???! Really unhealthy me.

♥ Love the view ♥

solitary confinement

Whenever I am out of town.. I don't understand but I always end up having less sleep than the usual. I do the toss and turns until I can't take it no more that I am forced to open my eyes and concede with my fully awakened brain!

And today... I was up just in time for the sunrise but Ate and Aya won't wake up!! Expecting so much of our agreement last night to see the beach at dawn. Harrumph...  no fun!!! By the time I decided to go alone, the sun was already up. I walked down straight to the beach front of our hotel and found out that I have the shore all to myself even just for a few minutes. I was giddy!!! I sat by a nearby coconut tree.. walked by the shore.. dipped my toes into the shallow parts of the sea.. chased crabs..and think of what I really wanted to happened in my near future as I am expecting the results of my applications this November. I contemplated and enjoyed the alone time before seeking another attempt on waking them up. A few minutes to self is indeed liberating.. It made you touch some parts of your life you rarely dwell on. Now I'm being sentimental! Nevertheless, I more than believe that a bit of an alone time clears the mind more than anything else and with a serene sight like this, a beauty that makes it all the more easier to relax.. Time spent for self is priceless as a gem! *peace of mind*

Splurging and loving it!

Not so early in the morning... we had our breakfast and head to the beach..

The sun was warm but the water was cold, quite a complementing contrast. Before dipping in the waters we decided to lay around for a bit and feel the sun. Well, I focused on getting some good tan! Hehe.

Initially, I planned to read a book while catching some sun but then it all changed when confronted by such a gorgeous view.. I am really distracted. I relished on the thought that I need to make the most out of this, so I tossed the book aside and joined Ate and Aya into the cold sea. ♥

Before lunch, we headed back to our room and prepped up for today's escapade. ^_^

Ready for some fun..

Heading out for something nice for Aya's natal day.. walking from D'mall to station 1 in search of the Steakhouse. Ate liked to get some ink.. we ended up getting a henna before going  to Boracay Steakhouse. I was having second thoughts then but Aya will not have one if I won't do it. Er.. pressure! Nonetheless, I loved the end results! Only if I am brave enough to get the real one, I want this very same design!

Too early for dinner, we ordered something light first. I, given that my teeth are sweet, ordered mango float. Ate had some baked potatoes and Aya had bagel with gruyere cheese... one happy tummy I may say. So love desserts! We ate, talked, and laughed while watching the sunset. The view was really nice from where we sat. The sunset taking its toll breathtaking red orange skies transforming to somewhat purplish gray dark sky of dusk. We saw the night unfold. And more happy snaps while waiting for our steaks! ♥

Yay! Steaks are here! The meat was juicy and tender. We enjoyed our meal with wine. A perfect night for the celebrant! We lingered longer in our corner, endless conversations and more laughs, before leaving for a walk and more fun ahead.

Looking for the next spot, there was the urge to walk by the sea and splash a bit. One of my fascination. It was scary dark waters on sight, however, it was at the same time enticing. The grainy sand burying our toes plus the warm waters splashing as the waves rolled over our feet. It feels nice. I can spend every night doing just that! *fantasy and cravings of a city girl* This was my frustration from last June, and now I'll be doing what I really wanted to do back then which is 'nothing', lazing around and enjoying life, appreciating and taking in the beauty there of from where I stand. My very definition of fun!

We went on.. fooling around and running through the waves, more snaps together before we sat for a while.

Then finally we decided to grab some drinks! Yay! We spotted Epic! Lights were still on. We ordered cocktails and something to nibble while we observe and wait for the queue of the beginning of The night! Waited and waited... and more waiting.. the music really bothers me.. it is quite lame.. er.. Maybe it's because it was a weekday? Or whatever? Then I remember the note posted on the wall somewhere near the DJ's booth saying, "Respect the DJ. No requests.", before I didn't understand but after a while just sitting by.. no need for further explanations! *sigh* It weren't so good but still we stayed because of the croquettes! Hahaha.. love 'em! So yummy! I think their food is worthy of staying and sticking by. Lol. If not for the music  and dancing then just go drinking and eating!

The night in Epic wasn't so epic at all but the night per se, I can say, was really awesome and worth remembering in our life time. Aya had her time as well as Ate and I did.

Again.. happy birthday dearest Aya!!! Wishin' you nothing but the best life has to offer! More love and happiness! Cheers to more wine and coffee together! xxoo

Monday, October 15, 2012

bon anniversaire ma cherie!

We waited til 12 midnight for Aya's birthday!!!

We wanted it to be somewhat special.. we tried! a mini cake in store for her tucked in front of the dressing table. We were excited and enjoying the moment. Minutes before, I was very much asleep then they woke me up almost just in time for her birthday. As the time neared, we were like scrambling around. Thinking how do we light the candle, will the little smoke from it alert the alarm in the room? And what do we do next? so much for thinking... we grab some coffee from the vendo machine located in the lobby, borrowed matches then crammed back in the room.

photo ops for Aya's birthday!

After greetings and wishings we gathered around the bed and dig into the cake! so much for a midnight snack, we ate only a third of it and thought of saving the rest for tomorrow. Time for some good night sleep, lights off and after a beat... all has gone to dreamland! Bonne nuit! Later awaits more fun!♥

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chinoises?? Hello islands!

One of the hottest beach recognized by the world! And today I am to indulge once more in the very same beauty that every tourist had experienced.

After more or less 20 minutes suspended in the clouded skies, finally we were able to land. Landing in Caticlan airport, some things are meant to be unbelievably astonishing! How looks can be deceiving and once again how easily do I blend in! There's this registration area in the airport that enlists people who enters the land. And the clueless me, thinking about our transfer to the hotel and whom to look out for, didn't know that it was necessary to sign. The mid-aged lady across the counter among the other people with her, I think, were wondering why aren't we moving forward to them to sign. I caught her eyes once, and then there it goes.. Hearing her say "Ni hao!" in my direction obviously addressing the greetings to us three. Then saying to her colleagues that she thinks we don't understand and so she handed up a placard saying "Registration here" and again said "Ni hao". And I was like asking the same questions Ate is asking me, "What is it?" Then finally, Ate grew a bone to come forward the counter and ask!! That was when we learned we needed to sign on it for record sake I guess. Then off we go outside.

It was raining! So bad as we expected sunshine. The transfer from the airport to the hotel was not quite a journey compared that of from Kalibo airport, where it feels like forever. The Mister of the hotel who fetch and assisted us were nice and was also deceived speaking to us in English and asking if we are Chinese. Lol

We arrived in Microtel with the sun finally creeping out from the clouds! Yay! Can't wait to see the sun, the sea and the shore! Before peeking at the beach we settled the payable first.. we weren't able to avail my discount. Er... anyway, it's still worth the penny. Welcome drinks, welcome necklace and the cold towels to refresh! It is quite nice, really! I like how they accommodate their guests. ^_^ pretty awesome staffs too, they weren't anything but nice and polite.

We checked in at around 9am. The room was comfy and spacious enough. It is neat and kept prettily. The bed was soooo fluffy? Hahaha.. I like my bed a bit firm, but then their bed is comfy enough even if it's way too far from being firm! Quite a lot of spring underneath I guess. =D

Being tired from the flight and having no more than a blink of sleep, we agreed to eat lunch in the hotel's cafe and out for dinner later on.

What can I say? Superb food. The quality equates with it's price. We shared a platter of bread with different spreads (forgot the name! sorry), fish and chips and pasta. All great!

 After filling our tummies, we went straight up to our room to snatch some z's and to freshen up too. We opted to go out at around 5 pm to say, walk by the shore and check out some restaurants in between. Also, so that Ate and Aya can see the long shore of white sands and appreciate it's beauty. Oh well... as for Ate and Aya, prepping up takes quite more than a bit of time. *sigh* And then I felt the pressure of looking good too for the night just because they are busy beautifying themselves for dinner! 

Walking by the shore... I just love it for no reason. Definitely not a swimmer and not into any water sports at present (not that i don't intend to be involve into one, I am very much interested to learn some scuba diving! one added to my dream list). I just like the feel of the sands in between my toes, the smell of saltiness in the air, the sounds of the rolling waves, the breeze as it blows your face makes you think you can taste the tanginess of the sea.. puts me into zen. *except for the loud chattering around. Lol* there weren't a swarm of people around but it's just enough for me to say the beach is quite a busy place. We also passed by a beach wedding which is kinda cute. And then I thought, if I were to have a beach wedding I would've wanted something more private and intimate. Ohh... crazy thoughts!

Then finally after walking around, we headed to look for the infamous Calamansi muffins of Real Coffee. Hehe.. We ordered a bunch for Wednesday in time for our flight back to Manila. Then dinner! We agreed to have wine and pizza, and searched for Don Vito Ristorante.

We had calamares, pizza, pasta, sausages and wine! Just enough for a fine night. Chattering and camwhoring is what we did while waiting for the food to be served. Inside the restaurant, it was the same ambiance i like in every Italian restau i ran in. Cozy with warm lightings and somewhat romantic in a sense if you are on a romantic date. Lol. I like the feel of it with a touch of a little sophistication. Love the bottles of wine displayed for every eyes to see. The staff, although friendly and attentive, I think lacks knowledge on wines. We asked what they can suggest and it took some time and some asking someone else there. Food is delish as it should be! All in all it's reviews online really lived up to it. We had a happy tummy and buzzed brain cells at the end of our meal!

Before leaving we bought Aya a cake for her birthday. Few more hours left before her day begins!! And now back in the comforts of our room. ^_^

Boracay once more...

The purpose of this out of town is to unwind and to celebrate Aya's 23rd birthday. After dinner last night we get on with the packing.. Same old, same old me. Cramming to pack everything! Alas! Ate and Aya shared a suitcase and I have my suitcase all to myself but still I excess-ed more than a kilo! Overpacking? But it feels like I just dumped in just enough clothing to last for four days. I don't understand.. Few dresses, tops and bottoms, bathing suits, toiletries, that's all in it and the VSassoon iron I love dearly! *puzzled* Anyway, I finished packing just in time to have something to eat before leaving for our sooo early flight! 5 am and we're already waiting to board. We had a double shot espresso while waiting to be able to keep up. Not many people were to fly to Boracay this time of the year and I like it!!! I feel that this trip will be fun and awesome! We had nothing planned to do but splurge and enjoy our whole stay in the islands. Celebrate Aya's birthday and laze around by the shore, by the beach and in the room. Er. what wasn't good is the not-so-feeling-well feeling that could turn out to be a full blown colds! Not a good sign at all.. but who cares! I bid to enjoy every bits of this trip and I won't let some virus to go in the way.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ate's birthday dinner

Birthdays in the family is always celebrated no matter how simple the gesture may be, we try to make a difference. But then Ate's birthday came about a busy month and reservations on her planned dinner were impossible by then, so she decided to move it up to October before our trip to Boracay in time for Aya's birthday.

Her dinner was a cruise by the bay. Ate bought this vouchers for a dinner buffet cruise with the Prestige Cruise Ship. I am indeed curious about it knowing what Manila Bay looks like and feels like in daylight. It makes me wonder how would it be, will it be ugly or splendid??

We arrived at around 6pm, quite early for our reservation that we still need to wait an hour or two. hmm.. There was quite a number of people already waiting when we arrived in the registration/waiting area. Night lights can be seen from where we sat, the breeze was not so cold yet not so warm. It is indeed a fine night to start with. No threatening storm and not that humid so to say. I like how it was. And we are anticipating how would be the experience be like. We took a few happy snaps while waiting. Everybody was chattering around and we have nothing else to do. I don't know. It feels like there's nothing else I can talk about at the moment. Such time I am also preoccupied with the thought that I have yet to pack my things for tomorrow's early flight. What's new, eh? cramming once more.

Well, my concern with this dinner was the boarding area. We had a bit of a hard time finding it. For me it was difficult because I lost my sense of direction since time immemorial! So how was it with the parents? We can always ask around. =D

Boarding in the Prestige Cruise. What to expect? At some point I thought it would be smelly and unpleasant. hehe.. *sorry about that* But it wasn't. It was dark outside that it hides almost everything in sight except for the city lights. You could feel the waves against the cruise ship that gives you the unsteadiness when standing and walking. I love such things. As much as I dislike wild rides at theme parks I love the thrill of being at sea or flying up high!. hehe..

Dinner was nice. hmm.. since I am picky with food, I'd rather not comment on it. It wasn't so bad at all and the servers in the buffet table were very accommodating and nice, they even ask if we need assistance going back to our table. In totality, I enjoyed it but not quite in Mommy's and Aya's situation. Not sure with Daddy though. He and Ate seemed fine the whole detour. And I, I love standing by the rail while the night breeze touched my face. It ruined my hair but I don't mind at all. I liked the view and the cool night air. It was relatively fun!

 Reminder: Do take precautions when booking dinners like this, especially if the cruise is a bit on the speedy side that you may have seasickness problems. I think that made Mom and Aya more dizzy.

Family cam-whoring! hahahaha.. then Mom's so dizzy we decided to stop by Starbucks for a while.. and more happy snaps!!! ^_^

Sunday, October 7, 2012

painting it black

after a long time... it's only now I remembered to take a photo of my current polish..

Friday, October 5, 2012

a brief meeting

Korean classes has begun days ago and I suddenly feel sentimental and once again feeling tired of work. A short trip to KCC and a brief meeting with friends may do something good for me. hahaha.. so I've arranged a date with Joanne-unni. So excited to see them. Small things make me so giddy! I love time spent with friends.. and family of course.

Mini adventure to KCC at night. Well, I was wondering how to go there at night since I'm not used to the other route going there when night falls, and we'll be meeting after their class so that rules it out. So I need to find another way. I could take the train to Ayala and look for the shuttle going to the Fort but then I chose to try my luck in hailing a ride in Buendia. Er, and I ended up in a cab. Anyhow, I was able to get there. A bit late, I was. So unlucky me with the traffic and now I learned it is difficult to find a ride in Buendia.

They met me in front of Jollibee and we walked our way to Bubble Tea for some drinks and food. I intended to have dinner but I am not hungry so I shared my food with Ms. Tech. We shared a chicken teriyaki doria which is really good by me. ^.^ I heard from them that the concoctions of milk teas are a must try. Too bad I don't drink milk teas. Check them out, branches are all over the city! That fast! =)

Few happy snaps and a bunch of crazy stories from Ms. Tech's Cambodia trip and Joanne-unni & Karen-dongsaeng's classes. I saw their book.. and Wow! Intermediate class was...I think.. Thank goodness it was unfortunate that I wasn't able to register cause it's a handful plus work. I don't think I can commit to it.

with Ms. Tech "KCC's Madame principal" lol

Karen-dongsaeng & Joanne-unni

As always a little diversion makes life easier! I had a great time with them. It's so sad we need to part ways soon because of my work and it's getting late for them to go home.. Missed them a bunch!! xxoo