Sunday, February 1, 2015

NIU by Vikings

It's my mother's birthday!! We love food so this time we opted to check out NIU by Vikings, the high end version of the usual Vikings - I guess.

Reservation is a must!!! Lesson learned! If you do not want to wait around it's better to get a reservation beforehand. The area is nice, the ambiance and atmosphere is different from the other branches.

I wasn't able to sample all of the food since, unfortunately, there are tons of things that I don't really eat. But the spread of food in the buffet area is splendid! It is worth the looks and quality. They also offer wine and other imported beers included in the buffet price besides the usual various drinks they offer.

All in all, I could say it is a nice experience but with its price? I think I'll come back for sure but most likely it will be for a special occasion. What can I say?? I'm not really a big eater and I'm a cheapskate if I can't get my money's worth!

Now time to get back to my packing!!

Cheapskate ~ ♥A

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