Wednesday, April 30, 2014

back to my "happy place"

It is my "cliché".. my "happy place".. Boracay! ♥

Months of waiting for this.. finally, it's Summer and we're going beach-ing!

Agenda: bum - drink - party - sleep - repeat
When: April 29 - May 4
Where: Boracay

Almost 6 months in the making to align our schedules with Pagz's month long vacation back home. Months of waiting, and it was all worth it!

Sunrise.. sunrise! Let the week-long-party begin!

And we wait once more... waiting along the shore for our check-in time with this view... Priceless!

While Pagz is just sooooo mean taking this photo! With us, uhmm... un-showered, semi-sunburned and definitely, not camera ready. lol Waiting was another torture but with them, it was hilarious! We did miss Pagz and his antics a whole looooot! =D

Now, we settle in........ so what did we miss?

 And here ends the day.. Sunset baby!! ♥

Alongside, we capped the night with more fun and Yes! My pineapple vodka on the roll!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Breakfast Club

It's a family thing to have breakfast together after mass. Well, most of the time when we are together. And today, we checked out The Breakfast Club located in Sto. Domingo Ave. Please don't ask where exactly, I am none the wiser since I just saw it online. Need I recall, my sense of direction is basically non-existent if you are to ask me.

We headed out there after mass and the visit to Lolo for breakfast and just because I get to choose where to dine. Why the privilege? It's because I'll be away for a week and is the only child at the moment (sisters are sleeping still).

The place was packed this morning so they directed us to one of the private function rooms together with the other customers of course. It is a breakfast buffet weekend so I don't get to choose what I really wanted to try which is unfortunate but really, isn't that bad. They have an awesome coffee by the way and good food too if I should commend.

And so, taking advantage of the treat, mother let me pick my choice of dessert! Yay! I tried their choco lava cake. Maybe I expected too much. In my point of view, it's not really spectacular but just okay. Anyhow, I enjoyed eating with the parents and we really had a sumptuous morning.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welcome back and Happy birthday Pagz!!!

Quick dinner and few drinks at Bugsy's to celebrate Pagz's coming home (vacation for a month), birthday and of course to iron out the other details of our week long holidays together.