Tuesday, February 26, 2013

wine & nuts

Tonight, I'm alone. sipping red wine in my bed, nuts, cheese and TV...

Not so bad on a weeknight.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


A little surprise from Aya! hihihi

Peek preview while I was asleep posted in my Facebook wall.

Thank you Aya!! New additions to my babies! Tata~ ♥

Saturday, February 16, 2013

the supposed investment seminar on stock market

I've asked Aya to join me in attending this certain seminar about stock markets and investments. At first the idea didn't appeal to her but after a while she decided to come with me, the problem is..... I'm tired after work that Saturday and not excited with the information-overload-experience if I were to attend the said event. And it seems we're thinking alike, we ended up spending the day together just talking and walking around and eating.

I'm starved when I met her, so we headed to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for breakfast. Freshly brewed coffee, bagel and butter / jam, I'm sold! We talked over breakfast then. People watching in the morning is nice, not so busy crowd. After a while eating our breakfast, we decided to miss out the seminar and just eat somewhere nice and talk.

We continued our breakfast and stayed for a while. We walk around Gateway mall and do some little errands, checked out Rustan's then finally headed to Teriyaki Boy for lunch. It's all about food when we're together!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart's day by Aya

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. - C. Schulz

Happy ♥s day!!!!

Today, we received chocolates from Aya!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

date + planning

I'm fully booked today! From work end to the next morning, only when the need arises to come home!

I tried my very best to go home early from work, stop by the house for a shower and change of clothes then.. voila! Out and again ready to play with my girlies~

Fine.. I didn't just shower, I tried to sneak in a bit of sleep and because of that I ran a bit late. But still! All of us were late! Our meeting time of around 11 am became 12 noon and 1 pm latest and because of that we missed the chance to meet Cecile-unni, who is on a short vacation from her school time in Korea. 아깝다! :(

Did I mention where our lunchdate is? Ok. I'm back for more! Happy 6 days again for the.. uhmm.. 4th time? oh my Gosh! I can't pretend to be happy to come here again.. I'm sorry but I'm starting to tire of it, I need a break from the routine. It's like I am coming here every week for a month now. Omo! Omo! I like Korean food but I can't have it for always because by then it'll lose the appeal on me.

As always, the meal was generous and sumptuous in its simplest form. I love that it is simply authentic by the looks and tastes of it. And I love that I'm sharing meals with these people!

Well, with them it is always food, laughs and stories. I hurt my facial muscles from laughing with them and the stories seemed endless (though I can't relate so much with the K- thingy) still we share similar interests. ^_^

Jo-unni, Ken-oppa, Karen and Mariel dongsaeng, Ate Heidi, 'Me', Niño-oppa

Last snap before going our separate ways. Look at Kenny-ya! Looking great! He's being teased endlessly.  "Oppa, moshisseoyo!" hahaha

We parted at around 4pm? And then, Ate Heidz and I walked our way to Megamall to meet up with Ralei for another date + supper + planning on our up coming trip. *wink wink*

We initially planned to see Les Miserable or Hansel and Gretel (my bad I've seen it already... ) but we decidedly pick another movie, Warm Bodies! Having little to no sleep, I don't know what to expect on the movie. I'm just wishing I can keep my eyes open or at the least the movie is so good that I'll like it and swoon over it until I forgot I haven't had any sleep today. 

Well, we entered the movie house and found nice seats far back. I think it's because of the lack on the upcoming movie teasers... that I let myself drift a bit. When I opened my eyes... oh no! I don't know which part it is already. Gladly it's just a few minutes from the beginning. ^_^ The film was fun! R is swoon-worthy! We went out of the movie theater in love with R. Giggling and babbling about R! It was really funny and quite ridiculous that in every topics we made we manage to mention R! I think we're starting to obsess over him at the time! -^.^- Teasing each other with a different versions of R, I mean a real person with R as an initial on his name, that kind of teasing. Ridiculously funny! *no name dropping here for privacy's sake* 

After movie, we went our way to Little Tokyo! Finally!! I miss Japanese food! And I long to see and try the restaurants there too! Hearing and reading incredible reviews about it, hmm.. I'm thrilled!

Okay, at first sight we were really overwhelmed with the place, the crowd and a couple of Japanese restaurant around we don't know which is which. Then looking around for an available table almost every restaurant around was full except for Nodasho Japanese Restaurant where the maitre d' gave us the reserved table inside saying it was a cancelled reservation. Yey! Lucky us! =)

The place was full of Japanese, we feel a bit out of place. Also, we made something embarrassing... we had no idea that shoes should be removed before sitting, hence, we were called on that. Talk about unwanted attention! =P

And our food.. superb! Nothing fast food about it. n_n

One surprise we weren't anticipating was the wasabi inside the maki! Wow! I was fooled by Ate Heidz and Ralei insisting I took a bite as soon as they did without warning me about the wasabi. I fell on it! Nonetheless, it was nice. Ate Heidz had ramen, Ralei tried their rice toppings though I can't remember exactly what it was called. And I, tofu steak.. mapo tofu or whatever it is. I don't mind what it's called I simply love tofu! ^_^ Then we shared with the huge okonomiyaki. Love it except the mayo. I don't do mayo, so Ate Heidz swiped all of the mayo sitting on my slice of it. Love her! =D After the meal we now moved on to Hana for dessert! ♥

Ice shavingssss!!! Ramune Kakigori, green apple and strawberry. Really nice! Would love a take out Takoyaki but then we still have one more thing to do so I guess I'll just bring Aya here. =)

Looking for a place to stake out and do our planning, Ate Heidz suggested the food bazaar near the area. We are perfectly ok with the walk! After all the food we just had.. I really believe we need to sweat even for a bit but then the night's temperature feels nice tonight, no sweat.

We arrived in the area just in time for the pooling crowd.

Gosh! another food orgy if there's such a thing! Since we're still in the "full" side of the balance, we just bought a serving of nachos with cheese and beef so we can keep one of the tables while we do the "planning" thing.

Barely progressing on anything because we kept on talking about other things + R! We always round our conversations with R of Warm Bodies. Really! We were hung over the idea of a real R. After a while then, we really need to accomplish something. I was assigned to call and reserve for our Siem Reap reservation, Ralei for Bangkok and Ate Heidz will do the arrangements for Coron. Finally! something came out of this. We picked out the guesthouse / inn / hotel and we tried to budget our way through estimates. Hope this'll work on March. Another round for food eh? Last order for the night as they say.

We tried this bacon strips-like chicharon. hmm.. nice one on that but not quite good for the health if you eat too much! And ice cream! Merry moo's ice cream was really nice. It's worth the try. I loved the salted caramel ice cream, though plain vanilla is still commendable! I'm torn. I'm not much of an ice cream fan but Merry moo's were good.

Having spent the wee hours out doing the planning thing, we still have time before dawn and we have no where else to go. Then we thought, we can go sing-a-along! And I thought to myself, I can rest there while they sing their lungs I mean hearts out. That's it! We head to the nearest and affordable one.

Music 21 plaza baby! Affordable, comfy and open 24 hrs! ^_^

2 hours in the room is enough, by then it'll be around 5 in the morning. Safe to say I'll be home by sunrise. At first, we sang together, a while then I started dozing off while they sing with Eminem's and Linkin Park's hits. I'm mad! I can't believe I can sleep over that! hmm.. I'm pretty tired so maybe.. yes I can sleep over those loud sounds and blasting music. I had a good minutes of catnap, enough to keep me up on my way home. And still, we're talking about R. *trending* Lol. Even after we parted and texted, it's still R. XD

Quite a long day with friends! Happy tummy but my brain cells were screaming at me needing their rest and sleep! I can't help but feel excited though. Come on March! I need a vacation~

Ciao now, later then. ;-)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

day off!

Family day! I rested a bit then off we go to Wensha in Antipolo to spend the day in the spa. wii! Massage! I can feel my tensed muscles from stress. lol

happy birthday Mmy-mmy!
Arriving late in the afternoon, there were less of a crowd. Guess it's still early for a weekend massage. But it's good, we can enjoy the jacuzzi and sauna to ourselves for a while without too many people to share it with plus less awkward 'nude' moments! 

meat! the last time I was in Wensha was with Ralei, and our pot looks pathetic then

After taking our time in the showers and an hour of soothing massage... Hello foood! We're starving without noticing it much. We went in in the dining area and saw dad helping himself with the food! Guess we've must have taken our time a bit too much! =P As usual, we had the shabu-shabu plus cooked food. Happy tummy. But really, there came the crowds! soo many people. ugh! Anyway, after a few photos and food, we decided to leave and visit Mama in the hospital before heading home. :)

grilled Chicken! buuuurp! I'm full already. @.@

We came at a wrong time... Mama's wounds were being dressed so while waiting....

And then coming home.. Gahhh! look at that chocolate shavings! Mom's birthday cake waiting for us! ♥

Today was.. hmm... really more than indulging... @.@ *buuuurp*

and we're back again...

Good or Bad?? Mom liked the food and it's her birthday.. the reason we're here again! Hello Happy 6days Korean Restaurant! Thrice in a month, I think it's too much! I like Korean food once in a while, but please, not every dayyy.. okay I'm exaggerating! Anyhow, we're back. We didn't stay up to have dinner after my cousin's recital because it's Mommy's birthday and we had some plans to have dinner of our own before I get to work. =) And it's Friday, meaning 'traffic'. And UST is quite far, Manila to Ortigas?? oh. I may not be good with directions and all, but on a Friday, I know the roads are busy!

We came in past 8pm and almost 9pm, while my shift starts at 10pm?? Hmm.. guess I need to be late for this one.

That's the couple! Happy birthday Mommy!

We ordered a selection of food. Almost the same as before but Aya and Ate tried something else. I'll just stick to safer planes you know. From what I see some things come in surprises, this time I won't risk it! I want to have a wonderful dinner tonight.

Ate tried this seafood hotpot thingy? Super spicy and warm to the tummy. It's soothing at some point. :) But it gets spicier after a while.

Then Aya had this fermented bean curd stew. Hmm.. I don't know. not my cup of tea I guess.

And of course, what mom really wants. The chicken! :)

And then just the same as before, bulgogi, japchae, and other stuff. :) The safer stuff.

Happy birthday Mother!!! More of this and that in the coming years! Cheers for long life! ♥

***can't wait for tomorrow's spa day.. yay!! massage after work! ***

Proud cousin

Speechless! :) Congrats on your recital dear cousin Judith!!
Props for my cousin. ^_^ The video is shaky, I know, my bad! I don't have steady hands! lol

Cake for my sweet! Glad you did it after all the hardships and hard work! cheers! ♥