Tuesday, August 21, 2012

what's nice about yesterday...

So I spend last night's post ranting out my unpleasantries. And today, I just wanted to point out things to be grateful for...another new day, another gained year of wisdom.. another hopeful year to come by for me... family and friends no matter how awful some times might be.. and all the love, happiness, laughter, good and bad times, dreams, wishes, and everything..

I am a 'pretty damn lucky girl' as I always believe so. I may not have the perfect day on my birthday and not even half as great with the other days, but I always have an endless list of things to be grateful for. Just thankful with what life has come to offer each time.. ^_^ thank you!

Monday, August 20, 2012

my day??

How would I describe this day? 

My birthday is always an uneventful day for me.. I don't know why exactly, but whenever I look back at the very exact day every year, I can't feel happy happy rather I feel happy-thankful or happy-trying-to-be-happy.. It has always been the days around my birthday that make my month awesomely happy. My birthday has always been a family day, days around it is a celebration with the 'cousins' or with friends. Thinking about it now, I think I know now what's wrong. I am a full-pledged 'LEO' of the zodiac on my birthday month. I crave attention and control. *manipulative bitch* And when I celebrate it with family, I just go with the flow to avoid any unlikely arguments just because it should be a great day! and yet at the end of it, it doesn't make me feel that way. *sigh* (hmm.. having a blog like this is quite liberating I guess.. lol.) 

Anyway, how this year's day went? Bad start.. First of, I really don't like planning things with family. Really! super undecided at some point and on the other hand there's this other things going on. It always starts with 'what do you want to do?', 'what's the plan?' and then when you voice out what you wanted it's always as if they don't like it, so why bother?? And then it goes with 'ewan ko' (I don't know) answer from them which really does it for me. I don't like it. (er... this post is starting to be a ranting post.. ugh! guess I really need to let it out.. not feeling good on my birthday is bad enough. T.T ) Always like that.. And this year?? what I have on the table is quite a handful... My mother is prioritizing a distant relative's funeral! Inuna talaga! Sinong matutuwa??  I mean, for me, there's nothing wrong if we need to attend the funeral, but she's asking not to attend mass on my birthday and just attend the funeral's mass??! seriously?? that throws out my mood even more! It's ok if I can't celebrate, but don't take away that simple gesture for my birthday. That really started it. *sigh* whatever.. That's just one thing and then there's the list of it! We came to the wake last Sunday and attended the interment today, on my birthday. She really insisted on it and even imposed us to go with them. And then there's this listing of the bills and all.. Who would like to celebrate if you are to spend the day on a relative's interment and with your mother non stop talking about the bills to pay?? how's that!? And to top it all, generally this day feels really bad because it felt forced. So I just tried to get on with the day.. And for now, I'll just wait for my 'me-gift' due next month, 'happiness delayed'. Can't wait to get my hands on an SIII plus the planned splurging-night out with my girls! I know these will even out everything! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

week before my birthday

okay.. so a lot has been happening I guess.. good news or bad news?? I'm not sure which is which anymore. I was still giddy with the Saturday's girls night out, but Sunday became unexpectedly a bit frustrating. hmm.. Then starting with a lazy Monday of awkwardness that somehow I was able to get on. It went on with nothing special.. Guess the only difference that made it is that I was able to tell on Joseph half of my concerns about last week's unlikely events. But nothing beats my Sunday-frustration.. just because I lost one of the stones in my ring.. oh well.. everything comes in equal reciprocation. Bad things = Good things.. as I always thought. I am not waiting for any good news but I am excited to sign up for a new mobile, can't wait to get my hands on The SIII. *so yay! try to be cool about the missing amethyst lady! It's just a stone!* T.T er.. stone with sentimental value! yeah right! I can't move on.

And then here goes Tuesday with what kind of news?? First I had the good news coming, my request intake date to London was granted. yipee! I bought some more time to prepare and make it more possible! It made me all smile! And then just right after, a low blow! JC talked to me about the BCP thingy after what happened last week. I am on a mixed emotion on this. As she said it, I will no longer be an initial BCP point person. hm.. so I wonder what that makes out of me? She told me if it's alright to go back to using a desktop computer but I'll still have a reserve laptop (a defective one, take note) to take home with me for secondary BCP purposes. The reason behind this changes?? hm. not my performance per se but because my area, as they put it, is vulnerable to flood and all? And I'm like? ok? Did I miss on anything last week? It was ok for me somehow, less responsibility and all. But somehow I can't help but feel a bit bad about it. It feels a little demoralizing on my part, I think, just because I did my part to fulfill my role. Just that! On the other hand, I feel relieved about it because I don't need to do all the back ups at the most unwanted times! Maybe this is just one way of God saying I need to let go of my work to be able to move forward! I wish it is! And I wish what he has planned for me next year is what I desire the most today! ^_^

So much for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was... well.. pretty much just run of the mill. Thursday was quite pleasant for me out of the few days left this week. I went to meet my highschool loves. Fiesta at Garfiled's place (Jeff)! An unbroken tradition since the day immemorial! It has always been like that since highschool. He's birthday is celebrated with the fiesta. hehe! So I went to meet all my missed friends! So much about it, nothing happened because I need to work! er.. It was just quite a meet and greet! But still 'twas nice to see even just a few of them.. Garfield (Jeff), Jech, Kenn and Meanie (Ter).. I was late for work, and it's worth it! uhm~ I think I'm missing some of my girl friends here.. lol. It's not me and all the guys, it's US girls and all the guys. Just sayin' my ladies were, at the moment out of reach!^_^

The rundown of events gave me a mixed and all messed up emotions. And in the last few days, I am all dolled up and feeling girly. What has happened this entire week is enough to qualify on my list of three reasons why I must doll up! I was distracted and needed to get away with it so I made myself busy with prepping up. Oh.. so very me.. I remember Eloi noticing one of the three reasons, quite an observer there.. ^_^ only a few knows.. or I guess only I know! hmm.. me wanting to look pretty only means there's something wrong.. totally wrong..

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"stress debriefing"

After a whole week of stressful rain and unfortunate events! Finally, Mr. Sunshine went through the dark skies.. date with my girls to brighten up everything! ^_^

while waiting for the pizza
We went strolling around the mall, had dinner and watch Bourne Legacy.. We had our dinner in Cibo, it was nice.. care of Ate Heidz. And because we were due to watch the movie in a few minutes I wasn't able to take a photo of the pizza. We were really in a hurry that we had everything wrapped up with the pizza just being served in our table hot from the kitchen! We had no choice but to leave and we literally ran to the cinema because we don't want to miss the best part of watching a movie.. the TEASERS / trailers before the actual movie.

They loved the paté, and the pasta was nice if not great. For the worth of your money, hmm.. I think it's a bit pricey nonetheless you get a pretty nice food and service.

Well, the movie is a bit violent for my taste.. what did I expect??? it's an action movie?? However, it was good! I love the car chase part! really great! how they put the parts together, the stunts and the reality of how traffic it is in Manila! *applause* quite close to the real thing. only the traffic because I don't think such chase were even possible here! and aside from that.. hmm.. We were smitten by Jeremy Renner's smile.

We agreed to have one round for tonight plus more talks and laughs! ^^ After walking around we settled in Via Mare and ordered our cocktails, Cosmopolitan, Manhattan and Black Russian. FYI! Guys and girls, there're a lot more spots with more affordable cocktails!

While talking, Ralei, mentioned an alcoholic concoctions of gelato. Hence, let's go and try some!

Amareto, Appletini and Caffe crock
Well, maybe we expected too much. It's ice cream after all! What did we alcohol-fan thought?? XD and off we go!

Second round it is!! Can't help it.. and after gelato, we are up to another round of cocktails!!! more! more!

Mojito, Margarita, nachos and pizza

We stayed in Baja Cantina til closing. The restaurant not crowded at this time was great. They serve all mexican food, obviously their Mexican~ what am I thinking! Anyway, attentive staff and affordable! Perfect for us girls who likes to drink! They offer mojitos/margaritas on a buy one take one pitcher this season and it's the real thing not just juice! you know what I mean.

Then, just when we're about to go home, another round it is!! Music 21 to end the night! hihi.. Pouring our hearts out in every song.. ehem! our lungs out I mean! My throat aches today when I woke up! guess it was from all the shouting, I mean singing! =D

I wish I didn't need to go home yet last night or should I say early this morning.. er.. but then, it was another awesome night with my lovely girls! Stress debriefing was a success!! ♥

Friday, August 10, 2012

spell stress? Y-O-U

This week was hell of a week.. from the weather to work! So where to start my semi-awful week.. hmm.. Monday was supposedly holiday, not until I received a text message from my manager.. I don't mind working on a holiday what makes it frustrating is the very reason why I have to work on my holiday and move it to some other day. It's her again. What do I do with her I don't know. er... What I hated most is her friggin' lying arse and her inconsistent front! *pardon my choice of words* but I really do think she's too much. My patience is running out.. Firstly, she said she won't be able to come to work because of the flood due to heavy rain and there she was unreachable and the next moment she's saying no need for me to work from home since she'll be going to work??? OH WOMAN YOU ARE SUCH A PAIN IN THE ARSE!!! She's not getting on my nerves, she's in my nerves already and that makes it even more awkward for me! Er.. So Monday went on with the usual work and it's still raining like hell.
Tuesday was almost the same, except that the rain was worst and news were on all hours of the day. Metro  Manila is flooded everywhere, most of the major roads were not passable and countless of people were stranded and calling for help. And because I can work, it is day two of working from home in the comforts of my pajamas. Similar scenario went on on my Wednesday, the difference is that I played dress up at home because I'm getting bored locked up all day inside the house and scared of what could happen each hour with the heavy rain and all. Thursday is a bit of a different story. The rain was lesser though there's still exist the threat of a heavy rain fall. My manager informed me that MJ will be coming in tomorrow and I may take my holiday in that case. She texted me that night confirming it and asked me to coordinate with MJ about it. So I thought it was safe to say that tomorrow is my holiday though right away after reading my manager's message I messaged MJ to confirm it and she said she's certain about it that she'll be coming in for work tomorrow. And so I have informed Eloi and Anton about my holiday. After my shift ends, just to make sure I texted her again to confirm if she's coming in and I didn't get any reply from her the whole day til that night. So I fell asleep at around 8pm and woke up with 2 missed calls in my mobile phone and a text message coming from her.. And guess what?? I knew this would happen!! She's like, Sorry-I-can't-come-to-work again.. the reason being, their area was again flooded. Oh what a shock! I didn't hear anything about it in the news! oh whatever! she ruined yet again my night.. This time I'll stay put and not move.. being always ready to help doesn't give you the right to abuse what one can give you know.. er.. Anyhow, I was able to take my holiday with Eloi and Anton's help. Super grateful with Eloi and Anton.

And then here she goes again, asking if I did work from home last night and apologizing for not being able to report to work.. but now with a different reason, that reason being her mom did not allow her to go to work! C'mon now! what is it really??

Sunday, August 5, 2012

my month officially starts today!! ♥

First dress I eyed from the rack! ^_^
August!! yay! my birthday month... I usually feel like a brat whenever August come every year.. I say what I want and I usually get what I wanted.. 'cause it's my month!♥

Last Wednesday, I asked mom to cook pasta for this coming weekend, my preferred style.. and I sounded like a brat when Ate asked if I would like mushroom in it and I said bluntly, 'NO'. *evil laugh* I dictated how I wanted it to be.. And I got it my way.. more often than not... =D yey!! thanks mommy!

Then I've been asking for new pairs weeks ago.. Finally I get to shop.. few dresses and few pairs!!!

We first dropped by in Payless to see the new arrivals and within less than 5 minutes I already saw my new babies!!! I only stepped in the shop and I already found pairs! lol. I shop just as easy as that.. And what I love about mommy when shopping for shoes?? She can't stop saying 'try this!' aside from my own choices of pairs I have her looking around and saying 'anak, try mo to' or 'ay! cute to!' and it's like a magic word for me.. like saying, go ahead and look for more! but I need to stop with 3 pairs this time. It is costing me quite a lot already.. out-of-the-budget-a-lot I think.. and I still want a dress for my birthday, though I have one saved in my closet, I'd still want to see if I can bag one dress today. *how greedy* tsktsk!

my new babies!
I have two pairs of at least 6-inch pumps, one almost 5-inch nude peep toes and a flats (for my new year's resolution that is soon to be another 'epic fail') *such a sucker for heels!*

And how great the weather is?? When can I use those shoes?? I can't even wear my other babies to work because of this overly fickle weather! How bad is that?? I'm stuck with my self-proclaimed 'walking/raining shoes'.. Anyway... If I had seen my perfect pairs just after stepping in the shop.. guess what.. I still need to wait for Ate, Aya & Ado to choose their pairs.. Hay.. Now I feel a guy once more.. *waiting is dire sometimes*

Hello dresses after shoes.. I bagged not just one.. but four of them.. I love the beach and the last time I went through some dresses I think I was frustrated with a white beach dress.. could be the reason I bought four dresses today.. but i'll only post three of them.. the other white long one is for myself to keep.. I like it a lot! I think it'll fit an awesome night! party night in a bit refined setting.. not a wild party or I might fall off! but my favorite of the day is the white mini dress posted at the top.. as Ate put it, 'stay away from black dresses today. will you??' guess my closet is starting to look like a black hole.. more colors today than my other days..^_^

Ate took the photos in the fitting room to show Aya and Mom outside after fitting it.

just before I get totally broke, I manage to slip in my birthday present for Ate Heidz! I wish she'll like it!!! cause I love it!

And now, after enjoying myself.. er.. I'm broke.. but Happy! ♥

Thursday, August 2, 2012

post-happy days...is still happy days!

Now, it's just beginning to sink in.. I mean, what I really wanted and the steps I needed to do in order to make it happen. It won't be easy I know, but I am up for it!
(1) First step was to tell mom and dad that I had another plan aside from koalas and kangaroos.
(2) Second, find a decent job there to finance myself and so I have the support I need to live there plus mom and dad will not need to worry too much.
(3) Third, let my manager know about my plans and the possibilities of me relocating if ever I get lucky!~♥
(4) And lastly, wait and have faith.. ^_^

Calaruega, Tagaytay '09

I did number 1 last Thursday.. because I cannot keep it to myself any longer. lol.

I received no violent reaction but somehow I feel that I need to prove them and reassure them that I can do this. I feel mmy-mmy and ddy-ddy proud of me somehow. It was so fast and felt so easy to get an unconditional offer that I'm not sure what it entails. But then I am happy that mom and dad is still there to support me which way will be deemed fit for my future. One condition is added however, I need a job to finance myself!

Number two is difficult.. I eyed a few job posting in our internal career site.. However, I do feel that I lack the qualifications to get through.. er.. Try and try baby!!! ^_^

Number three is a little unexpected.. I texted JC between lunch time (HKT) last Friday, and coincidentally she is on a late shift! Good thing I did not wait that morning for her as my initial plan.  hehe.. and she replied positively. We talked later that night after I've signed off on our weekly tables and after our mini catch up meeting. Love her!!! She is really supportive and always willing to help. Thank you!!! Now I can do my job hunting freely and without a heavy feeling of betrayal in a bit! hehehe

Well, number four is on the way.. I still need to do some tweaking. Er, I need to defer my intake date. I can't leave yet for September. =( and until now I have not received any reply about my request. Guess I'll really need my patience over the top.. the waiting is murderous!!!

If I can't wait for the email, I think I can just call them ^_^ Right! I can do that!!!

Well, ciao for now!♥♥

still the happy but a bit anxious me! ^_^