Sunday, November 27, 2011

Congrats Engr. Kenn!! ^_^

Finally, something to celebrate again!! yey!! I was able to see my "highschool loves" that I missed a lot!! Congratulations to Kenn for passing the board exams! Thanks for the good food and good company! and for bringing everybody together again!! Although some were missing in it, we still had a bunch of fun.. What wasn't fun was my mosi-bites!!! all swollen and ugly.. hahahaha..

Thanks for the shot RL!!! ^_^

upgrading to whiskey.. (not me!)

Kenn & RL

with Garfield

with my BF

Garfield & BF
who says no to pictures? eh?? lol.

Still nothing beats the old loves... ^_^

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moviedate: Breaking Dawn

yay! Finally!!! Moviedate with Ate Heidz and Ralei together.. I'm missing this sooooo much...?! Definitely, I can sacrifice sleep for this! hehe.. (ako nanaman ang haggard.. *bow*) From work, Ralei fetch me and we had breakfast together before going home to her rented space to catch some zzzzzz... We grab breakfast in North Park where my cravings for congee ended! really ended! I think it'll last for months before I look for another bnowl of congee! lol. We slept til mid-afternoon just in time when Ate Heidz arrived. ^_^ Off to Greenbelt we go only to see a full-packed mall because of Breaking Dawn's showing.. er.. I don't like crowds.. tsss.. and so we tried checking out the movie house in Glorietta mall. Define busy, after our date I need to be home as early as possible because of my cousin's birthday celebration. The available showing times were in conflict with my need-to-go-home-early situation but we manage to get some tickets. Bought some Gongcha tea, and then off we go.

After movie, we hunted for food.. lol. exaggerated! hahaha.. we searched for a good restaurant and ended up in The Spaghetti Factory for dinner.

Ralei and Ate Heidz

Aligue pasta

Black pasta

Pumpkin soup ^_^

with Ate Heidz

4 cheese ravioli

Another nice day had passed.. ^_^

Monday, November 14, 2011

not time to end the day just yet!

And it seems like I still have the energy to go on dates... hahaha.. right after the 49th Annual Meeting I went straight to meet old friends... since I really really miss them I can't miss to meet them after a long while!!!
And because I wasn't able to feed myself in the seminar, particularly because I am picky, I am really craving for good food.. We tried ButterDiner in Araneta.. Well.. what can I say.. Service not bad. Price, hmm.. I think a bit price-y for me.. food, not bad but nothing special. We fill our tummy while chatting and thinking things through.. their love problems... toinks! goodness! It's great that I don't have such headache! hahaha..

Few shots together..

my BF and Baby

together with lovers

Super tired and exhausted but lovely day-night!

49th Annual meeting..(oh my haggard??)

Reminiscing.. and it is it! the annual meeting that makes me feel..... hmm.. feel like in my college days again.. (yay! I sound old! lol.) This year's topic I think is more interesting than last year's. And so I did attend it with Ayesa.. ^_^ Yes! with Ayesa for the second time. I was with her in it too last year. Last year was.. I don't want to remember! It was worst! coming from there going to work.. It was really bad. And since I am such a crybaby, last year's experience made me cry for real. So this year I made sure I am on leave on that day. But this year's case is hmm.. should I say, difficult but bearable. If last time I came straight to work from the seminar, this time I did the otherwise, I came straight from work to the seminar. Gosh! Feels awkward wanting a warm shower and not only fresh clothes. Plus, the unexpected happened! lol. Just guess what it is.. hahaha.. kyaaaaa?! ^_^

with Ayesa
Well, I think it went well. We arrived on time and had our table just for ourselves. I wonder why nobody took interest on sharing the table with us? Which I think is just weird cause we had a nice spot in the middle. Anyway, we met our old professors, by old I mean our former professors. hahaha! (quite misleading my statement is, is it not? lol.) It really feels nice to know that you were remembered somehow. And meeting them again proves that I left something to be remembered by them too. ^_^ awesome! (with kilig! toinks!) erase! erase! erase! hahahaha..

with Prof. Almario-Miguel and Ayesa

with Prof. Paguta and Ayesa

The first part of it went smoothly for us.. But after lunch in time for the plenary to start, guess what?! We sort of lost our way. hahaha.. ~not new to me~ so we ended up visiting the Money Museum.

Taking few shots...

just look at Curiosity!

together in BSP's Money Museum

I have my eyes on you!

I really want you dear necklace.. O.O

Ayesa. (pang-profile pic shot!) lol.

i didn't know this shot was taken!

Back to the seminar.. hihi.. we ended up walking under the hot sun in finding our way back. Eureka! but we're super late and super shy to interrupt whoever is amidst of their presentation. So we just waited for the next plenary to start. and while waiting, a mister mistaken us for students! whew! ~^-^~ who's flattered?? hahahaha... Anyway, back to the plenary.. hmm.. What can I say. It feels like I know nothing!!! omo! I still have a lot to learn! haha. I was impressed with how they know a lot of things and admire their passion for learning! really in awe! growing old to be like them wouldn't be so bad!!! I want a brainy companion! Where art thou? 왜 안 만나겠어요? 어디에서? =D

Back... We finished it but didn't attend the cocktail party afterwards cause it's a bit late and we had separate commitments after.

Last shot before we leave...

Ayesa, Prof. Cabauatan, Prof. Paguta

Next year.. If I am still here.. I'll make sure to take the daysss off and to attend the cocktail party.. ^_^

Sunday, November 13, 2011

something different

Last meeting before our team manager goes on maternity leave. What's different about it? It was set in the morning for breakfast. ^_^ hehe.. It was a meeting and sort of a mini baby shower too. Everyone was asked to bring our own something for the baby. I was totally lost what to bring, so when I was in the department store, Baby section, the first thing offered was for grabs. hehe.. And it was a pillow. :) haha.. Well, I do shop but I am not a shopping person.. I am more of a one stop shopper.. Browsing around endlessly is not for me. I want to shop but i don't like browsing. It's tiring and hmm... eats a lot of my time! lol.

So, the breakfast meeting/baby shower pushed through at 7am in Starbucks. Early birds? Of course it would be us in the EST shifts! =P

cutie cupcakes.. ^_^

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

aigoo! reliving the memories!!

Signs of aging?!!!
Reminiscing alot... and lots of melodrama moments with girlfriends!! lol. I'm alarmed! hahaha...

This past few days.. or should I say weeeks? months?? haha!
Ralei and I couldn't help but reminisce and turn back the good ol' times... and yet we're just like in our 20's?? hahaha... Is it the gloomy weather? the lovely atmosphere at night whenever we meet and walk around Ayala's vicinity? stress at work? or we just miss our dearest friends? I guess this is hugely brought by pure boredom and deprivation from going out of town that I can't help but rant about it. And yet I admit I have not much of the "time".. everyday language classes, everyday work.. weekends' social life... weekends' dates with family and friends... toinks! I got my 'hectic' but not my 'excitement'.. I think I lost it somewhere and somehow I still couldn't find it.. =( and so we've been talking about this and that.. Planning and thinking.. wishing and hoping... for this certain something to come up.. But I don't know. it seems difficult to find something or should I say have something worth looking forward to.

Sending SOS!! make me feel thrilled LIFE! make it exciting will you?!