Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tepie day!

We went out and play in Mall of Asia.. er.. another sleepless day, straight from work I dropped my things home then head to Mall of Asia, for Tepie's birthday treat in Lugang Cafe. It was crowded at lunch and I was late. hehe.. sorry! Mall of Asia is really far from home.. er.. plus the traffic.. I'm meant to be late.

We had a happy lunch and a happy tummy! Thank you Tepie!!!

photos by Tiffanie S.

Monday, June 18, 2012

happy day..

cooking in style with Aya 

We did movie earlier... then decided to have dinner at home with our newly acquired cooking skills.. lol! It's been weeks now that Aya and I have been cooking every weekends.. er.. She volunteered and I don't know why I am included in the cooking thingy.. Anyway.. we cooked ebi tempura and Gujeolpan with beef strips and mushroom. hehe.. We did a pretty good job! ^_^

lucky to be your daughter Daddy!! Thank you for being there and for being my Daddy for always. Same goes with Mmy-mmy..  Love love  you! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kuya Neil's wedding.. ^_^

camwhoring in the wedding.. lol. We are so happy! best wishes cousin! cheers!♥

few happy snaps!
the Couple

with Ate Didith and Ate
all grown up nieces

Aya & Icy


Tito Jun & Tita Lou

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the last of it.. finally!

I was tired and not enjoying everything.. the scene was perfect but the situation wasn't..
last few hours and still SHOPPING! oh my.. finally before we ran back to the hotel they agreed to walk leisurely and not to walk browsing every shops!! 

I thought it's a waste having this nice long shore without having to play in it.. I came here to play and not to shop! for goodness sake!! 

♥ my favorite shot ♥

Ciao Boracay! I'll see you soon and make sure this time I have good company with me to indulge and enjoy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boracay and fishes

Day two.. hmm.. things to do..

1) Helmet diving

 2) island hopping (oh.. I wonder where??? i can't see where.. ) and lunch in Puka beach

3) did henna.. which is an epic fail!

 4) had coffee.. with the coconut twist. ^_^

5) sailing in the afternoon..

Few a hours for ourselves.. and yet again.. they went shopping again.. browsing from store 1 to the the endless stalls by the beach. *inhale-exhale* I need to breathe! and then swam for a few and enjoy the beach! finally!!! sad that it was so cloudy we weren't able to see the sun.. now, lining up for shower back in the hotel.

6) for dinner.. we head to d'mall.. ^_^

moments before the drama unfurled.. er.. my feet were aching and then  there's the walkout scene.. goodness! ='(