Monday, March 25, 2013


Old sister brought home some cheesecake.. wiii! cheesylove!♥

Why... I love cheesecake...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spa day

Aya and I were curious with the Korean Spa / Jimjjilbang and I've been wanting to try it from my trips ago in Seoul but haven't got the chance to. So when she saw this certain spa resting in the vicinity of Makati we did went for it as soon as we can. We made reservations in Lasema Spa for after my work on a week end.

It has the air of the traditional Korean spa as seen in the dramas. They have a variety of jacuzzi pools and sauna rooms at your disposal. I like the igloo with beds and food! I was worn out and starved when we arrive, so yes I like the bed spread and food the most in this experience. The massage was okay, not too rough for me. I like it more because I was not sore afterwards. ^_^

While I slept most of the hours we were there after the shower and massage, Aya went exploring. she tried all the sauna rooms and guessing with the looks of it, she enjoyed it. I still believe she forgot all about me sleeping and all in one of the igloo made for sleeping. I woke up and she's no where to be found only to know she's in one of the sauna rooms enjoying the steam.

We left after a while to have lunch. And since we're into trying something new today, we took the chance and tried some Indian cuisine in New Bombay. 

What can I say? We stayed on the safe, ordered chicken tikka, naan bread and rice. I'm sorry but I'm not one to like too many spices in a food. Yes, I have a bland taste buds. The food is too tasty for me, I can't.. I did try though but I ended up eating less and offering Aya my share. 

We then stroll around after lunch. Walking for a bit in search for a dessert to wash off the too much remains left in our buds of the lunch we had. We ended up in one of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf chains located in Ayala Triangle. We had coffee and cheesecake. Now, I'm happy with my food again. =D 

We ended our date running under the rain to catch a ride home! It was fun, relaxing and tiring as well. Lasema was nice and will definitely come back for sure! =)

Later then.. with lalalalaloooove! ♥

Friday, March 15, 2013

can't move on

Just after the weekend from returning home, my girls and I met up for supper. We're to attached not to see each other. kidding! In reality, we met up to share copies of photos we have, talk some more about our previous trip, laugh more, complain a bit about work and try Omakase's food.

I had my usual, maki rolls, Ralei her rice and tofu steak and Ate Heidz with her ramen. It was a busy hour in the area I think. Most of the restaurants around we're full and we just got lucky to have a table freed just in time when we walked in. There was nothing special with the food and with it's price.. I think it's a bit pricey but considering the place and service, not bad I guess. I think even if my money isn't worth the food, the service and ambiance indeed compensates the lack in it. Or maybe it is because we ordered just the usual? should've checked their specialty too. Anyway, we had a happy girls' talk then.

Too bad I still have to work right after and Ralei needs to be back in her office while Ate Heidz will be going home soon after we're done with supper. Working girls! woot woot!

with lalalalalooooove~ ciao!♥

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hello back at work.. and I have thousands of emails to sort after my short trip.

Now I'm sure! I missed my desk and the people more than my work! 'cause I got my sleepyhead hanging while I'm doing my job and my brain is no where to be found near where I am now. I'm guessing I might have left it somewhere in Bangkok or Siem Reap!

And it's always like this after a vacation some place wonderful....

I'm still enchanted with Siem Reap's majestic sites and I love that they serve french bread anywhere! How awesome?! And Thailand is indeed an interesting specimen! Can't wait to have another trip back there and will make sure the next will be the real "Hangover" inspired one! *cheeky*

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ayutthaya~ Cruising back to Bangkok

Finally some food!

We are having buffet lunch while cruising back to Bangkok. Wit was a fun experience.  We hopped in a bit late because Ralei accidentally left her sunnies back in the tour bus. Ate Heidi went with her back to find her sunnies while I wait for them in the boarding area to be the look out.

We don't want to be left there since we still need to catch our flight going home.

Donna (tour guide) almost forgot us. :-( We were separated from the group who were seated closer to the deck.

 Anyhow, our table wasn't so bad. We shared it with a middle-aged Vietnamese businessman. And I am so not comfortable with small talks and we tried being polite and ended up trying to escape the scene. We ate lunch almost quietly then we ran off to the deck, explore a bit and caught up some sun.

The interior was really nice. It looks pretty sophisticated but you can still eat comfortably and the attendants were nice and friendly looking.

It was a really sunny day, warmer than the weather back home. We loitered around the front and back deck. It so happened that Ralei's fancy was seated in one of the benches located in the back deck. We did try to get some paparazzi shots but failed miserably so we just did our own photos.

On our second hour in the cruise we're back in the dining area for some coffee / tea time. It was really nice. See? I'm so easy to please. Then again, we stayed for a bit in the front deck. Sight-seeing and people watching as well. *time to relax a bit*

We arrived in Bangkok at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. We caught up the Canadian tourist seated beside Ate Heidz and took a souvenir snapshot. Then time to help Ralei dear on her 'fancy'! *thrilled*

What happened next was so funny it is on our top most unforgettable memories during our trips together. Even now while I'm writing this I can't help but laugh by myself, so here it goes....

We disembarked and walked straight in to this sorta mall. While waiting and looking out for our service tour guide to drop us back in our hotel, we saw Ralei's fancy and his friend. And while we are joking around I am also half serious when I said I can approach him and introduce my dear friend! Alas! we dared to do it just then of course with them along with me. Well.. that's what I thought! I thought they were just on my foot waiting for my approach!! but know when I started talking to the guy making my spiel to introduce this dear friend of mine and just in time when I turn my head while I refer to "my "friend" I saw them running away on the opposite side! So you've guessed, I was left alone to fend myself and make something less embarrassing~ HAHAHAHA it was ridiculously funny just then and looking back now, it was even funnier!! Of course I made some fruits with my effort. Again, we had a new acquaintance and again another contact was added through Facebook! Aren't I awesome! Well, NO.. not really... I just love my friends is all.

moments before the "RUN-OFF" - spot the guy in maroon ^_^
It was just a small talk since I don't have any business talking with him. And while I was talking to him I can see my friends in the corner of my eyes watching and I can feel their giggles infecting me. So I kept it short and walking back to my friends with a straight face on. But really I can't help but smile. Goodness! and I need to suppress my laugh still. XD

While we amused ourselves, we didn't notice that we're the last ones in our tour group being waited by our designated tour guide. So we did all the talking and laughing back in the van where, yes we know and we are assuming, we are labeled as the noisy tourists! We kept talking about it even until we were already back at the hotel while we wait our arranged airport pick up. We did check out another street food we saw the hotel receptionists were buying. It was good, I hate that I can't access much of my photos at the moment.. uggghh! Anyway, arriving at the airport after an hour or so and a lot of minutes in line to check in, we still have an hour or so before boarding. We then looked around, few shops, duty free and of course, food!

I bought some packed spices for Mom and Aya's cooking back home then with Ate Heidi's sharp eyes!!! Mashimaro!!! *squeal* even if I didn't have the money left. God! I did buy it still. I'm really bad at this for the love of @$!&^@#$#&^ I can't let this go! XD

Then we ended up buying sandwiches for supper while we wait to board and yes, we are still talking about Aki and the incident earlier. And it is as funny still as ever. Seems like we all have the "panic-streak" in common. (and I won't elaborate on that!)

We landed back home in the wee hours and more of lines. C'mon immigration! *sigh*

Anyhow, we did arrive home safe after all the lines and long drive back to the city.

In all, we did made friends, we did experience the exceptional culture and lovely food offerings of Thailand and we had a great time exploring it with or without a tour guide. It was all in all another trip to remember! ♥

Now signing off to do some family duties.. catch up later~ with lalalalaloooove! xxoo

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ayutthaya Galore

This was our last stop before going home. Having less than a wink of sleep from last night's antics we're still excited with the tour today. We got home earlier last night than expected but then we still had this little excursion for midnight snack and more stories. hmm.. we can't seem to move on! Plus, we need to do some packing already for our flight going home. =(

Anyway, we were up as early as around 4am? It's a compromise you know. Everyday, who wakes up first showers first.. FIFO rule! jk! Call time is at 7 am I think and we were bound to be picked up before 7 am, so we really need to push our bums up and move. Ugh! I need my coffee. XD

Who is Hydy again?? =P
I think it was a two hour drive from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, I don't really remember because I'm trying to get comfy to sleep.

First stop was the Grand Summer Palace. And WOW! The opulence of the summer palace is magnanimous with such a lovely garden and backyard! There's really so much to see. 

Oh! and Shorts, short skirts and short dresses were not allowed inside they'll have you covered up with the uniform sarong-like piece of cloth. And I want to take it home but no because I left 2 thousand baht deposit for it. 

Donna our tour guide was awesome. She talks a lot, share a lot of information and takes each of our picture!.She's a real sweet heart and a mom-like to us during the whole tour.

And then halfway through the summer palace, we started stalking over Ralei and Ate Heidz's new fancy. Guess who! =P

Elephant shaped shrubs! sooo cute
hand-painted floor tiles
ever pretty Lotus flower ♥
Something to eat in between.. these sweet things freshly cooked outside the summer palace is a win for someone with sweet tooth like me. I wish I can remember what it's called. It looks like a crispy small pancakes! I found it through the web, it says it is called Khanom Foi Thong. =D I do believe Donna mentioned it is a traditional food in Ayutthaya.

photo grabbed from Ralei :)
It took us a while to see the place. And again, it's starting to get warmer. Our next stops were a couple of temples and ruins. Photo-worthy spots!

And there.. Caution: Read signs before doing anything / taking pictures with Buddha. It pays to respect other cultures. 

Thank you Donna for this shot!
And the usual shameless enough to ask their "fancy" to take our photo. Fun!

And I love these greens....

Then, more temples.. 

The 7 days Buddha

And on the way out to the parking space, we saw baby and puppies! I'm sucker for cuteness, guilty as charged! I can't help but take their photos.

Really really cute! I want to take them home! *in my dreams* Yes, I know I can't..

Next before lunch / cruise back to Bangkok was the infamous Reclining Buddha.

It is that big. They change the clothing every season I believe, and now's summer. I am really impressed at how they preserve history and culture. 

And then I chanced at some candid snaps.. 

The girls are setting up for some "photo ops" with the reclining Buddha while I am sitting afar under the shade of a tree cooling off under the warming sun. =P

I was sitting beside this two boys. They're cute I just don't understand what they're talking about but they seem getting along and into what they were speaking of. I presume they're friends? 

Of course we checked out some souvenir shops around the corner, got some key chain and little things for friends and family. 

This ends half of our day tour. whooops! I'm hungry. 

Memorable day ~ Thailand

> Temples and Grand palace at daylight
> Chatuchak in the afternoon
> Grand showdown at night time!

note to self: some things are meant to be kept where it's at! Thanks Nim!! ^_^

After tiring ourselves from roaming around the temple, we tried to find the Grand Palace on our own. The mini adventure was fun, Ate Heidz is our walking-GPS as Ralei and I are the worst people to ask for directions or to know directions! yeah yeah we're bad at it and it sucks. 

A middle-aged mister helped us find our way, he is pretty good in English which is great by us! and here is where I learn another phrase aside from Hello (Sawa dee Krab / ka) and thank you (Kob khun krab / ka). We learned sway mak, in translation "beautiful"? or is it you're beautiful? I am not quite sure though but it translates something like that! =D

The Grand Palace is so majestic! Every turn I can see a glint of gold! The weather was turning warmer and the crowd is not helping. It was really exhausting. And I sorta not liking it anymore. I love the view but please.. I really don't like huge crowds. :-(

You see, it is so crowded that we cannot get decent pictures with just us and the place. 

And we can't help to take more photos on our way out. The wall paintings depict the story about Buddha. Er, I wish I took a photo of the long walls along the hall on the way to the exit. Maybe I'll just need to come back!

The next stop is in Chatuchak for lunch and a little bit of shopping. ^_^

Our lunch was yummy and ALL SPICY! Hot food + hot weather.... we're burning HOT!

What can I say?? It's huge!! The market I mean. Warm weather, lots of people and a market place this big.. hmm.. not my favorite place. Plus, I am not really into shopping. *sigh* sometimes I do really wonder if indeed I am a girl! =P

But yes, we did some looking and made little purchases. I bought another pair of shoes because this walking is killing me. Another pair!! Whyyy! I need a comfy shoes and there seems to be nothing I am comfortable with at the time. Yeah yeah.. I don't enjoy a lot of walking especially with crowds and in a really really really really warm weather. And still I tagged along, see? I really love my friends! 

After a while we got bags, they got skirts and tops. (No clothes for me.) And then we got tired, I mean them. 'Cause I am already tired! And then not after 3pm we spotted the train station and head our way back to the comforts of our hotel. Whew! so tired! We went back and yet they still want to do some little more shopping. Oh nooo! I'm going to die! and I'm like already wearing my heeled shoes around the room to appease my toes from hurting. Weird, eh? so I skip their walking trip and stayed back in our room. And while they do another shopping trip, I went bathing and napping! Yay for the win!  

And then the night arrived. We prepped and all ready to do some messing around! This is the shush part. We had a "Hangover" inspired night! Go figure! =P 

last snap before going out for the night

All in all, it was a tiring day and an awesome night! 

With lalalalalooove ~ Cheers! ♥