Tuesday, July 26, 2011

100 days

100 days ago we were in KR. Now, I want to go back so badly... I was cut off from going anywhere outside the city.. how bad is that???? worst than I could imagine!

Looking back at that trip.. It was awesomely fun!!! cherry blossoms everywhere! pretty faces everywhere! and shops everywhere!!! Loved that tour a lot!! but still I hope I looked alot like a foreigner back there.. hahaha! what's the use of going out of the country if you can't indulge the perks of being a foreigner! hihihi.. we had fun talking and talking knowing nobody else can understand our little comments and chatterings but us. ^_^ We can go careless cause nobody knows us and it won't be that as much embarrassing if it was here. haha.. It was a lovely journey that make us wanna go back! next spring? next next fall? winter?? (no summer pleaseee! lol.) wish i can do that! looking forward to seeing you again Seoul! anyeong! ♥♥

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catching up

Dinner and drinks at Eastwood with lovely girlfriends!
lots of talks.. less alcohol.. and skipped coffee!
still couldn't believe we only had a bucket and a plate of cheese sticks! hahaha.. are we growing old???

Dinner @ Flying Pig
apple lemon iced tea

my gorgeous ladies

cabbage pig rolls


pork burger
bon appetit!

going home before dawn

walk, walk and walk.. ^^ making my rounds..lol. sometimes scary but at times it feels familiar!

Friday, July 22, 2011

VL , Class , and the Fort...

Tita Den's last night
super late and was really annoyed.. plus mom's irritating stance @ Abe's.. whatta great night! tsk!

I waited at Fully Booked for over two hours.. looked for Conti's and waited outside for more or less half an hour... Patience is a virtue, yeah right! it applies if it's reasonable to wait but if not???? well, it will get into you eventually and it hit me that night!

walking alone along the highway/s is becoming my expertise! ugh!

walking and strolling around Fully Booked I saw the messy part of the bookstore..

music, comfy sit and view.. not that bad for people watching in this side..

Finally, dinner will be served!


annoyingly irritating!


nilasing na hipon

crispy tadyang

Pampanga's sisig

Lumpiang sariwa


Black pata

ate euns's

@Seattle's best
but in the end everything ended well..

have a safe trip home dearest tita Den!♥ We miss you already... =(