Sunday, August 28, 2011

typhoon and noraebang (08272011)

Finally, the meeting pushed through!!! ahahaha... after a month long of my fickleness.. =P
The initial plan was an overnight out of town similar to last year...

Then it was reduced to an overnight escapade in the city.. hotel and all plus drinks! and then it was reduced again to just a whole day affair. Almost came close to cancelling it too just because I wasn't in the mood for it.. lol. Good thing it was not cancelled..

Now, the plan for the day was...... to meet in Eastwood City at 2pm!! what happened?? I was late, they were late and everybody's late but Shobe! haha.. ^_^ (some wasn't able to come by the way, and some had second thoughts on coming.. no name drops nalang.. hehe)..

I'm really sorry for Shobe, he waited yet again, for an hour for me.. I didn't mean it though, I fell asleep what can I do? (me again being defensive?! lol.) Good thing he called! woot! or else he might be waiting there for more than an hour or so! So we met and then headed to Cubao.. (it was rainy 'cause of the typhoon) Eilan and Ayesa were already headed to Eastwood City (another late peeps.. who requested it to be early again?? tell me?? who?? =P) as everybody knew it was the meeting place.. But I think I unconsciously diverted it?? (is there such a thing?) because we, Shobe and I, have not eaten yet we thought of having a meal first.. then texted Ivan and Irish on the way and learned that they will be meeting in Cubao too... so we thought of meeting Irish and Ivan in Gateway, waiting for them while we eat our food.. Lots of laugh.. super! I was a full time laugh-er! (or maybe I'm just shallow. lol. yes I am! or I think I am! haha) I missed seeing them and laughing with them.. Plus the bullying part on Irish's account.. (sorry Irish, but it's really funny.. don't take it personally though.. ^_^) Catch up was the first thing to do, intrigues came next and what to do was the last thing we thought about..

We hadn't left Teriyaki Boy because Ayesa asked Eva to meet us up in Gateway and come together instead of Eva going to Eastwood alone. If I was late, Irish is later, Ivan is latest, Eva is.. hmmm.. what's next to latest? jk! ahaha..

with Irish and Ivan

reminiscing a shot from a long ago pic.. hahaha (see below)
Paskuhan '07
So we took a cab just then. (as the heavy rain falls.. woot! hello typhoon on a long weekends???? I die! Now, I expect myself to be stucked at home!) Irish and I together, then Ivan, Shobe and Eva together.. Oh well.. Irish is not feeling well, so as we arrived in Eastwood, off he goes to the lounge and off I go to Watson's to buy him meds.. too bad I left my med kit he should have saved 14pesos for that..

Back to the date, I met Ayesa and Eilan in front of Eastwood Mall, then we went together to meet Ivan, Shobe and Eva.. Waited Irish for a while and then off for a milk tea at Happy Lemon's.. (I'm not a fan of milk teas.. so I didn't bother to order, I'm still full from my Maki roll and mango shake..)


Eilan, Shobe, Eva, Ayesa

with.. Eilan, Irish, Ivan, Edrick, Eva, Ayesa
We spent just an hour there because of Ayesa, Eilan and Eva. huge BOOO! It's like pass 5pm when we saw each other and they need to leave at 6pm?? oh well, what can I do.. =P So they left and off we went to Metrowalk for some serious business.. hahaha.. They like to do videoke and I don't sing!! heeelppp!! =P Can't describe it but it was really fun.. I laughed most of the time and kept on texting and updating Ate Heidz where to meet.. She's my only hope to keep me from singing..  My last hope to save me! haha.. We had drinks and lots of food! Nice! ^_^

one of the Boys



so called 'Master-Idol'

i forgot to set the flash to automatic--my bad! (blurry)

Irish caught in the act!

Shobe singing Moffats's If Life Is So Short
Ate Heidz arrived a bit too late? past 8:30pm so we extended for another hour.. and we sang together! My goodness!! I sang!?!! Thought I would be saved, but I was not! lol. we sang, they sang ----with their favorite background with the note 'This should not be viewed under 19 age' (look at the grammar people of the bar)---- What was really funny was, when one of the waiter came in to adjust the aircon's temperature as requested, he did intentionally change the background video! hahaha... can't help but laugh! c'mon! Even we can't believe it! We're like 'pinalitan nya?' 'pinindot nya ba?' 'Bakit naiba?' It was not me asking though.. hahah.. It was awkward reading lyrics with such background, but funny hearing comments.. hahaha.. Even Ate Heidz and I have a fair share of 'THE' comments too! omo!! We still prefer MEN we just know how to appreciate the beauty of the same species! hahaha..

Happy snaps!

Finally Eonni arrived!

hmmm... excess shot? lol.


can't get the perfect shot! er

one more try..


work it Irish!

hopelessly wasted! hahaha

At the end, it was a not so gloomy day as the weather was.. Laughing, singing, drinking.. FUN!
(we went home before 11pm... Ate Heidz and I felt oldddd?!!!! ---too early to retire the night with just that! haha.. but we're both tired, I have 1 hour to no sleep and she on the other hand, came from work super early that morning, so we just sucked it up! plus we need more (돈)! lol.)

Friday, August 26, 2011

회사 에서

♥Celebrated my birthday and 2nd year Anniversary at work♥

Pizza and brownies!! ^_^

made by my PEO team mates

PEO GMT/EST shifts with the Bonds team

Big Guy's

fun huge pizzaaaa!!!

♥Purple Oven's yummy brownies♥

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm 23!!!!!

And since, I don't have any plans..... We just ate and drank at home! Cheers!♥

mom baked pasta

tonight's project
midnight snack on the side

I love Lolo!!!♥

I just adore my nails here.. that's all.. lol

우리 가족

happy birthday to meeeee!♥

우리 가족

My loving Family! ^_^

finally! UHM!

♥The end of our night!!! really Grateful and Gracious for the Happy Day!♥

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lovely cakes!!

And just when I was feeling gloomy on the first few minutes of my birthday.. We went out, fetch Ate in her office, grabbed breakfast and head home to peek at my cakes courtesy of Ate. Thank you!!

Well,, I love penguins..

can't help but take photos with them..

it's soooo oozing with CUTENESSS!!

hahaa.. not a good shot.. =P I posted it anyway..

I'm 23!!!!

wish to blow the candles right then and there...

I wanna grab it and eat it!!!