Sunday, May 27, 2012

tonight's treat

another wine date with Aya.. laid back evening.. ^_^ cheers for many more night like this!♥

Monday, May 21, 2012

like the good ol' times

a promised movie date..
Ristorante Bigoli

Our last movie date was with Hunger Games movie, fantasizing over Peeta Mellark of the book! And right then and there we agreed that our next date will be that of The Avengers movie. hmm.. well, here it is! a guilty-driven date! We promised to see it together but we didn't agree to see it first together. Ate Heidz had watched it twice before our date and me, only once.. ^_^

Off we go to Eastwood for some fun! :) movie in the afternoon.. for some reason, it so happen that, Ate Heidz and I, were wearing white. hello matching brainwaves! and then we almost expected to see Ralei in white to. It just so happen she's wearing blue blazer and black top. So what are we? attending some kind of a christening rights?? or Dancing together, Ralei the main star and we the back up dancers!

We had dinner in Ristorante BigOli and do some little shopping around the bazaar. Tempted to see another movie but we refused to and stuck with our plan... Night drinks with lots of chitchatting! I don't know what happened but we were in Pasto grabbing some free drinks.. quite strong for a starter! woosh~ the music was pretty nice we liked to jive in it but it's to well bright inside to dance around as we do it when we do clubbin'. the waitresses.. I love them! one of them almost invited us to stand up and dance as she dances her way around. such an accommodating people. well, there weren't that many of us inside.. some were in for late dinners while we drink the night away noisily laughing and talking. oh how I missed nights like this with them! ♥

It was well,, around 3am when we ended the drinking night and before we part ways to home, we grabbed some pizza at Yellow cab.. I don't know what's with pizza but it pops whenever, after the drinking or partying.. comfort food? guess so.. ^_^ we were starving... or perhaps it was only me? The early not so close to dawn was a pretty view.. the breeze was nice and we still kept talking thinking and planning our next date! yay!! June 30th! late night clubbing with my girls!! can't wait to relive some of the college days we left on.. *thrilled*

Sunday, May 6, 2012