Sunday, September 29, 2013

finally the sun rose

Indeed I love the sky.. gray, cloudy, clear, or whatever it looks like I'm forever compelled to look up and notice the sky. Nice weather or not it's still amusing how each day is different to the eye than the one past it. And I'm talking in circles not even sure if I make sense. I just love it that is all.

Amusing thy self,

Saturday, September 28, 2013

coffee inspiration

I love the quote instantly when I saw it posted in Facebook. It rings reality at some point and full of positivity. Why surround yourself with angry people when there were dozens of other happy people? And then maybe you can be that another soul to make someone happily elated.

Monday, September 23, 2013

shoe incident again!

Why do I ran to incidents like this? It's a rainy day and my flats gave out on my way to work. I have no choice but to walk carefully to the nearest shoe store and after 5 minutes.. voila! a new pair! Yes, I shop that fast!

My simple rule in shopping, swipe a glance at everything first time and pick what caught your eye first before checking out other options because I believe in love at first sight and this love-at-first-sight rule hasn't fail me yet... on SHOES!  XD It makes shopping easier if you know yourself well and don't desire anything you physically lack. It shouldn't be what's in and what's hot rather what I like, need and what suits me well. I don't have anything against people joining the bandwagon just don't expect me to be one because I have a bubble of my own and a world where I indulge myself with my own musings enough not to care what's in and what's not. But I might care with world peace and stuff like that. LOL

Just look at that pretty thing. It might not be love but it is totally a match! I talk about shoes like a living partner. Well, I like rainy days but this couple of weeks past, I am starting to hate it. Nevertheless, when I have a new pair to indulge with I became partial on hating it.

Way to go Monday... praying for more good luck!

Fickle and impulsive,

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ate's Birthday

Still a whirlwind month, losing two people in the family, attending a wedding in between, Lolo's death anniversary and now Big sistah's birthday. Lifting our spirits a bit, we spent a night celebrating with food. What's a birthday without good food, eh?

Mom's dying to check out Maginhawa St. for a time now and so after arguing where to dine for a couple of minutes now we agreed on a unanimous decision. We looked over the whole street and can't seem to choose which restaurant to eat and that's when I suggested Don Day, not exactly in Maginhawa St. but just around the corner from it. It is where I with my KCC girls frequented our dates from my previews posts. It is affordable, not really fancy and worth it. There were a few changes from when I last visited. They have expanded the place and offered an air-conditioned area. Also, they're unlimited meat options also offers variety now. They have unlimited pork only, unlimited beef only and unlimited pork and beef as well. They're buffet consisted of spread of Korean food still and two soup choices.

We were lead to our table on the other side of the room. We settled and then started checking out the buffet. As all of the times I've been there, the food is satisfactory. You don't get fancy Korean dishes but you get familiar dishes you might have seen in some Korean dramas. I still find Happy 6 days Korean Restaurant more authentic than Don Day. But if you're finding affordable unlimited samgyupsal with a nice spread of Korean buffet come and visit Don day, you won't be disappointed. *wink wink*

After supper, we are now in the hunt for desserts. Initially we opted to cross the street to Pino to check out their dessert offerings. Unfortunately, the spot was already closing that night so we ended up looking out some other place. And it's the wonders of google and GPS once more. I searched this cupcake place named Frosted along Maginhawa St. and prayed that it's still up for grabs at that time. And because I am so great with directions and maps *pun intended* we were sort of lost our way to Frosted. hah! certainly not my fault if they trusted me to read the directions to it! *defensive* XP

We found the place after a little back and forth and turns. It was unnoticeable really and I wouldn't be blamed for having lost our way since they too did not notice it as well. It's a small part of a house and having said so it must have been a converted shop, mostly likely.

They have selections of teas and coffees and varieties of cupcakes, which I must say looks so yummy. They also offer cakes for pets! Props at that! They make custom made cakes for pets is so awesome to think and cute tooo. We saw the brochure and was tempted to buy one for our dear Prince and Princess.

Coffee is nice. *bias judgement of a coffee-lover* because I'll drink any coffee that's strong and smelling nice. The cupcake... hmm.. nothing special I think. It tastes nice but it's too sweet for my buds I guess. oh! I remember I have a bland tongue, don't blame me for an inaccurate taste description please. We enjoyed the place though. Like any recently popping cupcake place, it is cute as well. It's simple to look at yet so girly, which is a good thing I think. It appeals to most of the girls.

Snapshots of the birthday gal

And this wrapped our night.. bonne nuit!

with love,

Sunday, September 15, 2013

another low-blow

It seems like 'til death do us part' is not enough and Tito Eddie just have to be with Tita Nene only a few days after we serviced Tita Nene's burial last weekend.

photo by my dearest cousin..

perks of 'insane' shoes

some shoes put to good use. XP

Saturday, September 14, 2013

at night...

and before going home from such a great meal at TWG, we sneaked up a bottle of wine.

Well, aside from drinking... I love the 'un-corking' part just because I'm good at it. I mean, it's one of the things I can really do myself without breaking anything. HA-HA

Now I'm ready for bed. Ciao!


twg date with Aya

Second time at TWG, only this time I am with my sister. Aya will be starting to work here on Monday and we decided to check out the place together and indulge a bit as well. I have been caught up with a lot of work recently and instead of going there together we agreed to just meet up some place near TWG.

Today, we tried Sakura Sakura tea for Aya and New York's breakfast tea for me (can't get enough of chocolate infused tea.♥) And God! How awesome this place is! I'll never look at teas the same way again. And I am willing to pay more pennies for the same quality as theirs or better. Like this I can truly appreciate teas. And it does get any better. We had some macaron as well, madeleine accompanied with TWG jelly and cream, and mini burgers which is truly a must try. I love the chips on the side!

And just that we're happy. We made quiet conversation on this week's run down, her work and my work, our frustrations and about family. We certainly look like friends catching up, like we don't see each other everyday except we do see each other every day at home! =D

Happy tummy... ^_^

with lalalalalove! ♥A

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013

wedding bliss

How do you jump from one emotion to another? My heart is confused at the moment and torn between mourning and celebrating. But then this isn't about me at all and no matter what, I attended this wedding to celebrate with my friend's happily-ever-after.

Delwyn and Tiffany has been together since forever. uh? just kidding. I'm not really privy when it comes to their relationship but I'm happy that Tiff-y is happy with her groom and their love. I wish them a lasting love and happiness.

Delwyn & Tiffany

with my Chinese friends

** My thoughts on weddings... I love them! and I know I'm in love with the idea of it. That's it for now.. In truth, I was lost at the Chinese's traditions on weddings. Thank goodness for my other Chinese friends to guide me with do's and don'ts. It was an experience and no matter what culture it is they follow, love is still love and weddings are meant to be celebrated for the union of two souls under the vows of love.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

another loss..

We heard the news that Tita Nene had passed away from cancer. That fast and I don't know what to think. All I've managed to do is file a leave for absence at work and support our dearest cousins with whatever comfort we can offer them. It is a sad time for the family. Truly, it is a huge push on my pregnant cousin and that worries us as well.

After a while of absorbing the news, I realized, still I don't know how to deal with this. It's not that I haven't lost anyone important to me. I know people come and go, it's how life should be yet another loss is always different from the last one. Is it because each and everyone holds a different tie on you? Each holds a different candle lighting with you along the way? Each grows in you and occupies a certain part of you that cannot be replaced? It hurts and it feels bad realizing you have much more to share with those people but still in each moment nobody realizes it until there came the time that it's too late. Guess life is really short for immaterial non-senses but how can you filter those non-sense if at the moment you cannot grasp the reality that some day soon or whenever they are bound to leave you behind? How do you remind yourself the importance of one person if you are too absorbed of your own needs and wants to notice them at all? People say this, people say that, but do really people act on it?

Sad and gloomy but still keeping the happy façade.. We said our goodbyes and good words for our Tita Nene.

"The sun shone when it's needed even with the threat of the rain.. Ending today with a relief that you are in pain no more and the left memory of a brave woman we once knew as Tita Nene.."


Thursday, September 5, 2013


I am guilty of loving candies and sugary stuffs! And this one is a good one. Wish we had one back here... this is one of the things I love about Australia. okay, too much blabbing.

A real bliss! gummy candy with berry fillings. I can eat a bag or two without feeling guilty! Maybe the third one will make me feel guilty. =P

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Feeling nostalgic. I reached out for my calculator the other day and look what I've found! It feels like a long time ago when I saw the back cover of my scientific calculator from high school and college and in it were snaps from when neo-prints was the rave of teenies like me. Now I feel old! XD Who doesn't do this back then? I think any of us in our generation would agree that our calculator were decorated with different stickers other than a copy of different mathematical formulas for Math classes, Chemistry, Physics, Geometry, Trigonemetry, Algebra, Calculus and any other subjects.

Old school and old love... ♥A

Sunday, September 1, 2013

home with family

I came home a bit later than promised and Aya was so mad at me, like she kept on her snobby face and snooty demeanor just because I came home later than expected. Still I kept my promise. Ugh! Sometimes I do feel she is demanding too much. She's becoming more of a mother to me than our own mother sometimes. just kidding! {She'll kill me if ever she read this.}

After a loooong day, I was still able to whip up a pot of hot chocolate for a wholesome night. Yes, no alcohol this time. We're doing a homey Saturday night complete with comfort food for snacks while we talk our way through the night. I'm not sure how can I keep my eyes open for long though. I think I'll have to save the sleeping part for much later on...

What I love about doing my own hot chocolate is that I can do it as dark as I can and as sweet as I prefer. Mom's recipe is so simple even a first timer can whip it up themselves. All you need is water, peanut butter or peanuts, tablea or cocoa powder (unsweetened), evaporated milk, and sugar. We always do this every Christmas and New Year's eve or whenever we liked to especially on a rainy day. Warmth is really comforting on a lazy, cold day.

What we had on tonight were hotdogs, siomai, fishballs, squidballs, chicken balls, dynamite, cheese sticks, crab sticks and the buttered prawns. Another feast! How am I suppose to eat more? I can't think of it more.
But I need to eat some because Aya will surely start her unpredictable mood swings again and I wouldn't want to ruin everyone's night after I've resurrected her happy mood a while back while I cook and keep on cheering her up. =P

More cakes for me!! Thank you Ate Hercy and Ate Lexcy. Really appreciate the gesture. And I love the cakes too. xxoo I can't eat anymore though, maybe tomorrow or the next day I'll have a look at it and eat some but for now... 'X'

We wrapped up the day at around past 2 am. I had fun, we had fun and I am now ready to crawl my way to bed. Today was indeed a "busy" day! Very true to the word. Busy yet indulging. I'll be sleeping with a happy face.

Bonne nuit! ♥A