Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yakimix with some lovely people

Finally.. after walking round and round, I finally found Yakimix. Well, the lack of sense of direction wasn't really cool sometimes when you're trying to remember the steps back from where you see the right spot.

I saw my dear friends at the entrance of Yakimix in line with the other diners waiting to be lead on their designated tables. I was greeted by Marisue, Kai and Mossy. Yikes! I feel tired and haggard and they're all fresh from home. toink! Anyhow, we didn't wait for long in line. Once it was already opened for dinner people started pouring in the place and we started checking out the buffet. Guess we can't wait for Onin and Jing any longer. Mossy and Kai was already starving, so we started with the other two.

Truth is I was not really hungry at that time having had a lunch and then afternoon tea alone at TWG, but I took advantage and grab some maki and sushi and sashimi. XD Really not hungry.. Totally not! =P

with Marisue, Jing, Kai, Onin, Mossy

with Mossy

with Marisue

Kai and Onin
Dessert desserts! 
They tried almost everything while I don't think I can eat anymore. Then they've gone crazy over desserts! For that I can still make space on my tummy. Kai and Mossy grabbed those. I don't know what they're thinking. Guess it's for sharing. *sweetness* This is sugar overload! How more sinful this day can be??

It was always fun being with them and it's so sad that I need to cut short dining with them because I have promised to be home early to whip up some hot chocolate and snacks with the cousins to sort of celebrate my birthday with more chika and bonding together over food. =( They don't want me to leave yet and I was stuck for an hour more with them. All I have with them were endless laughter and fun memories. Such adorable people! will see them soooooon again I hope.

Now my stomach is super full compared to the earlier's excessively full. Talk about gluttony. er..

Now going home... with lalalalaloooove! ♥A

TWG: A first of many

From Mall of Asia to Glorietta then Greenbelt.

I have a date with the lovely people I made friends from MVC. I am quite early, in fact. We were set to meet at around 5 pm in time for the dinner buffet at Yakimix and I didn't expect the "engagement activity" to be done this early just around lunch. I need something to amuse myself with. And I realized I'm just tiring myself walking back and forth doing nothing while waiting so I opted to find some place to lounge while waiting for them. I do think it won't be long since Mossy had texted me he's on his way.

Then I thought of TWG Tea Salon and Boutique, Aya's will be 'new' workplace next week...

First impression of the place.. It was intimidating if you are not used to going to such place. And since I am not much of a tea fan, it is my first time here. The place at that time was packed with people having afternoon teas I think. Couple of group of friends around and another family beside from where the host had seated me. It was surprising that most of the diners were foreigners, where have gone my fellow people of the country, eh?

Anyway, the host and staffs were pretty accommodating. When they handed me the menu and tea list... *I die* If the place was intimidating for first timers try checking out their list of Tea! It took me more than a second to place my order. I stared at the tea list for mere minutes acting as if reading at first but really, I was not. I am digesting and thinking "How am I suppose to read this all and take my pick?". It was uncommon for me to ask questions but at this moment I thought I needed the help badly. I am on the verge of panic and I can't absorb what I am reading. The table attendant has checked on me twice already and I'm feeling the pressure really! I tried texting Aya and then I remembered she was talking about this certain tea the other day, the one infused with chocolate. Brilliant brain! I can now give my order. A pot of Chocolate Earl Grey tea and a slice of cheesecake it is. Whew!

I feel like a poser here, waiting for someone whom I don't know if coming. I asked Mossy to join me once he arrived by the mall but he refused saying it is expensive dining and we were about to have dinner buffet together. So I spent my time there alone, eating my cheesecake slowly and taking the time in sipping my tea. I like it! A LOT! The cheesecake was different from the usual cheesecake, like the others on their menu and pastry displays, it was also infused with some type of tea. With regards to the tea, well, it tastes pretty awesome. I like that it was light and doesn't have an after taste. Chocolate Earl Grey was a lovely thing. It has the hint of tea and the taste of real chocolate and it smells nice too. It may be expensive but hey, it's worth spending for with it's quality and all. Efficient service, good food and lovely tea! It is a pleasant treat to self that ones in a while I wouldn't mind indulging with especially if Aya will be around here soon. I can see myself dining here at least once a month. oh no! I will be totally penniless after a few months. =P

In between people watching, (I wish I was seated by the glass window and not at the middle of chatting friends and bouncy kids with their parents) and drinking/eating slowly.. very slowly.. I didn't notice it was already past 4 pm. Oh well.. Time well spent. I asked for the bill and then the attendant asked me if I would like to check their mooncake. Yikes! and being me, easy to sway.. I bought one! I can't believe myself. *jaw drop* why did I buy one?

soon to be broke... ♥A

Engagement Activity: mini bowling tournament

PEO Team
Wiii! I missed bowling. As if I can really play that sport..?! nope, haven't really played it like a pro. I'm less than an amateur and certainly should not be taken seriously. I only play it for fun and not even as a hobby just because I think it's really fun plus I don't even need to stretch my bones doing it! (Hah! Hello lazy self.)

We're here in Mall Of Asia today to play bowling. How can I describe this? It is quite uncomfortable for me because I usually play bowling with family only and today they'll see me play. Oh well.. who cares? Half of the people who participated or even more than half of them were strangers to me. *cringe* I'm really bad at socializing at work, too bad for me. I knew a handful of people only this includes my team and those I  work closely with, not much of a social creature eh? It's like my social self folds and closes when it comes to the workplace. I limit myself at the "acquaintance stage" and then drop off and stop sharing after we exchange names unless you'll share a piece of you first. Maybe it's because I associate work with something less fun.. I'm not sure, just maybe. *psychoanalyzing myself again* =D

Team Citrix Addicts

Deals Content and PE team

PEO team
All in all, it was fun. We, Citrix Addicts, managed to qualify in the "finals". lol And I did not embarrass myself at all. We did try our best, maybe we're not meant to win. Nah...?! just kidding. It was pure luck I think, that we managed to get in the final round, at least for me it was. I can't believe myself as well! It was a great start today. After which, I head out for lunch with my real team mates, PEO team, before going to my other date this late afternoon to dinner.

Indeed a busy day! *wink wink*


Friday, August 30, 2013

out to play

I took a day off for tomorrow's team engagement activity thingy.. And what happened today? I was dragged out to the mall with Aya instead of sleeping my way throught the day. Lol

out to play with Aya before sleeping

Sunday, August 25, 2013

New baby in the Family

My cousin's son christening. Welcome to the family TJ!! ^_^

not even half of the whole family

with Aya and Ate Didith

Mum and Dad

with Aya and Daddy

Okay.. I really really really really want a babyyyyy.... >.<

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Finally caught up with Freak-o, real name Jen Sun. We had this name name since we became friends first sem back in college and our theme song back then was Pussycat Dolls's "Don't Cha".

Looking back now, it was really funny and I can't even remember why we thought of that but we love the lines "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a FREAK like me? Don't cha? Don't cha?" Go figure where we got the Freak-o pet name. It's from Freak, then Freak-ko (My Freak) to Freak-o and all sorts of variation for as long as Freak is in it. We certainly click like that and still is cool like that. XD I haven't seen her in the flesh for quite some time now, like more than a year or so and we're only been able to meet now because I have her invitation to Tiff-y's wedding this September. Guess some things never changes, it feels the same even if I know we changed a lot from the past year. It was always awesome to reconnect with old friends and I'm happy we're still comfortable as before. Looking forward to more dates Freako! cheers! xxoo ♥A

Friday, August 23, 2013

not so great news

Days ago I received a text message from my beloved friend, Ate Heidi, that her father had passed away. It was really unfortunate and sad but at the same time I think it is for the better of everybody. At some point having lost my dearest Lolo (mom's father) and Lola (dad's mum) with years of fight over cancer, you learn how to accept and let go.

Her dad was comatose for more or less a month now and the doctors had laid out their options and the reality in front of them. Certainly I'm hoping with them that Tito will get better and be there longer still but part of me also prays and wish everything to be better if Tito had decided to let go. I tried to be supportive to Ate Heidz as much as I can and I wish she can feel it as well. Truly it was a sad news and I hope their family stays strong in the middle of all this. I know Ate Heidz know that we'll be here for her always and will be sticking out with her whenever she needs people to lean on. And right now that's all I can offer, a supporting hand if need be and someone to be around her for a comforting hug.

We were days late to visit her father's wake because of the weather but I'm glad to see Ate Heidz coping up. And I'm happy mommy and daddy went out of their way to join me there.

Be strong girlfriend! You can get through this... much love! xxoo

my sisters from another set of parents

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

birthday blues

Okay. Tthe weather this past few days are the worst and I've been working from home since yesterday and it's my birthday. Mommy just baked me some lasagna and I have a cake so I'm pretty happy now amidst the ugly weather.

I'm certainly grateful for this year's blessings and continuous graces and thankful that we are safe and warm cocooned in the comforts of our home. Now my birthday wish will be for everybody to stay warm and safe and for the rain to stop. Thank you Daddy, Mommy, Ate and Aya for making my day special regardless of the gloomy weather. ♥

I'll be whipping up some home made hot chocolate later. *amusing myself*

Stay dry and safe everyone... With Love ~ ♥A

Sunday, August 18, 2013

dress hunting..

My college Chinese friend had dropped a bomb! She's tying knot with her long time boyfriend this September 8 and I need something nice to wear. I tried to look.. but nothing seemed anything I like best. It was a fail today.. =D

All that I managed to do was tire my feet with my flat shoes, eat cupcakes and drink coffee in Tokyo Café with Aya after eating lunch with her friends at Tokyo Bubble Tea earlier which isn't so bad as well. Now, I'm hiking my heels back and strutting at home. lol

elevate and rest

Sunday, August 11, 2013

visiting Tita Nene

Dad's sister was diagnosed with cancer not long ago, last June I think but it is only recently that they're sharing the news with the family. Thing is she refused any treatment and everybody is trying to convince her otherwise before it's too late. Today we visited her to cheer her up a bit. It's depressing to see her like that. Helpless and hurting but still she keeps a brave front. So frail and fragile, she looked so different from the last time I saw her. I can't believe I'm looking at my Tita Nene who always greeted us with "Ayan na magaganda kong pamangkin! kailan kayo ikakasal? may mga boyfriend na ba?" (roughly translated as: Here comes my lovely nieces! When are you going to wed? Any boyfriends now?).

Mommy keeps on talking her into some kind of treatment or even just for the pain but still she refused. She is deteriorating so fast everybody is worrying about how to convince her to fight and hang on to dear life. But what can we do if she's resigned to it. It's heart breaking and depressing but we have to be strong for her even if we know she's literally hurting from cancer.

We left after a few hours and after talking with Ate Che, Tita Nene's daughter. We had lunch somewhere near the area and stopped by McDonalds for some ice cream and to talk about the situation. Ronald McDonald mascot was really annoying and looking scary! Anywah, he was a good diversion on the situation, at least for now. =P

Sunday, August 4, 2013

family and pizza

Welcoming my birth month, Daddy saw this ad in the news paper about a Shakey's promo and have been talking about it to Mommy days ago. And since it's my birthday month they are teasing me to treat them there. And I can't resist them..

Nothing much has happened but a lot of photos! Funny faces and candid pictures. It was a fun day even if I'm paying the meal it was worth all the fun we had together. =P