Sunday, July 20, 2014

Greg & Sally Garden Cafe

Everyone is recovering from the typhoon because life must go on.. same with our Sunday breakfast date like the usual.

This time we traced the way to Greg & Sally Garden Cafe close to our home. Well, maybe not that near just in the same city area.

 The map is cute and it would have been fun to explore the vicinity with it if only the place was not under renovation.

In the morning, the main courses are not available. Noted for next time because we wanted to try something else. In general, everything feels comforting, homey and yummy. Not the gourmet kind of yummy but the "it feels home" kind of yummy. I hope we get to come back after when the place is all done and back to normal.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

family date - Todd English Food Hall

Initially, it was planned to spend the whole day in Tagaytay, but seeing it after the mean storm the past days we discovered it is still recovering from the damages brought by typhoon. So instead, we just headed back to Manila and decided to have dinner at Todd English Food Hall located in SM Aura.

Dinner time indeed. The restaurant was buzzing with people and since we did not reserve a table ahead of time we were asked if it would be okay to sit by the salad bar because it was the only available spot at the moment. And we're just fine with it. I, personally, was really curious having a non-buffet restaurant with different food stations on display.

Greek Salad

T.E. Slider

Mac n Cheese with Truffles
 Comfort food baby!! I can't just stay away from the Mac n cheese ensemble and this one's no joke with shaved truffle on top. It is my first with the truffles and well, it tastes subtle so I really can't describe it with all the cheese and rich flavors in it. Gah! I just plainly love it.. the cheese and all that stuff maybe even without the truffle in it. *sigh*

 That is not mine to judge! I don't really do seafood, I just don't know why. But family says, it's all good and yummy.
Fig & Prosciutto
 Fig & Prosciutto was nice but not my cup of tea..just because I don't like scallions. haha I need to find some healthy bone in me first!
The Classic Todd's Signature Flatbread
 This classic is not the regular classic! Babe it's cheese.. a flatbread oozing with cheese! *Sold*

Two way Duck confit

OMG Chocolate cake
 My favorite part as always is the dessert. Ever wonder why their OMG chocolate cake is declared as one of the must try chocolate cakes? Go head out there and try it for yourself! It's really worth the trip, effort and money. And I am being biased now. Chocolate-lover.. sweet tooth.. yes..seriously biased with this.

 No really.. just look at that? The sweettooth monster in me wanted an out! *happiness* ♥♥♥

Hmm... I am out of words.. Everything I tried was nice and I can't argue with what's the rave on this restaurant is all about. I am in a state where let's just say I'll be back for more and I need a date to come back for more with me!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

a glimpse at the Petroglyphs

I was invited by Ate Heidz to check out the Petroglyphs found near their area. Of course, it wasn't just about that! haha We had a girls' night planned the night before cause we have a lot of catching up to do.. My dear friend got herself a boyfriend and is currently in love. So we have this thing to keep me on the know with the happenings between us two. In short, we sort of missed each other.

It was just a short commute from their house located in Taytay and a couple of walks here and there. And they are teasing me with my wedges. What can I do?? Maybe I need to rethink my idea of comfort shoes. Indeed, my brain might be really messed up with crazy thoughts. lol

the happy couple
with the girlfriend and my "comfort" shoes
- photo credit to the boyfriend - 
So we trailed this semi-dark tunnel while Ate Karen was really worried that I may break my neck if ever I have a misstep along the way. I love my friend's family, they are like a second family that I love to adopt. =P

Out on the other end of the tunnel were more greens and the private property of some resort that I won't name. Basically, the caretakers and guide told us that the site was really part of the property but was then handed over to the government and authorities for preservation and for further research purposes. It was really cool but is apparently in danger of being destroyed in over time. I believe it was the funding and all that finance stuff that was really a problem which is really sad. 

- photo credit to Ate Heidz's boyfriend - 
- photo credit to Ate Heidz's boyfriend - 

It is short of pretty and really, if you are not into history and all that old stuff you won't get to appreciate it that much. It is really cool that we have this and really hope people get to see it. Interesting find indeed!

Sweaty and mosi-bitten,