Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nacpan clip

And this is how my day started..

With this view, a morning walk is in order. I think it's one of the habits I can't let go off when on holidays.

I'm not in a hurry or anything today, and I've decided last night since I pretty much can't do more because I'm feeling sick I'll just check out the other beach to read a book. I guess a little bit more sunning won't hurt, say late morning until sunset? Lol

First stop? Nacpan Beach

Monday, February 9, 2015

Gone Solo

Ralei and my siblings were headed back to Puerto Princesa earlier today.. and I'm staying behind for a few more days. Unfortunately, I had to take it easy today since I'm not that feeling well and my skin was irritated since yesterday.

Did some walking today.. then tomorrow, I'll see what I'd feel like doing for the day. Perks of traveling solo!! =P

Sunday, February 8, 2015

El Nido Day 2


Saturday, February 7, 2015

El Nido day 1


Friday, February 6, 2015

All set for the weekend

Planning this trip with Ralei and my siblings was not the greatest thing, but hey! We made it..

Ralei is on an earlier flight so she head on out to El Nido hours ahead of us and will just be meeting her in the hotel.

It is a nice day with the blue sky! I need a wink since I came straight off from work on a night shift but I just can't. I am exhausted but I'm too excited to sleep. It's been years since my first glimpse of El Nido and I can't help but compare the difference. While it is still a long drive from Puerto Princesa, the roads now are in a better condition and transportation to and from are available at most hours unlike years ago. The traveling time were cut a few hours shorter than before and it felt less remote.

For hours, endless coconut trees and various plants was all we can see. Until finally, we get closer to our destination and we can now see some water.

We arrived late in the evening..

And the bed is soooo inviting! But then we need some real food after all those hours in the road left us hungry. In our efforts to find food, we ended up here in IslandFront restaurant.

It is nestled by the shore, a quiet place with just the sound of the water kissing the shore in the background. Looks like people are scarce at this time of the night. We then settled in one of the candlelit tables near the beachfront, near enough to taste the saltiness in the air and hear the waves. We ate heartily and cap the night back in our rooms.

Now, off we go to dreamland! Bonne nuit! ~ ♥A

Sunday, February 1, 2015

NIU by Vikings

It's my mother's birthday!! We love food so this time we opted to check out NIU by Vikings, the high end version of the usual Vikings - I guess.

Reservation is a must!!! Lesson learned! If you do not want to wait around it's better to get a reservation beforehand. The area is nice, the ambiance and atmosphere is different from the other branches.

I wasn't able to sample all of the food since, unfortunately, there are tons of things that I don't really eat. But the spread of food in the buffet area is splendid! It is worth the looks and quality. They also offer wine and other imported beers included in the buffet price besides the usual various drinks they offer.

All in all, I could say it is a nice experience but with its price? I think I'll come back for sure but most likely it will be for a special occasion. What can I say?? I'm not really a big eater and I'm a cheapskate if I can't get my money's worth!

Now time to get back to my packing!!

Cheapskate ~ ♥A