Thursday, June 30, 2011

EOQ madness

Ayala @ 6:48pm

Ayala @ 12:00am

Ayala @ past 4am

seungil chukha appa!!

happy birthday dad!!

Today is ddy-ddy's 'known' birthday. Then on July 6th is yet again dad's birthday 'by-birth certificate'! lol. Pretty much nothing happened. Wish to celebrate soooonnn!!! Though, Kuya Embet had mom bought every kind of pansit for everybody to eat and cooked fried chicken. Simple gathering at home was made. Unfortunately, we (me and my 2 other sisters) weren't able to celebrate with them because of work.

Celebration will be soon dad! happy happy birthday! we love you soooo much! mwah!♥♥

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Weekend... ♂♀♪♫

Welcome home Kuya Embet

Saturday.. overlapped with my Friday.. went home past three in the afternoon after my lunchdate with ate Aubs. My cousins and I had planned to have a mini get together this Saturday, even before Kuya Embet decided to come home for Lolo. We did it and amidst the all-rain-days fnally the sun came to shine! I slept and woke up a bit late in the evening. (Friday is always tiring because it extends til Saturday. =P) I didn't see the sun but I saw the moon.. hahaha.. not much of raindrops and clouds.. lol.

IT WAS A PIGGED OUT SATURDAY YET AGAIN!!! food is everywhere plus drinks. We had dinner, shabu-shabu, chips, nachos, pizza, etc.. It was a tummy-filling-crave-satisfying-night after the long rainy daysss! It feels like we're ants and we celebrated the end of the rainy season! What a funny thought! I can't be an ant! I'm too huge to be one! Lmao! 

nothing left but bottles

Wonderful night with Family!♥♥

long and wet Friday...

Kuya Embet had a delayed flight.. traffic swarming the cities which includes flood and the nonstop rain brought about by Falcon.. It was scary and a bit terrifying after Ondoy's wrath in 2009. Everybody seems paranoid about the rising water levels in the different areas here in Metro Manila. Well, as for us, we still need to work.. I arrived in the office at around was tiring!!!! super! I am just to start my day and I'm already tired to want some rest and food! really was hungry when I came around.. I wonder why? is there such thing as cold weather makes you more hungry? or maybe, you spent your energy warming up yourself because it's cold that you need to fuel up more than the usual?? lol. *crazy thoughts.* I crave to sleep soundly at times like this with lots of pillows! or laze at home with warm coffee/cocoa in hand, a good wine will definitely suffice too! warm food and good company.. small talks and funny conversations will be great! ugh! I dread that I need to go to work.. =P oh well! I need my money and I want to stay away from any emotional tension at home even for a bit. I want it loud and noisy when times like this come because it keeps me away from thinking unwanted stuffs that could drain me whole in a hole.

Well, I've set a lunch date with an old friend, Aubrey. I fondly call her ate Aubs, not because she's older or anything like that. We've been classmates some-when in elementary. hehe. hmm.. Lunchdate and I still have hours to spare. I'm off at 6am, extended til 7am to let the rain pour some more. Luckily, I need not to wait by myself. My Freak-o was there to accompany me for breakfast. And so we met in this rainy morning in Cubao and searched for food! We went past McDonalds, KFC, Krispy Kreme, Cafe Adriatico, etc. for Tropical Hut. It was literally a search for food. lol. It was raining and we wanted something nice and our last resort was Tropical Hut. We dined and talked. Hyped with energy, we're quite noisy and funny! hahaha... It was fun! Too bad I wasn't able to catch a picture with her. We split up at around three-quarters past nine in the morning. And I was left with nothing else to do til eleven o'clock so I tried to walk and walk and walk the empty mall. It was fun for me too. I walked as slow as possible to let the time pass. 

Gateway, Araneta

I checked out the movies, watched the rain, searched for books at National Bookstore, used the bathroom, did retouch (which I don't usually do, but since I have nothing else to do, I did it anyway! lol.), walked back and forth in BreadTalk (meeting place)... etc. So basically, I just walked and walked until the mall was filled in with people from different walks of life. 

 Where's my shoes? lol.

Empty CBTL 

Rustan's from Above

It was really interesting watching them. I see some smiled at you even so you are of no acquaintance, others eye you with the unknown reason, and some brushes you off annoyingly. I see people waiting, others busy talking, etc. But after a while, I feel all tired and texted my friend. I almost cancelled it because I received no response from her. Good thing I didn't! Well, she was just late. haha.. We had no trouble in picking the restaurant, we love each other because of Japan and so we chose to go Japanese, and Teriyaki Boy it is. 

The haggard O.O

Ramen for me and Tonkatsu for her. I enjoyed our talks and catching up. We lack time, I'm tired and all but it was all nice to finally see each other again. I missed her!!♥

my Yogato for dessert

For me, communication is the best way to keep friends, and meeting once in a while is still the best way to keep in touch than catching up online or texting or doing phone calls. The very reason why I'm really in love with dating! I think it's always more intimate to talk face to face. ^^, I'll never get tired of meeting everyone I dear. (I love busy scheds!) haha..

Friday, June 24, 2011

rainy days...

waaahh..!!! Lazy day! Lazy day!! Tropical Storm "FALCON" is making me feel so tamad! lol. It's so windy outside that it could ruin your umbrella.. Cold is nice, so I like it.. ;) except the bad hairday that comes with the wind! hahaha.. I was teased at work being all dolled up when it's raining cats and dogs. But then I am certainly not! I am in my everyday look.. I don't understand.. lol. it's so funny and flattering at the same time! hihihi.. it boosts my egooo! woot! ^^, way to go confidence! wahahahha! =D

I miss Palawan with the rain. The paradise I love!

Rain Clouds in El Nido '10

Thomson Reuters Manila Alert on Tropical Storm MEARI (FALCON) - Jun 23 6:00PM
JUNE 23, 2011 6:00PM
This weather alert is advisory in nature, to provide Thomson Reuters employees with information that may affect both their personal safety and Thomson Reuters business operations.
PAGASA (June 23, 2011 5:00PM) – Tropical Storm "FALCON" has merged with the low pressure area and intensified slightly as it moves northwestward, 420 km East of Casiguran, Aurora (16.4°N, 126.5°E) with maximum sustained winds of 75 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 90 kph.  Residents in low lying and mountainous areas under signals #1 are alerted against possible flashfloods and landslides. Likewise, those living in coastal areas are alerted against big waves or storm surges generated by this tropical cyclone.

Tropical Storm FALCON is expected to enhance the southwest monsoon and will bring rains over Central and Southern Luzon, Visayas and MindanaoMetro Manila with Moderate to strong rainshowers.  Gale Warning is issued over the eastern seaboard of the country and the western seaboard of Luzon and of Visayas.

Forecast Positions:
·         Friday Morning: 270 km East Northeast of Aparri, Cagayan
·         Saturday Morning: 320 km North Northeast of Basco, Batanes
·         Sunday Morning: 740 km North Northeast of Basco, Batanes or 140 km Northwest of Okinawa, Japan

Areas Having Public Storm Warning Signal
Signal No. 3 (100-185 kph winds)
Signal No. 2 (60-100 kph winds)
Signal No. 1 (30-60 kph winds)
Quezon, Aurora, Albay, Catanduanes, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Isabela, Cagayan, Calayan, Babuyan Group of Islands, Batanes Group of Islands

Typhoon 2000 (June 23, 2011 6:00PM) – Tropical Storm MEARI (FALCON) has started to accelerate NNW, pulling behind a large swath of monsoon rains & winds across the Philippines. This monsoon weather will likely to persist until Saturday or Sunday.

Forecast Outlook*:
MEARI (FALCON) is expected to continue accelerating NNW-ward across the warm Philippine Sea and will intensify for the next 24-48 hours. MEARI shall reach Typhoon status (Category 1) by Saturday, upon exiting the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) or off the East China Sea. Below are the summary of the 2-day forecast for MEARI (FALCON).

·         TOMORROW EARLY MORNING (FRI):  Intensifying over the warm waters of the Philippine Sea as it tracks NNW...about 460 km East of Calayan Island, Cagayan [2AM JUN 24: 19.3N 125.9E @ 85kph].
·         TOMORROW AFTERNOON (FRI):  Continues to intensify while passing well to the ENE of the Batanes Group of Islands (still over the Philippine Sea)...about 290 km ENE of Basco, Batanes [2PM JUN 24: 21.5N 124.6E @ 100kph].
·         SATURDAY EARLY MORNING:  Almost a Typhoon...passing to the east of Taiwan or very near Ishigakijima off the Yaeyama Island Chain...about 220 km ESE of Taipei, Taiwan [2AM JUN 25: 24.5N 123.7E @ 110kph].
·         SATURDAY AFTERNOON:  Becomes a Category 1 Typhoon while off the South China Sea, just to the east of Eastern China...turns more poleward (north)...about 265 km ESE of Wenzhou City, China [2PM JUN 25: 27.4N 123.3E @ 120kph].

Maximum Sustained Winds (1-min. avg) are near 75 km/hr (40 knots) with higher gusts. MEARI (FALCON) is a Tropical Storm (TS) on the Saffir-Simpson Tropical Cyclone Scale. Some strengthening can be expected within the next 12 to 24 hours. Tropical Storm Force Winds (62-95 km/hr) extend outward up to 215 kilometers (115 nautical miles) from the center. MEARI is a very large-sized tropical cyclone with a diameter of 1,205 kilometers (650 nautical miles).
Note that long-range forecasts may change every now and then.  Please continue to monitor the news for updates on this typhoon.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thick as Blood??

Blue Agave

Dreadful family politics..
 How do you stay away from Family issues??

My personal tips. LOL. =P

#1 Don't get yourself involve. Anything you do to make things work better will make more trouble.

#2 Let them do the talking. Less talk, less mistakes.

#3 Listen but do not believe easily. There's always three sides of the story.

#4 Never comment conflicting statements. Misunderstanding complicates everything.

and lastly...the most effective way..

#5 CUT ALL TIES!!! (optional! but certified effective! lol.)

The end!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice.. will be a really long day..

hmm... longest day is on June 22nd!!
I want to take a time off from work, spend time at home or spend time else where.. I don't know.. Lolo's health is deteriorating way too fast I can't grasp it. Way too fast is unbelievable, and unacceptable in this particular situation. It's sad. Really really sad. I wonder what's more difficult than putting up a fight where you can't win, holding on onto something you can't keep anymore, hoping for something hopeless, and believing in something far from reality. What's more hurting than losing someone dear not only to you but to your loved ones all the same..??
I wish to sleep it off the whole day not until I need to wake up for work, but it scares me not to see Lolo again..

about Summer Solstice..

The summer solstice occurs exactly when the Earth's axial tilt is most inclined towards the sun, at its maximum of 23° 26'. Though the summer solstice is an instant in time, the term is also colloquially used like Midsummer to refer to the day on which it occurs. Except in the polar regions (where daylight is continuous for many months), the day on which the summer solstice occurs is the day of the year with the longest period of daylight. The summer solstice occurs in June in the Northern Hemisphere north of the Tropic of Cancer (23°26'N) and in December in the Southern Hemisphere south of the Tropic of Capricorn (23°26'S). The Sun reaches its highest position in the sky on the day of the summer solstice. However, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, the highest sun position does not occur at the summer solstice, since the sun reaches the zenith here and it does so at different times of the year depending on the latitude of the observer. Depending on the shift of the calendar, the summer solstice occurs some time between December 21 and December 22 each year in the Southern Hemisphere, and between June 20 and June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere.
Worldwide, interpretation of the event has varied among cultures, but most have held a recognition of sign of the fertility, involving holidays, festivals, gatherings, rituals or other celebrations around that time.
The word solstice derives from Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still).


nail polish

Monday holiday!!! nothing much to do.. started to read 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' and I need to finish it today!!! lol. prepped up my nails for this week.. ^^

Bvlgari pour Femme

Monday, June 20, 2011

happy father's day!!!

woah!! rainy Sunday! glad we went out last night on an advance celebration.. ^__^
today is Father's day!!! a special day to recognize our one and only dad, papa, daddy, tatay, or however you call him! It was a slow lazy day today.. lol. since we celebrated it in advance yesterday til this early early morning (early as in til 2am in the morning!), we woke up late and well, spend the day lazily.. haha.. it's raining and everybody feels lazy! or I just thought so..lmao. anyway, we just ordered pizza and chicken for dinner; fresh brew and Japanese cheesecake for dessert.. and a lot of laughs with Magandang Gabi Vice on TV and lots of talks about family stuff.

Happy father's day to the most patient and loving man in my life!♥

chicken wings

white pizza


and this ends my SUNDAY!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

♠ pigged out saturday night! ♠

(18/Jun/2011) My saturday rolled out with the expected dinner with my family and Tita Julie. hmm.. occasion? upcoming Father's day and sent off dinner for Tita Julie. we dine at Bono Yaki along Eastwood, which was followed by a walk to and dessert in Ueshima Coffee Co. lots of pictures and awesome food! very much full and happy!♥ Thanks Aya for the coffee and dessert treat! love it much! hehe..

eat all you can buffet!

I'm cooking! lol.

nice ceiling! 'the Buffet table'

I can definitely 'grill' some! hahaha


going to get some desserts! my favorite part! ☺

it's just fondue!

the unnoticed Salad Bar??

Japanese corner ^.^

hmmm... I like everything! =P

superb coffee at UCC..

Thanks Tita for the accessories!

overdressed with accessories! lol. 

UCC Sumiyaki Coffee


White Chocolate Mocha

Black Samba

Almond Rocca.. something something.. 'twas too long of a coffee name!

☺ My coffee jelly coolers ☺

♥ love Dad & Mmy-mmy ♥


melting awesomeness of Kori Coffee! 
(chunk of frozen coffee plus warm milk! parfait!)

cheesecake!!! my love!♥

full of eating?? =D

who looks more like Dori??

in my plate.. 


gorgeousness.. hahaha!

♥ end of a perfect night! ♥