Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thank you dinner from our Cool Lady Boss

It is a quarterly thingy that we get to spend some time together out of work. And tonight, we're out for dinner at Yabu in Greenbelt in between our shifts.

It was a first for me here and I am a bit expecting a lot from this tonkatsu place since I'm hearing good things about them a lot from friends. And truly, it was nothing near disappointing. The only problem I see was the place was forever full, it is really difficult to get a table. It's like we are waiting for more or less an hour to be seated and we're 22nd in the list waiting for a table. That's how busy they are during dinner.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

LDRs ------ I miss themmmm!

I just got off from work and we spent the morning video calling each other.. I missed them terribly!! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

happy 31 years of happily-ever-after

I'm definitely a better person because of them and I share the same awesome DNA with my sisters because of them. To my ever nagging Mommy, and super kulit Daddy, happy 31 years of happily-ever-after~~! I may ran hot and cold sometimes, forever stubborn, and unyielding but at the end of the day I'll always love you seven ways to Sunday. I wish you more of what's life has to offer, more dates together, more love and more happiness! Cheers!♥

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

some family tradition...

And we love food.. it's the 1st of January 2014 and it called the usual family gathering on Daddy's side.

And worked my bum-off the whole night, so yes, I had less than a wink of sleep. But it's a family call to join the fun, so I did try to look my best on one of my tired days.

The day dragged a bit longer.. There were a lot of food for everybody to share. And I can't imagine eating more than I could but I did down a couple of cupcakes! Damn! I'm a sucker for baked goods. Lol My dearest cousin makes great cupcakes and I can't really resist nice things like that. She makes a mean one and I'm not one to not appreciate the goods.

And it's a perk that we love each other! lol We get to take home a dozen of it!

All in all.. my January 1st wasn't so bad. Tired and sleepless but my tummy screams 'happiness' from the fine food I had together with the family.

Hoping for the greater days to be awesome and lovely as always!

Cheers for more of Happiness on 2014!!!

.... now time for some snoooooze... ta-ta, ♥A

~ happy 2014 ~

 So I'm guessing... I'll be in my jammies for the whole of 2014! LOL

And this is the best way to divert my attention from work. *Camwhoring with the kids*

And same drill applies..... Cheers for another year ahead! And while this might get me in trouble at work... hmmm... reminds me I'm good at work and better at having fun! HAPPY 2014!!