Tuesday, January 31, 2012

rant-y Monday!!!

I just felt the need to rant! I just thought when you are honest you don't need to explain just because you only give what you truly have. Today, I was a bit confused with things and knowing that a few changes will be made within my working environment, I wish I can adapt even just until the duration of my stay here since this year should be my year of CHANGE. There are a lot of possiblities and my chances of leaving things behind is high. Plus I also will it! Provided I was given with the right timing and everything in place. Mom likes it too and she's been pushing for it for quite some time now. Anyway, I have a different issue today. It's not about my leaving or whatever, it's just about work. I'm just confused with some things. Doing this before and doing the same thing now seems different on ones point of view. Now I'm not sure how it should really be. Like I'm not sure if ms. jay is just lacking trust on us or if the person just really needs extra explanations and reasons for those things to be understood, cause I don't see the need for it. I don't know. This makes me feel even more confused and uncomfortable. And uncomfortable for me means green light. Thinking about it now.. hmm.. Why am I even here? I just remembered two years ago while hunting for a job and I thought while I wait for my real goal, I can have a stop over for an income. My first job, well, it happened so fast ended just two and a half days later. My second job, hmm.. quite an improvement I may say, I made it three days! lol. and now this.. Two years! I've been waiting for more than two years.. and thinking  about it.. I don't regret but I felt it might have been different if I waited a little longer. It's good that I was with a great company, but then it's not my passion. It is what it is, a job, a work. A daily task that I am obligated to do. I don't dislike it but I don't like it either. It just falls under my category of "bearable".

And now, I'm seriously thinking about what 2012 should be for me. Surely, I'll push through with my plans of leaving! I should! cause I crave for something else. I want more. I would! cause I wanted change. I must! cause that's what I need. I want a new space to grow.. I want a new place to explore..

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Almost all set!

My first trip flying alone... wiii!! couldn't wait any longer.. few more days and I'll be free of stress from work..
had my shopping list and I'm almost done packing.. few more things to check.. haven't found my perfect pair of shoes and one nice pretty coat.. just one.. ^_^ one more week for work then I'm off for a 10 day trip around Korea.. Korea again! will be practicing my speaking skills! nyahahaha..! plus lots of reading.. can't wait to tour around with just friends and the map! try different things and explore the other cities!

Proposed Itinerary:

Day 1 Land in Seoul then go straight to Jeonju on a Heart's date with Joanne-unni
Day 2 Abit more of Jeonju then back to the big city Seoul
Day 3 Panjumon / DMZ tour
Day 4 Hello Dynamic Busan
Day 5 more of Busan!!! Beach babe on a winter!♥
Day 6 Anyeong Busan...
Day 7 until Day 10 N tower and shopping spree around Seoul!

fully booked! woot! ^_^
Valentine's away from home! Let's go Seooul-searching!!! yay!♥

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ciao BF!

It was sad not being able to see her one last time before she left for Africa. But I firmly believe that our next meeting will not be that long! I miss you BF! I'm missing you! And I'll be missing missing you more!

I wish everything to be great for you there... Sending my love over! Take care and be safe always! xxoo

See you soon!

just a wondering thought...

Loving and Missing...

*If you're missing a lot,,

Malinta Tunnel '10

then perhaps you're loving a lot..*

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Family makes it comfortable.

Friends make it interesting.

Strangers make it different.

Monday, January 9, 2012

♥Happy 29th Dad and Mom♥

Bon anniversaire! It’s mom and dad’s day today. What’s in store for us today? Hmm.. Aside from I slept the whole day… we did watch a movie. Sherlock Holmes! Good movie! Entertaining and interesting I must say. It was well played and impressively brainy in simple ways, that’s well, in my point of view. J After the movie, we went home for dinner or should I say midnight snacks! Lol. Plus the mini cakes we bought for them. Cutie!

Dad & Mom = LOVE

No grand party.. No grand celebration. Together with US. Just US.
Something that kept it special is celebrating it like a tradition, if not with the whole world then just intimately together as a family.

The day may have started the wrong way, but it did end really well! Simple things, at times, really matters more, just as simple thoughts are.
Happy anniversary again Dad and Mom! More years to come! I love love you!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Pursuit of Seoul!

Seoul in Spring '11

I scheduled myself to apply for visa this week. Although I know mother is not so ON for it, deep inside she knows there’s nothing else she can do but help me get on with it. Hehe. As excited as I am now, I still feel worried with the thought of being denied! Woot! Hoping for the best!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Date on the first day of the year

Maybe it is tradition. Maybe it is a habit. Either way, mom and dad really make it happen to go to gatherings with old friends. It has been like this for years now, even before we were born, even before mom married dad. It’s awesome to witness friendships as tight as this. Dad has really found true friends. J
And today, we were set to go on lunch with them. Families. Lunch in dampa and lots of talking. J
And this is the part where we learned that Kuya Abe flew to Seoul for work and I am sort of pressured to stay with him on my trip to Seoul with Ate Joanne.

Dad’s friends were nice, and the wives were cute. Chikahan to the max! I wish to have similar set of friends. People who treasures one another and keep old ties alive. Never fades and never grows old with time. Surely it is awesomely impressive!


With Aya again! Prepping for new year! Haha.. Playing for fun!

Costume..Check! Make up.. Check! Hair… Check!
And we’re on for the night! Hihi. GV only please! Happy snaps with family!!!

 End the year right, start the year right!
Cheers for the New Year! Hello 2012!


2010 was the year for fun.
-- and I had TONS of it! --

2011 was the year to slow down.
-- interestingly, i did slow down a bit and tried to learn things on my list.. --

And 2012 is the year to CHOOSE!
-- Something to think about.. and something to look forward to! --

May this year be great, full of surprises and life changing! For a happy year ahead! For family, friends and happiness! Cheers!♥

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My year - 2011

A facebook application that summarizes your year? Or highlights of your year? Haha.. I don’t know.

EOQ once again!

Instead of the usual early shift I am on a night shift this time, since our team manager is on maternity leave JC is temporarily taking her post, being so, she needs to be on the morning shift to oversee everything. I was asked to take the night shift this quarter end to run the toad runs for the EOQ workarounds (should be done by senior analyst, was JC’s tasks). Quite flattering to be asked because of the trust, and I know I earned it! Woot!
I don’t know what happened, but I know all along that J knows our shift. Should be in the office at 7pm. I received a text from JC correcting her former email about our schedule which I didn’t notice. Lol. And guess what? J is late again. Traffic? No comment. We were coming from similar routes and my house is farther than hers. So I don’t know. Try to figure it out. Lol. What’s weird this time was she kept asking about the workarounds during quarter end. I wonder why. Does she feel suddenly inferior from me that she now takes interest in it? It makes me wonder really. And I know it’s not my fault that I know better than her. It could be because JC let me do some tasks so I could learn from it. J Or because I sometimes took the initiative to help when opportunities arise rather than wait to be asked for. As far as I am concerned, I’m just doing my job the best that I can. J
The night before it, we received an email from Maricar to wear something red on. I was not in the mood for red, but I felt guilty thinking of what excuses to be said. So I decided to wear red anyway. It won’t hurt to wear red, would it?