Wednesday, July 25, 2012

~ I wished today to be better ~

I am delightfully HAPPY!

and my wish really did it for me!! just when I thought I drained all my luck yesterday!! I was wrong.. I just received an unconditional offer letter at London Met Uni!!!

oetteoke??!!!! I just received it! It's so fastttt... unbelievable.. Sir Timajo and Eloi, just sent in the reference letters yesterday, and then now I have my offer letter!! I'm must be pretty damn LUCKY!

This is it!!! I want it to be my reality next year! I need to make this happen!

Yay! *ecstatic* cheers to the Queen I hope to see! ♥♥♥

Monday, July 23, 2012

unfortunate Monday

oh no... My day is not going smooth.. First of I can't upload my photos yesterday with my KCC friends because the computer at home is broken. Second, I overslept and woke up late but not so late to be late for work. (sounds like a tongue twister of lates! lol) Third, Maroon 5 concert tickets were already SOLD OUT!!! how great! And then this.. another SL concurrent with someone else's VL.. er.. what can I say? I knew it! I've been waiting for her text earlier and thought I was thinking wrongly then later on I received her text.. All I think about was, 'I knew she will do this!' *sigh*

dondate, no more?

A day with Ms. Tech!

It was a really bed weather I mean bad weather! I'm not sure if we're going to push through with the plan  today as everything seems to be not sure. With the rain and all the hassle that comes with it when going out.. hmm.. I don't know if it will be just the two of us seeing each other, the 'two' meaning Joanne-unni and I. From our conversation in facebook, looks like we are the only two who keeps on updating about it. But then again, glad we ended up more than two! =D

I was a bit late looking for my way to SM the Block. Great thanks to Ken, he spotted me going the wrong way! I saved a few minutes more looking for our meeting place.. ^_^ When we arrived, Christine-unni and Joanne-unni is already standing in front of Tous Les Jours. Always on time! We have not decided where to eat yet, so we tried to look around first while waiting for the others, we are still expecting and hoping for more of them to come. We settled in Almon Marina just across Tous Les Jours, how far we've come? just across! They had an array of sandwiches and set meals to choose from. I ordered Bruschetta with prosciutto and mushrooms topped with Gruyere cheese. Love toast! then unni-deul had soup, salad and iced tea while Ken had the pasta set, 6inch sandwich and carbonara, i think or so it seem. Then Niño-oppa had a sandwich too. The ambience and music is very english. From Italian to French, quite cute and affordable. ^_^

Still waiting for Ms. Tech and Mariel... We looked around for a bit. I am eyeing Aldo for some time now because of my crush pairs!! er.. Those neon heels I saw in Seoul! How I regret I didn't buy it that time. Now it's out of stock! sad. Then we dropped by Guess, F21, and head back to TLJ to meet Ms. Tech. We didn't notice her texts and calls. *Sorry bout that Ms. Tech* (By the way, Ms. Tech is the Admin in KCC. i forgot to mention =P) She is already eating a bread when we saw her, guess we made her wait for quite a while. We meet and greet and bought breads too then head to bubble tea for something nice to eat the breads with. I like Bubble Tea, their menu is so cute and neat. But I don't drink milk tea! toinks! so I just ordered a cappucino. We stayed there from 1pm until at least 5pm I think. Just talking., laughing and chatting! It was ohhh sooo Fun! Laughing my arse off with Ms. Tech's stories, 애교 (aegyo) and 'oppa-lization skills and tactics'. add it with Ken's never failing segways and counters. It is fun just to be with them then add up Ms. Tech, it's like leveling it at another notch up. We talked endlessly and laugh as loud as it is until it looks like some of the customers were living because of our noise, but who cares! it's raining and we are competing with it!

Photo by Joanne-unni
After the long hours in Bubble Tea, where half way through Mariel arrived, we head to the cinema. Ms. Tech  asked me the night before if we could watch the Dark Knight Rises, and knowing myself, I simply said 'Ok lang'.. But I'm not a fan of such movies and having the opportunity to pass it out, we teased her to ask her 'special' friend to see it with. She texted right away and asked him because we would also want to meet him. He was the same person from Elementary 1 class of Kang-sonsaengnim's student they are having a crush on. The 'Barong-입은 남자' (Barong-ibeun namja) in translation, 'the guy in Barong' or 'the guy wearing Barong'. And so while waiting for him, we ended up in Yogiberry's. I am not a fan of frozen yogurt but I don't hate it. *er.. see how unhealthy I am!* We stayed there til Barong-ibeun namja arrive. More stories again while waiting and more aegyo from the guru (Ms. Tech) plus something more personal about her ex-almost-oppa-lover. We ought to be home in the afternoon as we thought but we ended up staying longer because we are having a blast and enjoying each other's company. =D

Photo by Niño-oppa; from Kenny's Samsung Galaxy

Aigoo!! KCC will be offering an intermediate class! I'm interested! but.. I'm not sure..Anyway when Barong-입은 남자 arrived, we head on to our separate ways, except for us four, him, Ms. Tech, Ken and I. We stayed for the movie. er.. It wasn't bad at all, but it bored me at first. At the end, it was just a so-so movie for me, because it's not my kind of movie. I'm all about hearts and flowers, romantic comedy, chick flicks, and anything cute but action figures! You can ask me to see it but don't expect that I will love it. I might enjoy though.. ^_^

When we head out the cinema looking for the exit out of the mall, it was only the three of us, Barong-입은 남자  / QC Hunter, already left. And I was once again laughing my butt off! Imagining the characters in the movie doing a typical Aegyo with Ms. Tech and Kenny's enactment of what it would possibly look like! It was still raining but who cares! We were a bit scared because it's already late and raining heavily but we did go home anyway.

It was a whole lot of fun! amusingly enjoying for me, cause I'm a sucker for laughs! ^_^ had an overdose of happiness in a day of gloominess! =)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

my work-space

Because I am bored at work.. (Though I have quite a handful of things to do. hehe) while having my lunch / dinner, I took photos of my current work space.. ^_^ er.. quite messy..

2012: This is how it looks like when I am in the office working, but when I am off it, I think it's less messy. lol. Imagine it without my keys and hand phones and earphones at the side, without the food in front of my keyboard and my heart-shaped mug (courtesy of Aya) neatly tucked beside my IP phone.

2010: This is how it looks like almost a year ago before I had my laptop. I think it looks more organized. hahaha =D

2009: This is how it looks like when I started. I shared workstations with Ate Anj, a former team mate. This was before we transferred to our current building, where I had my own work space. ^_^ awesome!

The view from my current work space is quite amusing and interesting.. I see the traffic, night lights, the sun when it shines early in the morning and a whole lot of buildings blocking the other views..

but likewise, I like it.. =) I watch the night traffic when I got tired of staring at my computer and I watch the rain at night while it pours..

oooppsss! didn't notice my leg got caught in the picture. lol =D


It's a rainy Friday today.. I overslept a bit than usual and I still feel sleepy now..
but somehow I feel good.. ^_^

When I woke up, it's really weird that I thought.. I wonder.. I wish..

Suncheon-man (Suncheon bay) Feb. '12

hmm.. I'd love to live in a book.. a book with endless happy endings! ♥
like trailing the endless waters of the sea to the ocean.. How convenient it will be if what's to come is all written in a book.. Mishap will just be one part of a chapter and eventually everyone moves on. Seems so easy.. I wish it could be just as easy as that. But I guess, living life would be boring..

Baby Proof by Emily Giffin

Needless to say, how can one chase for happiness if one can't recognize it. But how do I know happiness? I'm not sure if I am really happy in its real essence or I 'think' I am happy.. how do I tell the difference? er... I sound depress.. lol. But clearly I'm not.. just a thought to ponder today.. ^_^

Fifty Shades Darker by EL James

Monday, July 16, 2012

somethin' old

somebody posted this in facebook.. interestingly nostalgic! hehehe.. I am so small back then as I remember. I am one of those students who were placed in the front row or in front of the line when arranged by height but alphabetically I am placed at the back.. How extreme! Well that was before..

It was fun to see old pictures. and then recently I was tagged to another picture way back from elementary too.. hehe.. see the difference? I did grow a lot! =D

a glass of wine.. a shot at life!♥

yikes!! Last night.. was... well.. hmm... shitless FUN! I had a blast with my siblings at home with wine and all that we can rummage in the fridge! I've just woke up from my comatose originating from the loads of alcohol we dunk drank last night -slash- this early morning and I am really in need of a shower! er..smelly me! I dropped dead beside Aya this morning cause Ate was dead drunk in my bed, snoring! lol.

Earlier, we were planning on our first trip together.. First trip to be just us, Ate, Aya and I, together.. no parental guidance, not with friends..but just the three of us. It was not a ready plan, it seemed more like an impulsive plan.. We booked together for Boracay since Aya wants a vacation away from work, Ate wants distractions... and I... I just miss the saltiness in the air *dreamy*.. I mean I was frustrated from last June that I want to make up for it myself! but likewise, I'm just really missing the beach, sand, water and salt with a lovely shore! lol.

And so we went on it after dinner and all the tale-tells with mommy and daddy. They went to bed a bit early, thank goodness and I'm excited to check out the hotels around the place. Since last time, we had Tiffie on it. Anyway, back to the present... The last time we checked we are on a budgeted trip, nothing much to waste money on but anything for fun and self satisfaction, but then we're looking at some hotels a bit more expensive than the usual, eh?? That's odd.. then we were confused.. We love the view from the hotel but the thing is it is too private as Ate said it. I like private. I like quiet and relaxing. And then we were not agreeing much. I don't mind not being able to party all night or stroll around to buy some things, I just want my 'me' time. I just hate it when it comes too crowded and you don't even like the crowd, that's my point of view of things. *quite selfish eh?* And then Aya is insisting on the Eco-hotel way up a hill near Puka beach. hmm.. I like it too but Ate is.. as always.. confusing and the one person who can't decide which is which.. When finally we hit the common ground.. er.. the budgeted trip is now.. an expensive get away! whattt???!! I think the last thing I did unsoiled of alcohol was email this one hotel asking if they can accommodate 3 people in one room then Aya brought out the red wine and set out the mood.. But I am not yet in the mood.. I don't drink just wine.. I like it better with food.. I demanded Aya to defrost the sausages then I'll cook in return.. She hated it just because as she put it we're so lazy and it's only her who does things.. not quite true!!! unfair! Yet she did it anyway.. ^o^

Yay! time for some fun! Aya turned up my hand phone for some music while we chat, dance and do facebook at the same time. it was crazy! singing together, typing lyrics, updating status, commenting in each other's posts, posting, dancing then once again cooking.. down with all two bottles of wine.. And then Ate grabbed the 'Jagermeister' out from its refuge! guess we abused it quite a bit! I was lightheaded and laughing all over the place and Aya was tipsy and funny! while Ate is.. hmm.. joining the club! lol. I had a disaster mix with facebook.. When I recall what happened last night I can't move on laughing.. I've read the personal messages with Kurtie, and I died embarrassed and laughing! I know I'm safe.. He's a good old friend of mine and he knows me well.. quite well even when I'm out of alcohol or when I'm happily tipsy. It's just the same me he says. And it's just the same me I think, except I become a multi-lingual disaster all over the place! I speak partly Filipino, partly English, and partly Korean.. I'm waiting to add French in the list! lol. I messed up big time when I mistakenly replied to a private message from someone I barely know, a lower batch from my former school.. er.. I admit I am a snob to some people but my family/friends. And I don't usually entertain being friendly and all just because we know each other by face especially if I feel there's something weird about it. Let's not go down to the details and move on. ^_^

It was a totally amusing night! Aya threw up for the first time! woot! woot! too bad I am the one who cleaned it up since Ate bailed out on us not long ago and head to my bed laughing about it!!! That's not fair! She should've been the one who takes care of us.. hmp! anyway, do I have a choice? *sigh*

I'm messed, spoiled and happy. I attempted for a warm bath but failed cause I flopped beside Aya and I'm done.. I forgot I was still chatting with Kurtie online after keeping him up all this time, I was down and fast asleep.. Sorry Kurtie! I wasn't able to hold up my eyelids anymore! When I woke up it was only past 11am.. I only slept for about 5hrs.. as always.. Looking forward to another date like this!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

lost in thought

I've been thinking about things lately.. specifically what I really wanted. Thoughts come and go.. And I am not sure with myself and what I really want to do. Do I want my postgraduate? yes, of course, but then do I really want to go and study Down Under? I think that's the one that really bothers me. I like that such opportunity did come my way, I'm glad about it but... then there's the "but"..

I was really willing it to happen two years ago after I've graduated in college. That was the plan, take my postgraduate degree down there, but now, I'm not sure at all if this is really what I wanted after all... Is it because it is something new? I guess not, I want something new.. something different to spice it all. Because I'm scared? hmm.. not really, I'm sure looking forward to it! I want to see the world! The world through my eyes.. hmm.. sounds pleasing.. ^^, I just don't understand what I really wanted. Aya had applied with me and we both got in into Monash University. I wanted to go together too but then there's always this part of me wanting to try and do it alone. I'd love to be with her.. It's fun and I know it will be awesome, yet somehow there's this side of me thinking what if.. just what if I go separately?? And then there's our relatives down there.. It feels like such a crowd for me. It's family, yes.. yet sometimes I feel suffocated. I want to do things my way, and thinking about what it can be down there I don't think it's that bad but I know some things will just be restricted.

Restricting and limiting.. Maybe that's what I am afraid of. It's different if you are living with your mom and dad and it's another thing if you are living with just the relatives. The thought makes me feel uncomfortable and maybe it is there where my anxiety, my skepticism rests.. It's just different. And then I had this crazy thought last Monday. lol. As I browse through google... I thought, I really want to 'go and see the queen'!! And then here is now.. I'm nervously waiting on the results of my crazy thoughts! hahaha.. I wish mom and dad will approve if ever the favor is in me and I wish Aya will still love me and forgive me even if I didn't ask her to join me..

Another 'I don't know why' but it is this that I wanted to look forward to more than Down Under. Er.. now I feel crazy.. am I looking for some solitary confinement?? I hope not.. I just want to explore and discover more by myself even just for once in my lifetime. I know this will be different and I wish I can nail it! God! Please let it be in my favor! I really want it so badly.. I want this option to work more than that of the former.. It makes me swoon just thinking about it and what will be of me if it does happen! I can't stop thinking about it and now I really want the next few weeks to pass by unnoticed so that I won't be bearing the dragging days before I receive the results.. Anticitpating and waiting always kills me thousands of times. It makes me excited and yet I know I can't be for sure.. I want to hope but I know I need to wait.. er.. save me!! I think I need help.. I need to update my social life!!! date please dear friends! I need distractions to keep me occupied and so I can enjoy my lovely rainy days!

Two to three more weeks..  make it happen please!!! ♥ can't wait any longer but still I am willing to endure the waiting days... ~ ~ ~ until then!

forever hopeful and wishing!♥

Monday, July 2, 2012


It was the night!!! er. rain and all, haggard and wet! My plan still pushed through and that is the dinner at Bugsy's with the Ayesa, Eilan, Eva, Jhas, Ate Heidz and Ralei plus Pagz the only boy last night. Nice place to just chill and relax and chat. It's something like let's-go-grab-a-drink-and-talk type of pub. I like it! I didn't have dinner there and just went straight to business while they eat theirs. With Ate Heidz we ordered our first glass of the night! yay! lots of talking and catching up went on. I missed them! ^_^ we had a lot of laughs and as if Pagz is threatening to leave, he can't! =P Not while I'm still here Mister! 

Thanks Jhassie for the treat!!! We then head to Fiama in Makati and well, it was boring. We had our drinks and waited til half past midnight before coming back to the Fort. We checked out Amber and it's quite a crowd so we decided to stay. No Fees!! Thanks to Ate Heidz's charms!! lol. We drink and and dance the night away. After which we walked barefoot around while hailing for a cab, went to Ralei's place, had an ice cream and walked to grab something to eat. PIZZA!!! how unfortunate the 24 hr-store was close so we did Wendy's instead. Pagz was so drunk and wasted he is doing the 'drunk stuff'. And he was quite an annoying drunk-Pagz!

Photo ops in the Ladies' room @ Bugsy's
girlfriends haha. i mean.. friends!
Girlfriends! ♥
with Pagz and Ate Heidz
playing around
Shoe-less night.. poor lighting..
er.. drunk Pagz!

Potential Grey!!! *kilig* hahaha
 We went home smelly, semi-sober, and happy!! Thanks again my lovely ladies for another night like this!!♥