Monday, February 24, 2014

more foooood~

Today, we were scheduled to renew our passport! hoooray for more trips. Lol I'm just not sure if I'll still push through with Europe this year. Anyway, and it really seemed like whenever Aya and I were together we end up doing a little bit of food tripping.

First stop for a hefty lunch is Yabu in Megamall Atrium.

It is the tonkatsu! I love Yabu and its generous servings and really nice staff. I'm smitten! (♥.♥)

And this salmon?? I'm in love. Okay, I might be overrating Yabu but then the thing is, the place screams nothing of complication and the food is great and relatively affordable from its size and servings. How can I not love this place aside from it's Japanese?

And having full tummy, we decided to have the "must" coffee just because..

We looked really hard for this café. Walking back and forth.. back and forth and back and forth.. until finally, we spotted this little corner! Well, guess this was why it was difficult to find because we are looking for something that looks different than this spot. Yet, walking back and forth for the nth time was worth it. Their coffee concoctions were great and we'll definitely come back for more if I happened to be in the area.

And our last stop for take away while eyeing the other restaurants for something to come back to next time..

Beyond happy with food.. ~♥A

Saturday, February 15, 2014

post valentine's with family

And Family date is a must!! Simple meal at Pan De Amerikana.

Well, they do have an interesting interiors the same as the front of the shop that looks like indeed an inverted house with a parked red car. Too bad I didn't have a good shot of it because the place was packed and the cars parked in front was blocking the front view of the place.

After lunch.. I don't know whatever else happened. Felt like the day just flew by unnoticed and we just ended up in The Corner Café. The coffee shop literally found a corner street nearby our home. 

Vday part2 with Aya

Continuing the night with Aya this time..

Wooot! Another round of food. I'm not really sure if I can still eat some more at the time she ordered few things from the menu.

Pumpkin waffle and Fried chicken

Popcorn and squid calamari

Margherita pizza
I did try a bite though just to try. Of course I'm biased with the squid just because I love squid! =P And then there goes another round of drinks..

Washington H Bomb


sweet martini

Bloody Mary

We stuck around for a bit more, chitchatting and catching up.. and then it's time to go home.

Happy hearts' day all!

With lalalalaloveee ~♥A

Vday = singles' nightout = girls' date-night

It's sort of a tradition for my girlfriends and I that we get to go out and spend valentine's day together be it the day before, the day itself or the day after. It is a must that we date and it is customary that we spend it with just the girls and daydream and plan and catch up or whatever.

This time I opted to take a time off work to spend more time with them and meet up with Aya later that night. Picking out a place... initially we planned to dance the night away. LOL However, our ageing heads kept on sticking out somewhere in between the time we are planning that we opted to just have some quality time together away from the party scene. Guess we're expiring soon! HAHA and in there goes the budget too. And so, in the end, we chose Borough in Podium. Aya highly recommended it and would love to be back with me.

Oh hell... It's Valentine's! Why didn't we call for a reservation? I don't know what to say. It slipped my mind. Being full at the time we walked it, we looked out for some other place to dine instead and promise to be back later tonight. =D Yes, quite persistent aren't we? Besides, patience is a real virtue!

We eyed out Casa Armas Tapas Bar y Restaurante just along the entrance of the mall. Think we were really that starved that we forgot to snap some shots together and the food. I really can't recall much of our food back there. We just had the usual, a platter of the special chef salad and croquettes for me, pasta for Ate Heidz, and chicken for Ralei. I'm really sorry, I can't recall exactly the Spanish dishes. Now I really feel bad about this, It's not that the food wasn't impressive it's just, the safe thing for us to eat. The place was nice except for the leaking ceiling at the staircase at the time we dined.

Then finally, a seat for four was freed in Borough when we checked it out for the second time.

And, now, we start the fun! (like we did not eat earlier??! yikes! overindulging indeed for the night!

Mac n' cheese

Grilled cheese and Tomato soup

Chicken cooked in chocolate plus green beans and sour cream sauce

It's a comfort food haven indeed! Mac n' cheese was really nice.. I died with all the cheese and calories in it! haha And Aya's favorite grilled cheese and tomato soup wasn't so bad. I'm not really a fan of tomato soup and trying this, I don't exactly had a change of heart but then again, I opened up for other options. While I find the tomato soup interesting, the chicken cooked in chocolate....well, it was really not my cup of tea. Although Ate Heidz took the liking of it. Ralei and I can't seem to wrap our heads around it's taste. It's fine for me but nothing so special. I guess it is something you get curious when seen in the menu.

We moved to another table later on.. and then, here came the drinks. They have quite a list! We decided to have two rounds of cocktails together before ending the night. I had my picks below...

Washington H Bomb

Serendipity 3

Washington H Bomb was a blast while Serendipity3 was lovely... ♥

Then finally to cap our night together..

Assorted baked cookies + Milk
Just in time when Aya arrived for another round of food and drinks, end my day with my girls...

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Birthday ni Bibian

It's mom's birthday and of course it's a must that we dine together. This time we opted to check out Mom and Tina's Bakery Café located in Makati. This was decided because mother needs to check out the Holiday Inn located in Makati for some errand.

The place was cute and the staff were really nice. We had a great time to ourselves since there were only a few of us dining at the time. Personally, I am not really impressed but it wasn't so bad. We had a yummy selection of food and it was good and relatively affordable.

For starters, we tried their queso de bola spread and salad. And being the picky one in the family and the only one that don't do dressings and mayonnaise, we had requested the dressing to be separated on the side, which the staff happily accommodated.

Queso de Bola spread

mango kani salad

Then.. it's the fish and chips that is usually loved! lol

We also tried their steaks.

And this... Mom loved their Callos A LOT! That she decided to cook her own version of it the next day. *see how impulsive my Mother is?*

And finally, my favorite part. Desserts!

chocolate cake


strawberry cheesecake

apple streusel

blueberry cheesecake

banoffee pie

All in all, it was a pretty good dining experience. We had fun taking pictures and we had a delightful meal shared together. 

Happy ~th birthday Mother!! 

lots of love... ~♥A