Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I feel bad.. and i really want a hug! How bad is that???

highschool loves

It was indeed a long ride and before heading home, on my rebellious mode, I met up with some old friends! My kind-a-more-than-fickle friends who changes plans almost every minute that I can't really keep up sometimes that I ended up missing it most of the time. But I love them all the same. They have their moments you know and I love the fact that we still try to keep in touch like forever!

Sweaty, stinky and tired me missed them all so much and the rest of the gang. So sad that I need to leave past midnight. I'm worn out and as much as I wanted to stay and spend time with them I need my rest too. A few hours of catching up might do for now. 

I really missed the bunch of them, the jokes, laughs and all. Great to still have them.. regardless of how muddled brain we are when planning a get together it's nice to know I'll always have them around. =) Well, except for one, I can't believe this one replied on my text with who am I. What's up guy? I know I'm bad with texting and all that but you don't need to delete me from your contacts. Yes, I'm feeling annoyed a bit by that. I just can't believe he'll do that to me! XD Does having a girlfriend does that to some friends? toink! Anyway, time to cap the night.... I'm on the parents bad side right now and well, I'll just think about it tomorrow after having my shower and some goodnight's sleep.

Ta-ta! ~♥A

Monday, October 28, 2013

the last of it.. for now

I don't want to start the day yet... because today we're bound to go home late in the afternoon.

While it's inevitable, I always like less the end of any trips especially when fun was all I had. We spent the morning in the market while checking the list Ate Heidz's mom gave her to complete. I always find it amusing going to the public market since my mom doesn't really encourage us doing the market thing which in my point of view is sometimes frustrating when you want to really try to make it yourself. 

Look at those frogs.. I feel bad for them but I can't really get close for a photo for them. They freak me out in real life! And I don't eat frogs. Haven't tried one and I guess wouldn't want to try one any time soon.

And this, I love! Crabs!!! One of the few things I like eating in the seafood category. 

And this.... I just don't know how to explain this! Clea took this and we're not ready. This earned a good laugh from me on my books. We do look funny I can't deny it. =D

After the public market, we bought some tupig for pasalubong then off to the grocery nearby to look for this certain chips Ate Heidi was raving about and some bottle of water for our long ride going home. I also tried to charm in some guy over the package area to give us an empty box for free. lol Ate Heidi needed it for her purchased produce from the market and we can't seem to find one before I spot it there. 

We then head out to the silver shop for the earrings and necklace we bought then home to really pack for real.

Halfhearted ready to be home... ♥A

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Public-Private beach

We're not into the crowd plus we don't want to chance bumping into this guy again so we opted this other side. Ate Heidz and Clea said it was a public beach but with less people when we arrived then. It's good for me since I don't really like one too many crowd. That's the introvert in me talking.

We walked around a bit until we found our spot.

And because we're pretty much bummed from the whole night drinking we decided to keep it low key with just a bag of chips and cola. I do admit that we also lack sleep and rest. The body can only take so much that we think between junk food and alcohol, we're better off with no alcohol today. =)

And I really love this shot even if she hated me for it. 

Okay. I'm not so neat myself. hahaha definitely not a neat-freak nor an OC.

more evidence?? I don't know why but I like rolling in the sand but I find it really messy afterwards. Weird! But as long as I am by the beach, in the shore I really don't mind. ^_^

It just so happen that we talk a lot... as in a lot! that we didn't notice the time gone by.. we soaked for a while until the sun almost set. The water was really nice and the waves were not as harsh as the one in San Juan. The one we were on last night.

And since I am all sun obsess... of course I can't let this sun to set without a number of snaps of it.

And our last stop before going home to cap the night... the infamous empanada!!

I've been dreaming of this since the last time I ate it. The difference this time was it wasn't stuffed with papaya. Kuya said they were left with none and have to settle with all meat with egg instead. No problemo for me! I tried to haggle for a discount and I almost snagged it! Unluckily two more customers came by.. well, thought it wouldn't be good for business so we let it go and just pay for how much it was. Lol

And on the way home... still Ate Heidz and I talked endlessly after a few moments of silence. Why? I don't know why we have sooo many thinks to talk about it's not like were not seeing or talking to each other that much back in the city. So much of being self-absorbed that just a few minutes before alighting the jeepney that we were riding that we noticed that everyone else's conversations had stopped and it's only us and our laughs were being heard. Now that made us shut up for a bit. =P

It was fun and I'm dreading to end the day because tomorrow will be the end of my escape. *sigh* Time to start packing up.

more of La Union

Tell me why keep on sleeping when there's a beach waiting! We got home, took my most desired shower and I just dropped dead asleep forgetting about the breakfast Ate Cynthia whipped up for us. I was really sorry about it when I woke up and that just before that I even asked for a cup of coffee. Guess I or we really were in need of that sleep. I didn't even feel my eyes closing up for the sleep.

We woke up before lunch and we meant business. We ate fast and run off to the silver shops then the river. I'm liking this place more and more!

The kids really looked like they're having fun and I would've wanted a dose of what they're having! 

They seemed really happy. We were real tempted to soak a bit but how do we get home after in soaking clothes? The careless me would say, to hell with that but the sensible me said, you don't have a ride and the beach is waiting.

But we can't really get past it.. so we gave in a bit..

On a hot day like this, the water was really refreshing.....

And then, we need to run back and head to the beach!! wiii! And this was a shortcut to the hi-way. =D

Last glimpse...

the real fun starts now! finally!

I was welcomed with warm hugs from the girls, Ate Heidz and her relatives, her cousin Clea and Ate Cynthia, Clea's mom. It felt like three years ago were so long. It was when I first visit Ate Heidz's province with her almost the same time as now. It was an awesome short trip and fun too with all her relatives.

Anyway, we went home first for me to settle a bit and to eat some as well. Ate Cynthia cooked a lot and was really warm as always. After a bit of unpacking, I changed to some fresh clothes and really wished I can do some shower. Fail! So my eeeky list goes on, sleepless, smelly, and dirty? I've been wanting a shower since I rode that bus. Anyhow, we're heading to the beach now so who will care? Nobody would know but us. XD I packed my prized Absolut vodka bottle securely in my tote bag with some of my things and bags of chips for cover up then we picked up the pineapple juice in the jugs. We were all set so off we go to San Juan beach where Soul Surf event will be held at.

Thing is, we knew there will be a lot of crowd but we're complacent the nearby stores and restaurants will be willing to sell some ice but they don't with the swarming people around I knew it then. We tried to holed up with some nearby stores but none would even share a tube or so. While Ate Heidz is willing to walk until the next nearest store wasn't really that near anymore I did insist that the only chance we had was to check out the 7eleven I saw on our way which I sort of was insisting minutes ago. And there, the last two bags of ice. We get to buy one and almost missed it. Still lucky us! Now we can have our happy time.

We settled by the shore along with the other crowd and I did my fix of pineapple vodka. Pineapple vodka in paper cups by the shore, classic!

I hate to be the one urging the young ones to drink but really I didn't, we didn't. We just offered but we didn't force any. Plus I think they're of legal age to drink. It's their choice to get wasted cause I have a whole bottle waiting to be consumed tonight! XD *bad Ate* We did go that way for a couple of hours. Drinking, munching chips, talking and taking in the scene. Pretty much my kind of night, I believe. The music ain't that fun for a while so we drowned it with our laughs and endless conversation. We watched people and try to spot some one interesting. Well, I didn't catch any and Ate Heidz and the girls caught one but the group he's with left early. It's not as if we're going to do anything about it. hmm.. maybe if they really want to but not really.

I love laid back time by the beach. I don't know but there's something with the salty smell, the feel of the sand in my toes, and the sound of the clashing waves by the shore that makes me love it more.. that only this kind of place did to me. I love the starry sky that I don't get to see in the city and I love the refreshing breeze that struck my tangled hair seamlessly. It's reassuring for me in some way that life beyond my reality exists. I always find the beach as my perfect escape from my reality.

Late that night, the event was starting to close in and we're still in the hype of it. More blasting music and the thrill of getting soaked by the rising shore. Yes, we have to move further up for us to keep dry. It was fun like that! But some people, or let's say some guys, were so disgusting I don't want to think about it.

And this photo was taken by Clea! hah! We were caught of guard but it's fine by us. I'm still trying to remember which song was playing when this was taken. And since I was busy tapping on my mobile I think this was the time I was replying on Ralei at her comment. Gah! We missed her a million folds at this moment. And it was amusing to poke fun on her when tagging her with all our facebook updates and truly she hates me like that. XD

We stayed on until the crowd thinned and the music stopped playing. When it was just us and a couple of groups sticking by, Ate Heidz and I were on the deep end of our conversation. It was as planned, loosen up, relax, talk, drink and talk more. It's how we operate and we knew it even before we started. And just then we were interrupted by this guy which we weren't willing to entertain. And he just don't get it! So everything went down south and we started to play it cool until he get lost. And it was already at dawn when we're able to get rid of him. *sigh* at hours wasted with him. Oh well, the night was fun and now we have something to talk more about. hihi some stories to share with Ralei back in the city.

Morning light is sipping and this was the view we're left on. Not one a pretty sight and I found it interesting to catch this man sleeping. He might have been partying really hard last night! XP

I attempted to take a dip but was nearly washed out just by just standing near the water so forget about it. I'm not ready to face some action having consumed glasses of pineapple vodka, sleepless and smelly. Now this was our queue to go home.

sloshed and happy! xxoo ~♥A

Saturday, October 26, 2013

and the fun starts in....

The parents weren't particularly excited for me but really?? I'm this old and I need to explore as I always reasoned out with them. And since I am stubborn, they can't do anything about it. =D

Okay. I thought the fun starts now on the road to La Union. Well, I was wrong! And this bus ride was my worst ride so far. It's a wreck and I wonder why the bus company wouldn't do anything to fix these ruined seats. It's more or less a 5-hour long ride for goodness sake! We pay our dues and we, passengers, deserve better than this. I don't have as much as a wink of sleep and I'm in here with a numb bum and the front passenger seat weighing it's back on my legs. It was a really bad ride and thank God I'm still thrilled to see the beach and escape the city for a few days that I'm okay letting this go. It's a plus that I get to rant over to Ate Heidz, it relieved much of the negativity.

For hours, I tried to think I'm comfortable and loving it. I just really wished I DAMN WELL AM! And then here goes the first stop. Wow!! stretching my legs felt like heaven! Spotting this boiled quail eggs triggered some memories way back when that I need to take a photo of it to get back at Ate Heidi for last night. Some inside joke it was! LOL

It took few more hours and another rest stop before I was able to get off that horrible bus for good! I just wish the one we'll be catching up to go home with won't be this bad. I'm tired, a little starving and needy of some shower. Whew! I do think I smell but I still welcomed a comforting hug from the girls! I'm happy to be back baby!

Friday, October 25, 2013


And I planned a short escape with my girlfriend. We did plan it out of the blue a week ago and I'm jealous that she's leaving tonight while I still have to wait for tomorrow morning stuck with work. It is really sad like this and we're like chatting all the while she's on her way to La Union pretty much working me out and my jealous self that I really want to abandon my pending deliverable for the day and just jump on the first bus I find going to La Union. LOL But I can't.. the responsible me can't really stomach that. That's the sensible me making sense.

Ughhh! Few more hours... I'll just have to endure few more hours and suck it up until I'm free for the weekends. And she's firing my jealous self! Woman! you need to sleep now so I can work my arse off and leave on time!!!!

pretty much worked up and jealous ~ ♥A

Sunday, October 20, 2013

First week without Mama

I don't know. It's sad but somehow it's quite a relief knowing she's suffering no more...

Friday, October 18, 2013

obamAs catch up

Back from when, I took my OJT in Shell office as an assistant to the account manager. OBAM means office-based account manager just where we coined obamAs (office-based account manager assistant'S). I was Dianne's first OJT that time and well as they say, I set this high standards but really I don't think so. Oh whatever, maybe I did and maybe not. LOL When Dianne started to accumulate her assistants until her last day at Shell we had this sort of tradition to catch up once in a while and meet her most recent assistants! It's nice to keep in touch with her and it's nicer that she does make time for us. I missed quite a few dates and now I really need to show my siopao face cause I miss her so and would love to catch up with her and the latest news.

As always, when she introduces me to the new faces around the table it always starts with "She's my first ever OJT, your pioneer!" and I'll look amused and talk back with "Dianne you're making me look old!" HAHA fun time! I miss those and tonight I met her most recent assistants, while Jen and the others were MIA. It was really nice and so bad that I had to leave soon for work. Work sucks at times like this especially when Chili's is one of the restaurants that offers good food warm in the platter. And I wish I can have beer as well. Oh well, raincheck for another time again. Dianne made me feel guilty for a while before spilling why she left Shell. It was a surprise at first but when she explained the latest changes and what was happening, I'm glad she took off and find her passion at WWF. I'm so excited for her!!! And I left the restaurant looking forward the next date that I'm guessing will be monthssss in waiting.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

unintended visits

In two months time, we've lost three of our family to cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Family overseas came home to mourn together but still we find time to bond and have fun before they left.

A few days to enjoy each other's company shouldn't be that bad. And today, we'd plan just that. Eat to our hearts' desire and talk more. We dined out with Dad's brother and sisters with Tita Edna's hubby, Uncle Bill. We head to Brazil Brazil for some unlimited meat and lunch buffet. Just wow! they serve all kinds of meat one at a time. I think it makes more sense that way than just serving it on the buffet table up for grabs. They can truly preserve the quality of the cooked meat when they do it that way, freshly cooked from the kitchen and just portions for everybody. Plus, I find it efficient and somewhat like cautious for us as well. It's like you have a time to digests how much you want and just how much you can take since biologically, food intake and feeling full is somewhat delay.

So full from the day's luncheon... my piggy-self is now sleepy! But we're still up for some sort of catch up with my gorgeous cousin! Picking up a cup of venti coffee from Starbucks for my dearest then home..
Ta-ta! ♥A