Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hatch 22

Out of curiosity and because the menu list sounds awesome, we had dad's birthday dinner in Hatch 22 located in Rockwell Powerplant mall.

Chicken Quinoa salad


Blueberry Ricotta waffles

Signature Burger
Steak Frites

Drunken pie

Although we waited a lot.. the food was great and was tastefully plated with no frills which is great cause you won't be guilty eating an art of plate. And really, their bread was awesome that mom bought some more to take home. I also love their coffee selections that I could probably stay in for the whole day feeling cozy while filling myself with it and good food. And although it is not that cheap, I believe it is not that expensive as well relative to the quality of the food you get. 

Happy with full tummy,

Sunday, June 1, 2014

dinner with Alvino @ 71Gramercy

Something fancy with Alvino...

We've been eyeing this place for a time now and even if last week was a failed attempt.. We're back! And we did secure a reservation this time in advance.. like a week ago?! just when we were blew off because of a full reservation we then set to reserve for the week after which is today. Yay! Aren't we an awesome two? lol

Anyway, there is an event happening tonight and while entering the premises, some thought we are part of the event organizer's team because guess what? Black is the dress code and I am on all black! Real funny at the time but the staff in the restaurant knew better. They are real nice, accommodating and attentive.

For starters, the bread! Real nice with the truffles butter or herb butter. Warm and nicely made, not too soft. I always believe that the starters set the mood of the meal and in this case, well, it's a pretty good start and besides we're both hungry.

Okay.. soooo the food below were not really good for just two people. hm.. we just love food. haha

Mashed Potato

Grown up Mac n Cheese

Rib Eye steak

Chicken Ballotine

Strawberry Cheesecake
We mostly shared everything but really just bites of this and that and then we stick with our plate. Food was really nice, pretty much worth your money and not too overly pricey, relatively. The dining place, though not that spacious, is just enough for intimate dinners and little celebrations. It's really lovely with the view and ambiance. Well, we had an awesome time together eating and catching up in there. We would've stayed longer but then the crowd is starting to thicken with that of the launching thing event so instead, we called it a night and went home.

*Disclaimer: we had our leftovers wrapped at the end of our dinner but unfortunately, I and my messed up brain, forgot to bring it with me when we left the restaurant! FAIL! lol*