Sunday, October 19, 2014

Aya's birthday = Food tripping

It's Aya's birthday and well.. I have a suspicion she'd plan the whole day to be spent in a food induced coma! Oooppss! Not that I am complaining.

Starting with this soooooo adorable siopao. I just can't get over it.It's so cute it took me forever to decide whether I'll be able to eat it or just look at it. Along the way to visit Lolo and Mama's resting place we munch on these cute little stuff along with some other junks (peppero, cookies and chips). Not quite an ideal berakfast, I know.

So anyway, Aya has planned to dine us out for her birthday. We head out straight to SM Mega Fashion Hall to check out the Spanish restaurant Boqueria, only to walk rounds and rounds in the mall and finding nothing. And just then, we decided to just head on to Alqueria Restaurante that later we were informed was the former Boqueria! *oh fate! lalalalala* hahaha

Look at the evidence!!! =P

Food wise, everything sounds nice from the menu and looks better once served.

pulpo a la gallega 



Paella queso Manchego

Paella Seafood

While, it is pretty good, I must say it is a bit on the pricey side. But nonetheless, I think you get your money's worth with the quality of the food. We took our time eating and did not notice the time. While it's already in the afternoon, we can't leave without having a dessert. However, we decided to get it from St. Marc cafe.. I'm a happy girl today!!! Lol

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Really.. I hate to admit it but one of my greatest fears is to be in the here and now and not be able to live every moment of it to the fullest. And yet I let time just pass me by.. Crap! feels like I've wasted my five-years but not really just because I have these great moments I really loved and cherished. 

Boracay '14

I still hang on to the memories and the looking forward that makes me keep the present. Now, there.. how confusing? And yes, I'm having this contemplative moments once more.. I'm getting old! LOL