Friday, May 30, 2014

Smoking Pig - impromptu date

Well, I really can't remember why I took a leave of absence today but I did make sure I had fun! While wondering how to spend my day, Aya and I thought of checking out Smokin' Pig since our mother was dead curious about it after seeing it in a TV show she regularly watch.

So off we go in search for it. It was late after lunch and it's only a few minutes left before they closed the kitchen for lunch! whew! And because we needed more time, the staff were really nice to extend their time. Yes, they have a timed lunch and dinner and they close the kitchen in between. I think because it is a dead hour and it'll be a waste of time when there's little or no customers around. Smokin' Pig is located in Capitol Hills in Quezon City and as it looks, it is more like some place you "intend" to visit rather than a place you just happened to be around.

The restaurant is located on one side of the building overlooking all of the greens in the area. Perfect for al fresco dining! It must be awesome place to hangout and chill for the night too. I can imagine!

Mac n Cheese (3 cheese)
The Mac n Cheese won my heart over! One of the simple things that made me swoon. LOL Comfort food at its best!

Eggs Benedict

Dirty Rice

Slow smoked Pulled Pork
This pulled pork is a must try along with the ribs below. The smoky flavor is not a ploy! It is for real and I like it. I like that they are really sticking up to their standards of the "smoky flavor" and that it was really cooked well that you won't mind paying extra for it. 


It was a great place I guess, really casual and friendly. Family loved it too and we had our fill of yumminess for today. Can't complain at all~!

But wait!!! We ought to have desserts! So headed next door at this cute place called Stacy's for some takeaway slices of cakes and pastries.

Now this calls for the end... Lol Ciao!


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lost in time

The breathtaking view each time never fails to stun me. Yes, I am in love with the beach, I am in love with the sound of the waves that kisses the shore, I am in love with the salty smell that I long for when I am back in the city.. the sand so fine that it stuck on me even after I pat it away.. the sun that rises and sets over the beautiful water scenery and landscapes each day.. and the starry skies at night that will never look the same over the city lights. 

So for when I am on my dream-like state in a paradise, I stop counting the seconds, the minutes, the hours and the days until it ends and only start keeping track of the time when another lovely dream is set to begin again.

Start counting now.. cause I'm fulfilling my more than 16-year-old dream, my fantasy.. come sweet November it is, I might be flying solo!!!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Failed Saturday - date night > despedida night for Isabel

We failed to reserve ahead of we did TWG located in Century Mall instead. 71Gramercy will have to wait for next week! This time, we made sure to reserve a table in advance. LOL It's a date!


mini burgers

Rosemary chicken with bacon, grilled tomato & emmental cheese - sandwich
Dinner was served and done with, now I need to ran off to a friend's house for my honey's send off get together.

And this was how our night ended.. snuggled together in one huge bed! lol

Sunday, May 18, 2014

poetry night

We spotted Sev's Café, a speakeasy restaurant/bar-sort of kind of place, here in Manila and been wanting to try it out. So, Fox has been there once and since there was an open mic night scheduled this Saturday, we planned to go together.

The place was cozy, not so huge but comfortable. The crowd was real friendly and the hosts of the event were encouraging and real nice. It was a night full of passion and poetry. I was in awe the whole time while listening to them and watching them as they speak. Some liberating experience it is.

we lucked a photo wtih Howie Severino *just awesome*
and I loved the green tea ice cream!!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mommy's day

From work > Makati Shangri -La > Redbox > Laguna til afternoon and now out to dinner with family. Yes, some daughter duty happening tonight. It's Mother's day and we decided to have a simple dinner somewhere nice.

We picked up Aya from her work and then we headed to Capitol Common's Tipsy Pig Gastropub. Some interesting place it is and the food was wonderful but on the pricey side. It is not a casual dine-in place, so yes, do a little prepping and dress a little more nicely than usual. I am not sure if they have dress code though.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

singing Team PEO

I don't want to talk about it. It was fun but embarrassing! hahaha 

Played pool, sang, danced while singing, drank and laughed... Tons of laughs indeed!

From office to Makati Shang-ri la to Red box... now heading off to Laguna for some quality time with my HSLoves.

Walis ng Kalsada,

Monday, May 5, 2014

my "happy place", fun and drama

Who cares with time when on holidays? This time in Boracay, We are on repeat and lost in time. The day starts when we wake up and ends when we're all done and wasted. We make love to the beach at daytime and make out with the bottles of spirits at night. The best part of it? We do it when we want to and how we want it.

This trip was a tough one.. I am laying it all out and admitting that it was not all fun. While it was awesome, the drama was thick at the core. It was a tensed week and honestly, it was not nice and at some point it did hinder with the fun stuff. Oh well.. let's not delve into details. That's life I guess. Hope they move past it all, so we can all live our merry life together. HAHA cheers!

Still no matter what, Boracay will always be the "happy place" on my list!