Saturday, August 30, 2014

Party - Work - Lunch date

Talk about work-life balance.

Let's start Friday night when we headed out to a family friend's birthday celebration in Bentekwatro Restobar Grill in Pasig. Well, the place is a typical restobar. Some place you can hangout after a long day at work maybe, somewhere you can hangout and loosen up. It's not fancy but a casual and a comfy spot to get a drink. And please don't expect a smokeless grill! Lol

A buffet spread of several delicious concoctions were offered in the party. The celebrant was one of the owners of the place, he knows good food and we all appreciate good food! The tuna was really awesome and it is included in their real menu. Well, everything was nice and better with drinks, you know what I mean.....

It was a short affair for me since I needed to head on for work then but not after I had my fill! I'm feeling a little bad tonight because my sister and I had a few drinks before I left for work. Hope no one get to notice it. But really, I do think I look better after a few drinks. jk!

Anyway, from work... I met with the girlfriends for another Japanese buffet. Off to line up outside Genji M in Makati. We did not expect the crowd lining outside the restaurant for the buffet. Anyway, we did get in. It was okay, the food was not bad or maybe I just lost my appetite after all those time that we lined up outside and waited for our queue.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Little Tokyo x Commune PH

Third day in a row... I'll never get tired of Japanese food.

Today, I get to have lunch with my Chinese friends in Little Tokyo located in Makati. We opted to dine in Hana Restaurant. It's nothing fancy but more of casual Japanese spot. We were the first one in and it's kinda funny all together. We just don't know what to do that early but just wait outside for the place to open up.

Another set of good food. We had a platter of rolls, huge bowls of ramen, and takoyaki.

And because we don't want the day to end yet, I pushed for the coffee date after! Finally, I'll get to check out the coffee shop, Commune.

It was cute.. but maybe, the people were not having a really great day if you know what I mean. Or perhaps, it annoys them that our talking and laughing get a little out of hand that the staff did not seem that welcoming when we were approached for our orders and to assist us.

Anyway, the cookie shot is real cute and interesting. One should have a try at it! It's fun to take milk shots soooo different to my typical tequila shots on my regular days! JK!

And the coffee art.. need I say more. I'm a sucker for coffee and more for coffee arts and those cute things. So this gets me every time! I love coffee shops that makes a cup extra special.

And then finally, after hours of chatting and laughing together, we had to call it a day.

Friday, August 22, 2014

more and more with Aya

Quick date...

And we are some girls who really spend more on food more than anything else.

After seeing Samurai X in the big screen, we went straight to Yabu for lunch. And I'm claiming my free tonkatsu meal since it's my birthday! Yabu is awesome like that. And well, we didn't get to take a photo of our food. Too busy swooning over the movie and chitchatting on what we are missing doing together.

Stayed a little longer than necessary, just because.... we ate many and we are enjoying the place. The little noise of other people talking and people watching as well while we do our own chattering.

We are full and happy, but what is a meal without a mouthwatering dessert. I so  love desserts it is a crime not to indulge in it once in a while. But then we thought of finding a cup of coffee first. So, she heard of this place, Mochicream Café, having a yummy mochi cream. Mochicream Café it is then! And being the big sister who is a lost cause when it comes to directions and maps, we roamed the lot of SM Megamall in search for the café. It was located in the new wing - Fashion mall.

And then, walking around.... we came across this! Would this day be any more sinful than it is now?

The answer?? Please don't judge! hahahaha cause, we head out and found this....

St. Marc's Café's Choco Berry Celebration

All in all... well, the sweet-tooth monster in me is doing the happy dance! The mochi cream was awesome but then pick your flavor carefully. If I may just say, really, all things fits differently. And then another frozen delight at St. Marc's - totally nice! But I certainly cannot finish the whole servings alone. As pretty as it is, it is for someone who fancies freezing goodness. It's like the Japanese version of a complex halo-halo. Not your regular concoction though! No wonder it's popular at all. I like it all the same anyway, and will certainly be back for more... soon, I hope so.

Happy and satiated,

birthday and news...

Turning another year older! Wow! just like that.. I'm half excited, a quarter thrilled and a quarter scared.

I don't have that money to blow off and throw a party since.. hmm.. I'm saving for my dream vacation booked on November that's why I decided to just treat the family to Banzai - Japanese buffet restaurant located at SM Mall of Asia. I've read a couple of awesome reviews about this restaurant and since I love Japanese food, why not treat myself too. Besides, it's my birthday so I should get to pick where to celebrate.

The restaurant is huge that it can accommodate a real crowd of say more than hundred for sure. And yes, prepare to feast your eyes for the food selections. There are a wide variety of food and drinks to choose from and most of it is all Japanese. It was really confusing where to start because you may want to try all of it.

What can I say? It was impressive and everything looks appetizing. I gazed at everything and it made me more confused, so I did try what I love to eat first (rolls, sushi and sashimi) before checking out the others. But most of the time, I would just stick my fork to my sisters' plates. Lol I really have a lazy ass sometimes, and given that I am seated in between my sisters.... I get to say "Please get me some of those as well..."

Photo credits to my sisters since I am too busy eating and thinking of ways on how to inform my parents on my up coming vacation. I am too absorbed with myself today but I did enjoy my dinner. The food was nothing less spectacular. I think you get more than what you pay for - food choices, good service, great food. I wasn't able to try everything but then there will always be a next time.

And I skipped being the privileged birthday celebrant to be serenaded with the birthday song by the restaurant staff . Even if my family insisted, it's a NO! I wouldn't be able to live after. I just can't and I don't want the attention. I'll die! Maybe dying from it is too much to say.. but still.. It's a huge no, ever! Oh and about my vacation, the parents did not like it very much but I hope they warm to the idea eventually. It's only for a week and I don't think it's that far.

Forever the 'shy' birthday girl,

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

After 5 loooong years!

After maybe a hundred of 'See you soons and miss yous', a couple of 'maybe next times' and dozens of failed attempt to meet.... finally, we were able to see each other!