Sunday, September 30, 2012

bring it on Ladies!

Planning to meet my old loves is always a struggle that requires a lot of effort to make it possible! After months of missing days, finally I was able to make it with them. Stressing over my job's end of the quarter blues, I really need something fun to look forward to and just in time for it my babe invited me over to her plan of meeting and drinking in The Fort's Distillery with our good ol' friends way back from high school. Yey! and then now comes Saturday after the long wait!!! It was all set and planned when people started to bail out. (such a huge backdown! booo!) But come to think of it, we can still enjoy ourselves with or without some of us. So we pushed through it and the four of us, I, Sharrie, Issa and Marc, with Claire, Kin and Mike and some other friends of Kin's and Marc's pulled it off!

made by issa with the caption: "We don't even have to try,
it's always a GOOD time! ♥♥ #F*ckiMiss"

As planned everything should be all fun. And Sharrie and Issa was toying with me trying to hook me up with anybody they think hot! But I never bothered to agree and besides I don't think it's the place to be looking for that someone including the thoughts that more than 50 percent of the people in the pub were LGBTs. lol. They saw some foreigners and Sharrie made the first move and I went out of the picture. Went to the side holding Kin with me just because I don't want to. XP I think they enjoyed themselves talking to the guys and it even struck them that they were equally attractive but then I still believe it's not a good hook up plus these two girls already have their men! ;-P By the way, this likely event changed our plans of transferring to Privé.

shot! shot! shot!
And it's like a bottle of Jim Beam isn't enough, another bottle was ordered! This time the killer tequila! wooot! And still wanting more, another bottle of Jim Beam was served to end the night!! lol. Feeling numb and lightheaded I followed Sharrie and Issa to McDonalds. hihi.. They went out for some air? or they went out because the flowing alcohol was too much for them? Fact says, it's more of the latter one. They were hiding from the next shot to be served! When we return to the pub, everybody's leaving??? They left already!?? Good thing I spotted Marc about to ride the cab! whew! And then Fun time is being extended over Marc's place! Videoke time!

leaving Distillery and leaving Marc's space
I ought to crave for pizza every after drinking but Yellow Cab is such an epic fail once more!!! so instead we missed the chance to eat and just head home cause it's almost 5 in the morning! and I need to be home for mass, but then I also missed the mass because of my head splitting headache! toink! so I hit mom's bad side again plus Aira's (which I don't understand).. 

Anyhow, I had a blast with my loves and lovers and the beckys that came with them.. found new friends and went home drop dead drunk! I flopped in my bed and then I died! zzzZZZ..

♥ my other set of girlfriends ♥

Thursday, September 13, 2012

relax.. relax..

Not quite a fun week with the piling work and to do's. It is Ralei's birthday! She mentioned she'll be doing spa for her birthday and if I mind to go with her to Wensha to spend the day. We set it just as that! Met in the afternoon after her lunch date and off we go to Wensha somewhere near Mall of Asia. hehe.. It was so relieving and relaxing and stress-free that I wish we did it some day with me needing not to work! er. quite a torture on my side. lol. With all the expected load of work tonight? I wish I can make it through! hahahaha. Good thing Anton is still with the team so we two made it through the week to cover the night shift's dailies.

Wensha has three branches I think, I've been to two now. One in Timog and now in MOA. I like how the spa works but almost always packed especially on the weekends. They offer variety of services from skin treatments to massages to waxing and note that their service packages are inclusive of the buffet! Visit their website to know more. (Click here)

Received Ralei's post birthday present for me.

Love the cute little things! lol. I'll surely use the heart-shaped lock in my next travel! yay!! super love! ♥

oh massage!!
It was not at all fun for me but painful! However it pays off, feeling fully rested and comfortable afterwards the very thing that urges me to sleep at the very moment the massage ended. Though I know, tomorrow I'll be cursing for more muscle pains! hahaha.. 

Our hopelessly pathetic shabu-shabu from the buffet. hahaha..

We wish not to leave leftovers in the table aside from it'll be a waste, it also bears a fee to leave leftovers.

To the Birthday girl: LazyLadyLei
----Happy birthday dear!!! I had fun today, wish you had too!! spa is awesome with friends.. and sauna is still awkward with strangers!!! hahahaha.. glad to spend the day with you! cheers for more birthdays and more days like this! ----

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Margarita Night

after weeks of not-so-happy-days.. ohhh lalalalala!! Finally, time for some fun! What I love about going out with my girls is that we get to hangout, rant, vent out our negativities while laughing and enjoying!! =D We definitely do things the fun way.

Meeting up: Ate Heidz has quite a handful of appointments for the day. All health related appointments, it is quite stirring and worrying, like 'what's happening??' Why so many doctors eh? That's what I need to find out later. And then I was late. toink! I was late because my dress is missing and I spent hours looking for it!!! such a Fail! And then there's the train. The MRT is really really awful at most times. er. People pushing from every directions, nobody wanted to move farther inside and make way for the others coming in. And good lord!! how difficult to exit the train!!! You'll get stuck if you won't push yourself out!

Before we start the night, because it is still too early to make a mess! We looked around at some shops..checked out some clothes, shoes and accessories. Ralei and I got to buy a luggage, one for her and I for Ate's upcoming birthday. Walking some more, we dropped by the grocery and then finally head to Baja for some dinner and drinks!
Before the world goes spinning

Dinner was nice. I ordered pork chop plato, Ralei had pan fried fish plato and Ate Heidz had quesadilla. Last time we had drinks here we've only tried the nachos, now we're back for more. lol The food was nice! Generous servings and tasty. We fulled our tummy slowly and caught up with recent events this past weeks. Stressed for different reasons but happy we get to talk it out over some food and drinks!

Mojito is such a fail! - the disappointed looks! haha
All about work and missing traveling together. I feel bad that I can't go with them in the upcoming SG escapade because of my 'setting the priorities straight', so we planned something small this coming November. Domestic tour up north! Usapang Lasing or not, I'm not sure but we created some evidence to prove that we had an agreement! And I think my handwriting is more legible when tipsy? or I was tipsy that I think I write legibly?? I wrote it in a tissue paper just because I don't want to write on my cute-sy notebook given by Ate Heidz! Our plan is a short trip to Laoag to our last destination Baguio. Site-seeing everything old, fascinating ourselves in old Laoag and Vigan, dipping and partying in the lovely shore of San Juan, eating/drinking in places unexpected, jumping from places to places on our own and trying to be more bold when traveling is the main goal! Experience traveling first-hand with just backpacks! ohh!! this is exciting and quite a challenge! Overpacking is a huge no-no this time! and money should be just enough. How do you do that? eh?

Time passed by just like that! We now had two pitchers of Margarita mixed with Stella Artois beer. And we thought it was a perfect match. But after tonight and this morning, I realized, definitely it's not a match!!! We enjoyed the drinks last night, and ordered another round of Margarita plus a different beer, it's Hoegaarden this time. Another wrong match!!!

As expected, we were the last people to leave the restaurant. and we can no longer push down more margarita. no more!!! We are like going to and fro the ladies room But I didn't unload anything unwanted. not yet... =D Before leaving, we thought a souvenir photo would be fun with the hats hanging by the bar! hihi. And then we left with our takeouts! more margarita, eh? Not a good idea!

We initially planned to extend the night and go dance it out but.. I think three pitchers of margarita and two bottles of beer all to ourselves is a little too much to handle. (the 'takeouts' not yet counted) We walked our way out to hail a cab, and by all means, I think we were the noisiest! (the very reason why we always end up with the "keep silence" sign in some of our trips together!) In the cab, Ate Heidz is all hyped up! pointing the directions while enunciating the words!! that I remember very well! "go straight!!!" and "straight ahead!!" then "turn right!!" it was really funny! and we're like laughing our arses off and all in the cab, good thing we remembered to pay Mr. Cab driver! but then I had my very unladylike incident! *Agaainnnn??!*  not to delve much into details, I thought it only happens in movies. That scene when the person had too much to drink and just throw up in the sidewalks, or anywhere. and now I know it's reality! It was embarrassing to Mr. Cab driver whoever he is but he's lucky I didn't do it in his car just in the sides of his right back tire, and he can't leave yet because I am holding the door open while doing it! I'm so sorry that I am not sorry cause I am not myself at that moment! Then Ate Heidz went over to assist me, saying I should close the door so the cab can leave! She closed the door for me, and I'm like still dizzy and still wants to unload. I saw this black rubbish bin or so I thought it was and continued it there.. *ew* This is while Ralei was busy opening her door. Oh.. gruesome! the feeling is so hideous and gross! And yet worthy of laughing it out the next day. Up in her room, we took turns going in and out of the bathroom. so, where's the dancefloor??? And here goes Ate Heidz, video recording!! And then we all fell silent and sleeping in Ralei's bed curling together!

It was headaches, and lots of laughs this morning! we woke up dehydrated from last night with head-splitting headache and the promise of never to drink again for the nth time!

Lesson learned? hmm.. I'll need to think about what I should have learned last night.. All I know is that I had a great time yesterday and today I'm still having fun recalling last night's events! =D except for my ruined shoes.. >.<

Nine west in the ruins..
*evidence of last night's preposterous events!*