Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spa date!

Mom coaxed me to join them for a massage and some pampering..

Even if I hate to admit it. It felt really nice especially at this time of the year. My tensed muscles can't take the stress anymore and this is just what I needed. And the meal right after! =D

We did pizza and ribs in Uncle Cheffy's branch around the corner. But as always, it is the dessert I loved most! I can't move on from the cheesecake.

mocking Aya's pout

who's to say I'm bored?

just drink up! *wine in a mug* er.. I'm just so lazy to grab a wine glass! =P

Friday, December 27, 2013

back @ Skye

It's out of the blue. Alvino is craving to try out some more food back in Skye. So here we are back at Skye after his shift and before my shift. =)

** Photo credit to Alvin D.

Of course, we had to order a pasta. He loves pasta and I too as well...

and.. seafood paella. He did do most of it since I'm not really a fan of shrimps and anything with shells except for crabs. 

This potato wedges!!! For the win! I'm totally sold over this and I don't know why.

Sangria just before work. I can handle my alcohol well, it's been proven and tested a couple of years back even at work. LOL now, I'm zipping my huge mouth! I don't want to get in trouble.

............ And because Alvino is sweet, he got me this cute little Nemo! Shame on me! I didn't prepare anything. *guilty as charged* my thoughtfulness just went down a couple of notches! ouch!

Now I feel too lazy to work.. Thank God it's Friday!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Xmas '13

Another Christmas spent at home cooped up in a corner with my laptop working my ass off!

Cheers!! xxx

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

a day short from Christmas

All the way from work, I met up with Aya with her friends to try out this all day breakfast place in Rockwell. But how unlucky it was! It is yet to open until 12 noon, I'm starved and tired and don't have that much energy to argue so we ended up walking yet another round for this another restaurant, only to find ourselves back from where we were. We did end up in TWG! =P

Oh well! TWG is a sure bet in my books. Food is great and I don't expect anything less with the service.

Eggs Benedict

Oven roasted chicken + Spinach pasta

Caribbean crepe

Bourbon island crepe
 To sum it up, we had our lunch and we're back home at noon. And of course my pre-ordered White Christmas log cake for tonight! Can't wait to dig in! =)

 Happy Christmas ALL! ~ ♥A

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Girls' little party

It was unfortunate that today's weather was not so agreeable. It was rainy and I wasn't able to attend my good friend's wedding. However, with this unexpected turn I was able to free up my time to sleep a bit more and rest before my pre-Christmas dinner with my other girls.

This year, we girls have decided to do something fancy... And since I was dying to try this place, it's a win-win for me.

Chateau 1771 it is. We arrived more than early and the place was the least busy at this time of the day.

I got my soup for starters.. Cream of mushroom it is.

And then I really had to try this entrée called Potence, one of their best sellers. Well, visuals with all that prep was impressive. It kind of gave the whole thing a kick.

But as always.. this is my favorite part.. dessert!! We had this slice of Coffee pie and it's so nice with a lovely cup of coffee as well.

And it's feels like we had it backwards. It's only now that we ordered our wine and mojito. Lol

I love the place at first sight and I loved it even more with how nice our food experience was just now. ^.^

Feeling it too early to call a night. We headed out to Baja Cantina. It seems like we always end up here whenever we are around the area. hehe but not before I get my hands on some pastries in the nearby Bizu.

Always a sucker for sweets.. and as promised to bring home some cheesecakes I got this wrapped up and since the crew at Baja were ever so nice, they offered to keep the cakes refrigerated until the time we opt to leave.

We surely love this place because we can have as many mojitos or margaritas we like and the nachos are forever lovely!

Certainly we just had our dinner and.. what? we really love the nachos here and can't resist it. Also, this time we did try the fries as well. hmm.. I still vouch the nachos on my number one here with all that dollop of toppings! =P

Drinks, food and our never ending stories.. At times like this, I really don't know how to explain our endless conversation. It just happen plus the fun. We reminisce, we plan, we day dream and we taunt each other to laughter. Time well spent indeed, just the way to de-stress from work and enjoy the weekend.

And finally, to end the night.. a remake of our photo from a year ago. LOL


Sunday, December 15, 2013

all burgers @ Zark's

Relatively cheap and tasty.. but I really think it's a little toooooo generous.

After the hospital visit, we head straight to Zark's to try out, what we heard around, their amazing burgers and take a look on how huge it really is.

Nachos for starters..

And they did not disappoint... just look at that!

The burger place was full at the time so we had to wait for a bit. Just for a minute I think since we were led up to the second floor.

It's a fine specimen and the burgers were really good but it's too much for me. I can only finish a single patty and the sides while I even thought beforehand I can handle the challenge. It's really good and worth it. The place if not a little cramp, is some place where you can eat comfortably without a care in the world. I don't know, but with this? Who can eat it neatly? I love digging my burgers with my little fingers with the cheese oozing out in the side right at the time when I take a bite! oh juicy-ness! Now I take it back. I want another round of this goodness! And why would you care about something else if you have a tower of burgers in front of you?? Lol

I guess... we really just love to eat and we love good food.

Happy tummy and deadtired.. ~♥A

an addition to the family...

Not long after.... we're off to see our cousin and her little one! Yes.. talk about banged up with alcohol and sleep deprived.. my my.. but seeing this little munchkin and I forgot my aches! I really love babies?!

Welcome to the family little Kallix! ♥

Deals PEO '13

This is how we roll... work hard.. PLAY HARDER!

A midst all the stress on the coming year end at work.... 

who says we cannot party and enjoy a night together...

**sorry for the blurry photos.. somewhere along the night... my camera lens were clearly not clear.. LOL**

Together with our cool boss, the night was really a blast. And after our 3rd and a half bottles of Jack Daniels we're ready to call it a night. Skye is a nice place, pretty pricey but service-wise, food quality and drinks.. totally worth the penny! Ambiance and music is another thing though. Maybe it's just not my crowd but since I am with a bunch of happy people, who'll say I didn't had a great time? It's a plus that I am recently obsessing over some roof decks! 

We head out after some goodbyes and I ended up with Eloi, Ayen and Jong in search for some happy food or I might say, hangover food. So I wonder, why does it feels good to binge after a long night of drinking? Or is it just me? XD and just after we ate, we head on our own ways while I still need to keep my eyes open and attend the 6am mass. *filial duties* Some daughter I am! 

Ciao bello y bella!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

reds and whites

My kind of night...


FT Christmas party '13

Last night was a blast... well, not really a blast since we all feel so old! lol

We booked in a condotel for a night sort of just across Palladium, the venue of the party. We met up in the room and did some catch up before dressing up for the party.

To be honest, I feel a bit out of place in it since I'm only crashing in the party. I can't really explain it but.. yes, we did try to mingle a little. But to no avail, thank goodness Ralei was there as well.

The party ended even before midnight and even before then we were ready to cap the night off. How old did this make us feel?? We were thinking of trading a whole night of drinking and partying for a cozy time together huddled in our room with the intention to binge on chicken and anything we crave at the moment.

We head back to our room.. changed into some comfy clothes and decided to walk out for search of some food and we ended up in Jollibee in line with some burgers, chicken joy, spaghetti and the likes.

We took our takeaways and ate together in front of the TV while talking and laughing the night's events. And somewhere in between, I dozed off! So embarrassing! And in my defense, I haven't had a decent sleep yet after work that morning. Lol And they were teasing me about it because we were in the middle of a conversation. XD Thank goodness I don't snore and quote-unquote from them, I sleep really like a girl would or should be. This made me laugh even harder! I'm embarrassed but then I know they understand and we've been sleeping together from trips to trips since college and the couch was really comfortable and I'm slouching comfortably in it.. can you blame me?? =P

So yes, girls on the loose were good girls last night! We capped the night sobber!