Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cuddle time!!

Time flies so fast... in a few weeks our cutie puppies will go for adoption to friends and family. We're getting attached each day.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Holi Hey!! '2014

I always enjoy cultural events and parties, and although this particular festival is alcohol-free it doesn't mean I won't love it! I'm into anything fun, messy or not but it should be with good company. Yes, just that is my minimum requirement. For as long as you are fun, you can drag me anywhere provided that I am able to. =P

On March 16, Holi Festival is in Manila being celebrated by a mix of people, people of different races and cultural orientation. Honestly, I am not aware of this not until a friend invited me in. When she mentioned it to me with a clipped video teaser, well, I'm in her sack to drag right then and there no questions asked. It was just later on that I thought of googling it to level my expectations. HAHAHA *impulsive like thaat*

I've learned that Holi Festival t is a Hindu religious festival and is being observed in regions of the world with significant populations of Hindus. It is also known as the festival of colors or festival of love. Guess, we're lucky to have it here in Manila too and I believe it begun being celebrated here not so long ago as well. For more information check out the link.

We came late but as it looked, still early for the fun since people have yet to pour inside the venue.

Looking around, Jing and I bee-lined to where the food are! lol And this is where I was able to appreciate some Indian cuisine. Admittedly, I am not keen to so many flavors and spices. My tongue have quite a plain and bland preference, but today, I wouldn't say I did not enjoy my choices of food and snack being sold along side the event. We tried a couple of samosa, chaat, chicken tandoori and of course, my beloved roti!

It was pretty nice. I myself had fun although it is messy, I loved the throwing of colors! Lol That was really my favorite part.

**Note to self: Sometimes going down and dirty makes all the fun worth it! Let go, let loose and be happy!**


Saturday, March 15, 2014

5yr-old time capsule

It's time to relive the days. er.. what? Lol I didn't even notice these 5 years that came, went and gone by. Was it just yesterday when we were stressing about our thesis? Am I really this old?

*5years after* That old!! LOL

Opening this little tube was fun and unexpectedly, revealing. I started to think how changed I am from 5 years ago at the time when I think nothing but how to enjoy doing school because I was not really a fan of studying although I did good with it at the time. I can't really say I changed a lot since then because I'm still the sort of happy-go-lucky girl from before. I live by what I can and spend more time in doing things that I believe is fun. What hit me the most was that, I am not getting any younger and still I am stuck with playing and enjoying life. I forgot to think of the balance between priorities for the future and playing at present. What to do???

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

cousin on vacation

It's been a while since we saw him!!

Man! One of my awesome cousin looked like a real scientist to me. (That's a compliment!) Lol

In lieu of having him in a short time before going back to Germany, we scheduled a dinner date just to catch up and bond a little more. He has a very busy schedule indeed that we were only made it to dinner together then home because he was already tired.

We dined at Crisostomo, a Filipino Cuisine restaurant in Eastwood.

Dinner, well, I was late! whooops! And when I arrived they've already started dinner and I was just catching up. It was fun and ohhh so fast...

And because I was left with Ate, dessert is a must!


Loom bands

I've only heard this from my cool lady boss when she offered to create each one of us a bracelet of our choice. hihi It was really thoughtful of her and well pretty cool that she was really into this crafty thing. I received mine today, and I liked it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

friendship and new friends

Almost a year after the MVC volunteer activity in Benguet and it feels good that aside from being able to help other people, I've gained friends with the people I met back then. It was a short trip but still I got them all to take me as a friend and I, theirs as well. And regardless of the distance and even if one moved on to another company or some place else, it's really nice to know that we've bonded enough in a short time that we intend to make the friendship worthwhile. I'm getting too emotional over this I guess just because I received a friendship memento from Mossy-dear that really touched me. It was a gesture that I really appreciate! I thank them all for the offered friendship and companionship in them.

New resident bear on my office corner. Thank you Mossy-love!♥

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baby visit

And because the other night was not enough.. we took a visit at Lester's home to have a look at him in action and have a good look at Louis as well.

He's baby was really adorable I want to take him home! Lol and we kept joking how he managed to have a handsome little boy. HAHA some things never change I guess.. After a short visit, we head out for a quick dinner. A spin nearby it was. And Sharrie and Charles brought us here at Ddeyang Kkalbi, a Korean restaurant along Katipunan I think. Oh my goodness.. I'm so lost. Sorry, but I think it was just nearby and yes, I'm pretty bad with directions and locations as usual. toink!

The food was great and the servings was soooo generous! They also have unlimited side dishes which is real awesome because not all Korean restaurant around the metro offers the same.

And dinner will not be complete without desserts.. In our search for something sweet and while we failed to find one along Maginhawa St. since the night was closing to midnight. We then headed back to Katipunan and found Honeybee. It looked like  apart of Tokyo bubble tea just beside it.

Nice place for dessert.. and well, after, driving round and round, finding this one was just our luck. I'm happy with the cake and my cappuccino. Couldn't complain but then we still need to go home since we dragged a family man with us and he has this cute little munchkin waiting for him at home while his better half is working the night shift.

It was a happy time and some quality time I missed spending with them after a long while of not seeing each other.

I therefore conclude, we should all see each other more!!!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

bouncing baby boy!

My dear friend Lester bore a cute little boy! uhmm.. I mean his lady partner literally bore the baby of course. And baby Louis's christening was scheduled today.

It's a weekday and I am swamped with work and then there's a funeral I still have to attend with the family. Okay, now I feel bad. There are way too many occasions that I've been missing out with my high school loves. And today, I thought will be just the same that I'll miss celebrating baby Louis's christening with them. Well, I did miss the church affair but I was able to be part of the after party. As the saying goes.. better late than never!

I'll just catch up with the little angel later on.. since this has become an all-adults-social-affair. Indeed, it was an after party and it was so nice seeing them! It was a while the last time I saw almost the whole gang.

Cheers for more years of friendship!! 15 years and counting.. still going strong!

must be true love ~ ♥A

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

spell my name

with all the extra letters! Fancy! LOL
PS: This happens all the time, it's just, this one spelling I like and fancy! Creative indeed!

Saying and spelling my name for the nth time at the counter every time and still get the wrong spelling. I am used to it by now.

laughing real hard ~~♥A

Monday, March 3, 2014

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

I just need to post these cute jars of sweet treats brought home by Ate from Vanilla Cupcake Bakery before we indulge in it. Just a cute and creative way of packing!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

puppy love

Time for cuddling and sharing some puppy love. hihihi 
**ugh! and my forehead says HI! **

flaky bread is love!

I always have a soft spot for baked goodies. And while I drool over these Eric Kayser's baked goodies..Aya is having the time of her life teasing me! Lol Thanks for these baked-goodness sister. This is why I love you! You know what weakens my knees and you're so good at hardening it with your endless teasing. HA-HA

Gosh! And did I just went to some happy place with every bite of these. I think the sweet tooth monster inside me was so happy with Aya right now and not minding her merciless teasing at all. =P Really worth the every count of extra calories. ♥