Thursday, February 23, 2012

last stress-free day..

last minute shopping!

Then we met this super nice oppa..=) I do blend in, we did make chika..  *feeling close??*
embarrassing.. He was so nice. Still loves the Philippines even after a bad experience. He gave us free earrings! yay! 고마워요!

We met this couple over lunch at KFC. They thought we are a local there. hehe.. They are Filipinos too! 

Arts in the Subway stations..

now in the airport.. sad.. Annyeong!

still on for shopping?? gah..! I'm broke now! hahaha.. but I can't help it.. Last buy, amethyst bracelet this time!! *swoon* I still wished I bought that one suitcase I fell in love with.. akkapda!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

dinner with an old acquaintance...

Since we were in Seoul, why not meet a former Korean classmate from college....

It was delicious, fun and worth it! ^_^ How I wish we were also able to meet Happy Mama.. She was on a trip to Jeju, what's up with the luck!

This was the time when I realized how serious the 'eye' issue was.. remember the photo souvenir in Busan, where we had taken more than a couple of shots just because my eyes can't be seen (as in it looks like my eyes were shut but not)... The picture above have a similar one, only Joseph's eyes looked like a bit closed. He asked me to delete it as his reason goes, he's eyes were ugly there and he didn't like it. lol. now I know. at that moment, us, 3 girls, just looked at each other and save the laugh for later.. How vain? oh well.. It's the way it is..

We had a nice dinner..

Walking back to our guesthouse.. Thanks for the dinner Joseph! ^_^

waaahh.. Now the packing begins!! tomorrow will be our flight back Home.

..searching N Seoul Tower

Today.. Yeouido..


Heidi-unni in the 'fan girling'-mode! adorable! hahaha ^_^

In search for Namsan Tower! And we're lost again! hihi

We found NAMSAN!!!! ....... NAMSAN PARK! toinks! hahahaha..

And then finally!! A glimpse of Namsan Tower!!! yey!?! hehe..

Finally! Eureka!!! ♥

Bear museum... here we go! ^_^

Now back where we came from..

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

back to the city called 'SEOUL' ^_^

Up early to be early back in the city! no time to waste! Today is the semi shopping day! hihi..

We stayed in a motel last night across Suncheon Station. We were dead tired and nobody wants to move after lying down in the bed! waaah... so comfy! For dinner, we just bought some chicken and noodles around the corner. Hello 7 eleven! lol. on our way back to our room we forgot to ask for some chopsticks! How can we forget that??? We came back to the store and ask for some "chopsticks" and well, I think he doesn't speak english. The male cashier was giving us some straw then we point it out to him and he was like, 'ahh... jeokarak(젓가락)' hehe

We ate, slept and showered... Then off to Suncheon station for the earliest train to Seoul. We were one of those who were really early waiting there. *excited?? eh*

It was quite a long trip, and once we arrived in Seoul we had to plan what's today's agenda. But before that, breakfast please! I'm starving.. In search for food we found a Dunkin' Donuts.. We ordered and stayed in the corner.. Then while finishing off our breakfast.. oh clumsiness! Why so clumsy! I spilled my coffee!! waaah.. my coat! oetteoke!!!! Heidi-unni helped me to clean it up.. On our way to the ladies' room, I almost bump an ajeossi (mid-aged man) and a haraboji (grandpa).. Oh no! I can't afford anybody to be injured!!! I can't afford medical fees!!! oops! That's me kidding around with Heidi-unni.. We were laughing everywhere.. hahaha! 

Today's plan: Them, check-in in their booked guesthouse.. Me, back to Kuya Abs apartment to fix some of my things and then meet up in Myeongdong for lunch and some shopping! yay! We went our ways and agreed to meet someplace in Myeongdong.

I know the way to Kuya Abs apartment so I had no problem with that. Going to Myeongdong, I knew which station it is however, there were a lot of exits!!! And this is where I got lost. I received Ate Heidi's text messages, but then, hmm.. I am no good with directions! Bad idea to split up! It took us a while to see each other! It took me a while to find them! and thanks to Mr. Policeman I found my way. But it was embarrassing to be escorted by a police in and out of the underground shops in Myeongdong. haha. It was quite an experience! thanks ajeossi! ^_^

When I found them it was past lunch already and we were already starving. We looked up somewhere to eat and found Kang Ho Dong Restaurant. hmm.. A little price-y I think but not so bad. We had a good meal, full our tummy and off we go to Sinchon!!!! I miss that area! Last time, it's the only place in Seoul I know how to go to from Kobos Hotel. hehe.. 

On the bus to Sinchon.... ok.. Failed! we were lost on the first attempt! hahaha..

I need a money changer yet again.. We found one in Sinchon. Mr. Money changer was really nice, the tourists before us were all Chinese, so when I approached the window he thought I was with the group before. He asked us if we were on the same group, I said no. oh flattery.. He said we were pretty and I speak well... woot! back to the shopping part..  

We walked and walked and walked and walked.. and found Heidi and Karen-unni's shoes! Parfait! as for me I have no more space for shoes.. *sad face* so I passed on that one.. Ajhumma was really nice, when we asked to have a picture with her she hugged us tight! awkward!~ 

We browsed around.. bought some make ups and accessories.. until we found this personalized shop.. we've been here last year but this time felt warmer than the last time. It was cute inside the shop and the owner of Party Soo was really nice. After buying a few pieces she gave us a free pearl bracelets. So sweet! We also asked a picture with her. teehee!

More browsing and now that we're tired time for dinner.. Off we go at Choice 21 for unlimited meat! yay! hihi.. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

순천만 (Suncheon Bay)

Planning came beforehand, and as I don't have my own itinerary just some place I wanted to check out I forever joined my unnideul wherever! My itinerary was really a mess.. And when they told me there'll be some changes with our trip I got confused!!! and torn. So when they mentioned that we plan to go on a day trip to Suncheon after Busan, I automatically checked it out. and what I found interesting was the Suncheon Bay! I saw a picture online with the sunset!! (oh how I love the sunset!) and it is to die for for me! *ecstatic* so I was excited to see it! and then here it goes!!! It's still pretty but then at winter.. hmm.. not so appealing I think. I still loved the site though.. It was lovely to the eyes. ^_^

It was cold cold!좋아! and what do we expect?? it was dry, cold dry and the plants were..hmmm... let's say not on their most lively state but still I loved it! 

before dusk! ^_^

After a day long trip around Suncheon, Ms. Tina helped us check out the schedule on Korail back to Seoul for tomorrow morning. She also helped us look for a place to stay in and made sure it was safe. I really love her! hehe.. She was so nice and accommodating! We felt comfortable the whole day because of her. Super like! 감사합니다!♥

♥Annyeong Suncheon!♥
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