Friday, March 30, 2012

wasted efforts

Everybody's out of town but Aira and I..

Daddy, Mommy, Ate, Tita Doris and Hannah in Subic.. The house is all to ourselves. Everything was laid out, Aya is in charge of breakfast and I'll be in charge of dinner. I don't really cook but whenever I cook I do give my reasonable best efforts or even more. Aya did her share the next morning, I arrived home with pancakes and all. And today I planned to cook pasta in oil and garlic, mac and cheese, and pots de creme for dessert. Oh how much I dislike garlic yet I did it anyway... I am almost to no sleep at all just to receive a text from Aya saying she'll be out for dinner with her officemates.. A sort of celebratory dinner. Goodness! I feel bad.. Awfully BAD! I wasted my time for nothing.. my efforts thrashed.. really now.. after all of that?? *sigh* and now I need to do work..

Hello EOQ just around the corner.. Hi Stress and waving back the restless me..

I need my dose of cheesecake.. yes.. it makes me happy and I need it now.. =(

Sunday, March 25, 2012

hunger games ☺☺

another date with my Gals!

We've been talking about it for weeks now.. Ralei and I.. the book, Peeta Mellark, Katniss and the others.. I've read it decades agoooo.. waiting for the movie to come out.. finally! it's here!!!

I filed for a leave day before so I can sleep before we meet in Rockwell.. for a change, I with sleep dating with my girls! yay! I was really looking forward to it.. feels like yearssss ago since we last see each other. Ralei was doing her crash course in baking in Enderun.. *envy* I'd gladly join her if I can but at the moment, hmm.. with IELTS and all in line.. I can't afford anything that much at the moment.. Anyway, enough of me..We met Ralei in Market Market then off we go to Rockwell to eat lunch and do the movie! yay!!

ok.. lunch.. hmm.. Where to now?? It took as a bit of time to pick where to eat then finally saw this mexican restau around the corner named Achiote Taqueria.. The place was nice, not so fine dining type, which we like so we can get cozy and relax.. the staffs were really welcoming and nice.. ^_^ we like them! We ordered ourselves each burritos..and unexpectedly, it's quite a serving! We thought we should've just shared it together! Then we tried Ralei's baked good from her class, Hazelnut Dacquoise.. it's ♥! we shared it we the staffs there.. *glad to share* super proud of my girlfriend!! another step towards our dream business!

After lunch we head to the cinemas, just in time for the movie! The movie.. it did not disappoint me but still, it's different looking at it from the book.. Guess it's just the way it is.. I am no expert, but I can appreciate good movies. Hell yes! I enjoyed it with my girls and is really expectant on the coming sequel like all the other movies, we agreed to see it together again.. another date to save! But for now our next movie date will be The Avengers!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

caught me off guard

Then there it is.. Tiffanie and Tepie asking me if I'm good to go.. me?? Whattt??? suddenly booking for Bora! lol. I was not prepared for this.. and this will be my first trip ever with my Chinese friends.. but only two of them Tiffanie and Stephanie. I love the impulse of saying YES at the moment and then after a while... tada?!!! something to look forward?? here it is?! Booked for Boracay in June 2012! excited for the firsts to come ahead with them... all excited about it but for the expenses to be incurred. haha.. hello bills! all piling up.. I'm dead!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

français? another try?

My officemates were interested in taking up any language class. I am as inclined about it as they are. They checked out Alliance and ask me about my previous Korean classes and then they learned that I had a private tutorial before on French.. God! How I'm missed it! and super eager to once again pick up where I left.. I've just started the basics from before and never had the chance to continue it but still I'd love to take it up again.. I so fell in love with it.. hayyy.. I need to review my notes if I were to pick it from where I left.. I need time. But for now, I'm still lobbying mom and dad's permission, since as we all know.. I am quite a fickle person and as it seems I have a lot in mind that I wanted to try and learn.. Men?! I don't know how to stretch my 24 hours a day.. lol! And being me, I am quite stubborn and if I really like it and if it sounds reasonable enough for me I always go with my green lights, regardless of their go signal. hihi. And then the drama starts... the Guilty-drama mom plays around me.. oh no! It doesn't work just like that! jeez..! I think I am quite a handful to be a daughter. I just thought about it now. I wish my future son/daughter will not be as stubborn and pushing as I am! hahaha..

oh no! then there is the IELTs that I need to take for future plans.. hmm.. expenses.. expenses.. I think I need to rethink about my priorities at the moment.. another epic fail on my French.. no fun..

Monday, March 5, 2012

starting a habit

Since we were left alone today, only Aira, Ate and I at home.. hmm.. I was bored.. hehe.. We planned to have a pizza tonight but things changed a bit. Since Ate have work today, we went out with her to Eastwood, and had dinner together before she went to work. It was quite difficult to choose where to eat, a lot of choices were just in front of us.

We picked Trattoria Italia.. hmm.. we felt like having some wine over dinner.. ^_^

The place was nice, ambiance, hmm.. quite cozy.. looks a bit formal but feels less casual. The food was pleasant, not so delicious but enough to satisfy the curiosity of your taste buds over their menu. The waiters/waitresses were really kind! I think I can have my weekly dinner here with Aira and Ate. lol. but then, their wine selection were quite limited.. other than that it was a good food experience.. ^_^

I don't know why.. but I really like this wall portrait hang in there..

Sunday, March 4, 2012

post dondate!

Family time!!!

Remaking the scene back from when I was in Korea and my sisters and cousins are having fun back home..
Dynamite, booze and wine.. hmmm.. sounds nice and taste even better! took candid shots of them while doing the dynamite.. cutie people!! I may not miss the place at all, but surely, I miss my loves.. ^_^ dead tired from work and then date without sleep.. but still keeping up with them for an awesome family night. cheers!! ♥


just a week after comin' back home.. time to update my social life!!! and today is a date with my KCC classmates! I missed them a lot! hmm.. almost but not quite late.. I met Jo-unni in Trinoma and we waited there for Mariel dongsaeng.. She was a bit late. While Karen unni is already in Donday waiting for us. hmmm.. We were already hungry but we still need to wait. and then yey!!! after a I think more or less 40 minutes she arrived!!! finally! We had lunch. Met Karen dongsaeng there with her friends.. She was like switching tables from time to time. Like that of a host in a party!

We spent lunch til around 4pm waiting for Jessica dongsaeng to arrive, we have her shoes and clothes she ordered back in Seoul also one of the reason why we had this date.

Then we walked to Nicemart for some ice cream and more tambay before going home.. hehe.. the weather was unbearably hot!!!!! er.. where's the winter cold.. T.T