Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Maginhawa St.

I need to see Ms. Tech before she leaves for Seoul, hence, the date today. We are going to explore Maginhawa St. on a weekend... *thrilled*

First stop for lunch is at Friulli Trattoria for pasta and pizza. Don't expect something fancy of the place, it is small pizza place and is presenting a very casual dining experience. Great for comfy hanging out with friends for the afternoon I think. Somewhere you can eat good food without the hassle of the need to look very much presentable. I like that its ambiance is so comfortable that if I live nearby I feel like I can drop by any time of  the day there even without taking a shower! lol We had an all meat pizza and a plate of pesto pasta. Awesome! Well done pizza and al dente pasta. It's affordable and worth every penny.

Full from lunch, we looked for a dessert place. Walking along the street almost all of the establishments were closed for the day. Then we spotted Sancho Churreria.

Truth is we came in to try the Frozen Brazo de Mercedes it was just unfortunate that the said cake ran out of stock. The staff said the owner only bake one whole cake for a day and that's it. So sad. We just tried their churros then some cold refreshments for them and coffee for me.

We stayed for a bit then walked again.. we spent the afternoon eating, walking, eating and now walking once again. We really don't know where to head next because it seem that most of the restaurants were closed on weekends. Really unlucky!

We're not ready to end the day yet then Tech and Mariel thought of Gayuma ni Maria.. and off we go!

This one really intrigued me. We came in and I did not expect the interiors to be so interesting.

혼자 여자 - pose
(translates as single woman or alone girl)

It's really interesting how the place was put together. And really, not everything is in order which gives it a different appeal. It's like a restaurant and kinky shop all in one. Well, you'll only notice the kinky stuffs if you'll take a look at that specific corner. =P

We're not really here to eat, we're here to talk some more and laugh some more. But we needed to order something so we can stay. We don't want to be rude you know.

And I forgot to take a photo of Tuliro (nachos mixed with lettuce, fruits, meat and cheese) we had and was only able to take a snapshot at the Lumpiang Barako (dynamite in some other restaurant, if you're familiar).

We sat around, talk as much as we want, laugh at everything we can think of and more photos...

It was a nice day.. and I'll surely miss Ms. Tech badly. She'll be taking up her masters in Seoul and it'll take her two years at the least. Anyhow, at least we had this day. It was a fun one and something I'd love to do again once she's back.

Au revoir Labs! see you in Seoul as soon as I can fly there! xxoo

With love~ ♥A

Monday, July 8, 2013

nails.. platinum tipped with colored sand

I've bought this nail art kit eons ago and it was recently that I remembered I have it. So, voila!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Baby Archel

I am tagging along today with Aya. She is an attending godmother on the christening of Baby Archel, Aya's colleague's daughter. It's another sleepless day, truly I am a tag-along buddy! =P

Monday, July 1, 2013

sparkly nails

This was supposed to be a photo of the chocolate but I like how my nails look here. Talk about *vanity*!

Cadburry Dark Chocolate - Old Gold with my nails pretty in Pink! lol