Friday, December 30, 2011

Shoe Incident #2

So, I was on my way to work.. and it's the clumsy-me again!
Another addition to my embarrassing moments' list~ lol.
Tonight, I had my cinderella moment.. and I didn't know what to do! I almost left my shoe in the streets. My gulay! If that happens, I'll die! exaggeee?! of course not! lol. I'll just be missing half of my shoe and I might be walking barefoot in the streets of Ayala.. Disastrous! Thank goodness to kuya driver, he stopped and I was saved! woot! hihi.. so just laugh about it!^_^

And so my night went as normal as before except for the rerouting in Ayala that I didn't know about. Another shocker! where am I supposed to go unboard???

*Funny little things in life make things effortlessly interesting! Try to appreciate some and you'll never be lonely!*

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Actual Christmas

After spending the Christmas Eve with family and extended family on our mother’s side, it’s now time to spend it on daddy’s family side. Lots of food. What else to expect? I guess we really are a family in love with food. Hihi.
We sneaked out for coffee with Kuya Joseph and Ate Didith and met Ate in Starbucks, Eastwood.

Hmm.. As usual, what can I expect with Ate… *smile nalang* no comment. Hehe..
Saw Marc there too. Pleasant to see him. J

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hours before Christmas Eve

Christmas on a weekend. Hmm.. Perhaps it was the ideal timing but for me it’s not. It makes my December a lot shorter!
Mother said, we were to attend mass early tonight because we were set to offer for the mass. And so, we prepped up for it and anticipated the night mass. Usually on a Christmas day, we attend mass early in the morning instead of the anticipated mass on Christmas eve. So this is what happened that made our night! We, meaning Aira, Lola and I, came first to the church. We saw the signage “reserved for offerors”, knowing that we were asked to offer that night we sat in it and there goes this old people of the church sarcastically asking us and saying that the seats were meant for the “offerors”. Well, we told them so that we were set to offer for the mass that night. Another question in line was, “Anong offer nyo?” and as I thought, do offers need to be audited before it was offered? Then another old lady came in the scene asking the first one why are we seated in the reserved seats, and she was like, “Sabi nila mag-ooffer daw sila e.” Watch the attitude Missus! Mind that you are serving in the church. Tsk. What pissed my sister and I was the tone and line of questioning. Duh?! As if we were so desperate for the seats! How shameful for the church! Anyway, we left the seats and either way I wouldn’t want to be seated right next to those.. uhmm.. How should I put it? Gracious servants of God! How mockingly shameful..?! Lola stayed because she needs it. We ended the mass quite peacefully and then here comes another issue.. whew! What a Christmas eve to go through. Not quite a fun night.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Christmas Party

The last one! Deals Christmas party at Shakey’s. I did confirm for the sake of supporting the event, but honestly, if I were to choose on my own will.. hmm.. I have second thoughts in coming. Hehe. It’s not that I don’t want to but because it’s in the middle of the week and I need to come early for that where I know I won’t be enjoying myself instead I’ll just have my meal and off to work again. Good thing I was on leave the day before this and I was on sick leave the day before my scheduled leave. I was not in shape last Monday that I had to go on sick leave. My tummy was upset, I felt bloated and it was aching very badly. What’s worst? I don’t know why?? T.T
The party was nice, I was late because I intended to be late knowing I’ll be meeting with Joseph who’s more often than not is LATE. Well, nothing seems changed back from whenever. Lol. We arrived in the middle of everything, did not participate in the games and had my peaceful meal. I know! What a party pooper I am! Haha.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tous Les Jours

Arriving home from the traffic. We had dinner and we dug in this lovely cake! So pretty and yummy! Loving it!

I’ll make sure to visit their shop in Seoul on February!

말하기 대회

Tuesday, I am on leave for the sole purpose of attending the speech contest in KCC as promised with my classmates. But then it changed quite a bit because of the “sudden” family moviedate. The plan was to watch the first screening of the day of Mission Impossible then off I go to my commitment. Guess what?  It didn’t happen as planned! Oh how I dislike it when things goes that way. It messes the schedule and my plans which is unacceptable but then patience my dear. Patience. Hay. It should’ve been fun without the bad vibes but I can’t help but feel bad because they knew my plans earlier. And then there was this instance that Ate needs to buy something and then there goes ‘We saw the fondue pot, bilin natin mommy. Tignan mo bilis.’ And there goes forever! Ate is so fickle what to buy as a gift.. grr.. not fun at all especially if you are in a hurry and she knows it! And then my mood wasn’t so good now with the traffic again and the circumstances. Argh.. Hopeless!!! I did drop by and give my gifts and that’s it because they are waiting for me down in the parking lot. And knowing mom’s and Aira’s temper I can’t stay any longer than 30 minutes at most. =( Epic fail, however, it was always good to see friends. It made my mood lighter. 

Congrats to Ailyn-eonni for winning the third place! Congrats to my donsaeng-deul for doing such a great job! Awesome bunch of new friends. Hope to see them soon!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

awful day!

December 17th! so frustrating!

Scheduled events of the day:

1pm - Graduation ceremony @ KCC
5pm - TR's Themed Christmas party @ PICC
6pm - Tita Lou's 60th birthday celebration @ Valle Verde Country Club
8pm - Marc's Birthday celebration @ Distillery, Eastwood
11pm or 12am - PEO team after party @ Republiq, Resorts World

Okay. Define BUSY? haha.. and so it goes. I had picked my priority events of the day. Didn't sleep after work for the graduation ceremony only to be stranded! hell~ just to be STRANDED??? I so hate it. I hate that I wasted my time and efforts for nothing because of that dang TRAFFIC and RAIN! and those hell of useless cabs! This is so frustrating to death. The only good thing was I was not alone stranded for hours waiting for rescue! Thank goodness I was with Aira.

At first, I could still cheer myself up. Had fun playing with the cam. Lots of mobile photos, but at the end of it all... nothing has changed... I missed alot and I can't do anything about it even if I wanted to. We're stuck and I had no choice but to suck it up! and hell I did. I'm pissed and frustrated and can't help but cry. Not fun at all. I was tired and sad. What can I do. T.T I'm tired of waiting, I'm frustrated with what's happening.. a bit annoyed with.... and I'm done arguing with my mother..

Just to pass time and entertain myself.. people watching is the best thing to do. ^_^

candid Aya..♥

still raining...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time for gifts!

I am on a tight budget since I’m booked for Seoul on February. And so, I have only a handful of people to give gifts. Teammates in the office, KCC classmates and good friends.. My idea was just a sort of mug/glass with cover in it. And then it became bag of sweets. And then when I dropped by Japan Home Center I saw these whisky glasses and thought of another idea. Why not put the sweets in it making the glass the gift wrapper? And there it goes. Bought a dozen of whisky glasses, Ferrero Rocher’s, Marks & Spencer’s candies and chocolates, and voila! This was how it looked like. J

Glad they liked it! Happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PEO christmas dinner

Time for Christmas parties and dinenrs. As for today, it was the scheduled team dinner at The Balcony Gastro Pub. The ambience was not so for me. hehe.. I wonder why? It seems okay, but I feel a bit uncomfy. Anyhow, we had dinner and need to be back for work before 10pm. It was not as awesome as last year's but it was not so bad too. I came back for work sobber! hahaha.. I'm happy with what I got from our kris kringle and super excited for February to approach! yiii!!! few snaps below with my teammates.

No comments on the following events.. Maybe that's another reason why I....  hehehe..

Saturday, December 10, 2011

another Final Exam coming up!

The ever busy December... another added pressure is my upcoming exam. *toinks*
This term was quite a challenge for me. Work plus everyday 2 hr-class.. hmm.. is a bit too much for me with the fact that December is quite a busy season for me in terms of work and social life. "100% on effort" from my part is impossible at this time of the year. Choosing wisely and prioritizing is the name of the season. Aigoo! I'm not confident with my exams too. I didn't absorb much of the lessons, got 3 more absences, no enough sleep because of work and what else? woot! I'm full of excuses.. tsktsk! haha.. But then I know I tried it. I finished the term and did it. n_n

The day didn't roll up as expected. First, I swapped leaves with Eloi, so I was on leave and she'll be on leave on December 16th. Unexpected but also a good thing since I know I'll need the rest time after the draining finals. hihi. And so this was what happened...

Bloody exam?! literally difficult and sonsaengnim is really strict! Didn't expect that coming since our basic 1 was quite really BASIC! literally! hahaha.. And that anybody without background can really do well. I think? haha.. They really raised the bars a few notches up and that's really not easy to adapt with. The test was difficult but the experience was really nice. Fun to find new friends and meet lovely people. I'll definitely miss them bigtime! Now, just thinking about it makes me feel sad. Anyway, there's still two days to spend with them, graduation ceremony on December 17th (another busy Saturday for me) and on December 20th, the speech contest (another VL for me! wiii!). ^_^

Back to the exams, the written was a bit complicated for me, I merely understand most of it but not all of it. The questions were tricky. I hope I got some right, enough to pass. The listening portion is okay for me. The problem was, SPELLING! haha.. I'm poor with it. Those words that "sounds-alike" but spelled differently was super difficult for me.. T.T huhu..  And finally, orals.. *brain hemorrhage* and that's it. It's all history. hahaha! Disaster! lol.

After the disastrous finals, I had dinner 우리 친구들과 함게 the korean way. Oh no?! I have nothing to eat from the menu. hahaha... but I did alright. ^_^ I saw meat! and there it goes! I had a full tummy and a fun night with friends! It was hot because of the grill, but it was nice and interesting.. lots of Korean by the way. The resaturant was full packed when we arrived. I think it was located somewhere in Makati Ave. It was pleasant and nice. And we're noisy! surely noisy! hahaha

However, after the dinner.... The traffic? Oh the traffic was at it's WORST! December, aside from being a busy season, it's also the season of worst traffic ever! Everyday is traffic, but today is at its worst! er.. my heels.. my poor shoes.. We walked a lot since cars ain't moving it's better to walk I guess~ lol! It was a day full of bits of everything. All in all, it was interestingly fun.. ^_^ hope to see you soon again friends!♥

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Nightlights (Manila)

It has started! Christmas is approaching and I am occupied with a lot of things to do.
I worry that I couldn't pass my language class, I worry that  mom is getting mad at me for booking back to Seoul.. I worry that I didn't do better today, and the list goes on.... What will December be for me? It's yet for me to find out. It's only starting and yet I can feel I'll be hell in a busy schedule ahead.. I don't feel Christmassy yet.. I do wish to feel so though.. I feel so off the radar.. I can't seem to find the excitement of the season.. T.T

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hello Korea once again?!!!! can't wait.. and I can't express how much I like it!!!
not sure too if I am excited. But one thing is for sure, I have something to look forward to for now!