Monday, September 26, 2011

Family date with Alanah-baobei

Manila Ocean Park it is.. fun and very tiring!!

Sea lion show. Picture with Ysabel.

do sea lions like bums?? haha

lots a jelly fishes..

different marine creatures..

and an aquarium full of sharks... whoopsies! careful there.. lol.

and the Lightshow...

i still have 3 tickets for the lightshow.. the guy back then was really nice.. My sisters and I were very late for the show and instead of getting our tickets, he let us come in and told me to just use the tickets some other time instead.

at the end of the day...

We're still posing for some pictures!!!! lol.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

to my surprise.. I ranked FIRST!!!!

Plan for today: Lunch @ Don Day Restaurant
                       Practice for today's class presentation
       Class Graduation @ KCC
       Noraebang @ Joosarang, Makati Ave.

hmm.. Saturday.. day after our final exams and I'm drowning with loads of work.. huhu.. Saturday OT mode?? seriously!?? ?I can't believe myself either.. I was supposed to be home by 7am instead I was in the office still working til I think 9am.. =( how bad was that?? I won't be able to join my classmates over lunch and won't be able to practice with them.. I'll be joining them on the spot in the stage not knowing what I'll be doing.. waaah! Unbelievable!

I made it in time for our mini class graduation.. ^-^ haysh.. super traffic in the area.. I wonder why.. Fortunately Mom and Dad sent me there and on the way, were teasing me if they'll be needed in accepting any special award.. And I was like, "wala eh.. di ko din alam..". lol. But really, I have no idea what's going to happen. Then I arrived, and my classmates were already there.. All of them sitting in front.. O.O I don't like being in front.. >.<
oh no.. but I have no other choice..

Every class has their own presentation.. And as for us, we are to sing Bahay Kubo and Ako Ay May Lobo in korean.. Kenny had put a lot of effort in this. And I think it was quite a success. Plus, we did give sonsaengnim our present, a portrait of her and a tumbler with our class picture (except I'm not in it.. it was taken after the final exams last friday..). And after the presentation was the awarding ceremony. There will be three students ranked top in each class. As for our section, we are expecting Joanne-ssi or Mariel-ssi to gain the First spot in the ranking.

So the roll call begins... starting with the top 3.. Mariel-ssi was called!  ^-^

Top 2 of the class... Joanne-ssi...!

When she was called, we were like, 'sino ung top 1?' we name names and other possiblities. And then I was called.. My Gulay! I was called! I ranked first???! my heart was thumping really fast.. I was happy indeed.. My efforts were paid off.. I'm just not sure if I really deserve ranking first.. but I'm glad I was.. hehe..

 After the program, we head to the Hallyu Hall. And there goes more snaps!♥

Afterwards, off we go to Joosarang! yay!! Kang sonsaengnim came with us!! :) Thank you teacher for the treat and all!!!

We split up after this. Ate Karen, Ate Heidz, Ralei and I went together to grab something to eat. North Park it is and ended the night afterwards. *happy day*

the dreaded DAY!

this week was quite a week.. woah! sad yet a bit happy.. tiring and exhausting..  but we manage to go on in our final goodbye yesterday to my dearest Lolo. Now, back to our lives living and breathing.. Today, is our final exam.. I don't know what'll happed because I wasn't able to attend class last Wednesday, the thought of failing this final exams scares me.. haysh.. No enough sleep this week.. coming from mourning.. I can do this is what I thought.. I need to cause I want to! ^-^ just the only way it should go.. I need to run down the whole book.. and lots of vocabs I might not remember.. but still I need to try.. I came home from work as early as I can. Tired from yesterday. (whole day for Lolo and whole night at work.. pretty exhausting eh?) yet I know I can manage.. Not so long I woke up to review and meet up with Ate Heidz to catch up on what was up last Wednesday. We met at Starbucks near KCC, I order my dose of sugar and carbonated juice. I started reviewing alone because she was late. She came and she shared the practice written exam they did last time. When I saw it.. wow!! it was a handful lol.

At 5:30pm, we went off to KCC.. not so early, not so late.. just in time for the final exam.. hehe.. and to unnerve things we took happy snaps together..courtesy of Ate Karen, Kenny and Aiah..

We had our written and listening tests. Now, we have to wait for our turn in the oral exam.
More happy snaps!! lol.

waaahh.. waiting really feels like forever.. It is yet again a Friday, I can't be late for the 'Friday Tables'.. otteoke?! I am fourth to the last in line.. I don't want to bother anybody so I just waited for my turn.. It was 8:15pm and I'll be late already.. finally at 8:20pm I was in.. And then, it was all fast.. I think I finished way too fast.. And it scares me a bit rethinking my answers, I think I have a lot of errors.. tsk! grammar! aigoo! I can't stay longer for the practice for tomorrow's class presentation or for more happy snaps.. how sad.. but I'm glad I'm done with the tests.

class picture after Finals..(w/o me..:'c)

I met with Ralei later that night and rambled all about it.. err... tomorrow is our graduation and I don;t know what to expect. I'm confident with my written and listening tests but not so much with my speaking test.. wishin' for lots of good luck!!♥

Saturday, September 17, 2011

another sad day..

Lolo passed away this morning.. sad but relieved..

I didn't know that yesterday will be the last time I'll see him breathing.. I didn't know that the other day will be the last hug and kiss I'll be able to give him.. And never did I thought that I won't be able to see him when I got home from work. It has become a habit of mine to bid goodbyes and hellos before I leave home and whenever I arrive home. As I mourn for the loss of a beloved one, I am also celebrating for his new journey ahead. I may not think of him everyday, but I'll surely remember him in my own way. I will miss him checking on us. I will miss him being proud with us. And I will miss him just being with us.

We really miss him and will be missing him.. but it's time to let go.. just as how much we love him, we're glad that he's on to his next journey..

Monday, September 12, 2011

a dose of clumssiness

Today, I was bored! hihi.. Mom and Dad is away in Davao, and we're alone at home with my other siblings.. define bored?? I chopped my hair yet again! quite a lot of inches up! lol.

Sunday it is.. I am to meet Ate Karen and Ate Heidi to review together for the upcoming final exam.. Unfortunately, it was only Ate Karen who came.. BK is the meeting-slash-reviewing place we agreed together. On the way to BK, this jeep I rode might have thought I don't know how much my fare should be. I gave 20pesos and he changed me with only 8pesos?? seriously? and I was saying, BK? BK? then he gave the other 4pesos.. hehe.. I don't usually complain but sometimes I think I have to, I'm not a fool.. Anyway, so I arrived there just in time and received a text message that it is only Ate karen whose coming today. As she arrived she let me order first. I ordered fries and a large cup of Hi-C apple juice. now! measure my clumsiness! I was on our table, Ate Karen is helping me to clear up the table so I can put my tray of order.. just as it is! I don't know what happened! the next thing I know, my large juice is spilled on the floor and I can't do anything about it anymore... =( I said it's ok.. but it's not, I feel like I threw away my money.. too bad for me! how did I become this clumsy of a person.. huhu.. However,, saved by the bell!!!! *dingdingding* this pretty nice crew, came over and asked what my drink was.. I thought he was just going to clear up the spilled juice, but to my surprise, he came back with a new order of my apple juice.. super nice of him! five stars for BK! hahaha.. embarrassing yet flattering.. cause I know, if it was on some other fast food chain it wouldn't be replaced with a new one cause it was my own fault.. thanks mr. nice crew! hehe..

Well, I think 75% of the time we stayed there we just chat and talked! haha.. and 25% for reviewing.. we just ran down the handouts given by Kang sonsaengnim.. answered verbally and then were done. Also, I need to be home cause Aira was left alone back at home. Change of mind, I asked her to meet me in SM that afternoon. hehe. we thought of dining out but then we're kind of not in the mood. so we just shopped some food, snacks, and soda for a pigged out night plus Lie To Me series playing.. haha.. we were really full on our mini feast! Ate was out somewhere and we didn't know where.. so we're on our own...

It was surely a DAY.. hell of a cute clumsy day! I just wish I know what happened, I wonder how and why my juice spilt.. =P