Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PES at 50

Annual meeting.. date with Ayesa for the nth time.

Hightlights of my day and personal thoughts:

Word of the day: Progeria

Philippines' current condition: Development Progeria - Raul Fabella

Lesson for today: The international currency is... TRUST - Jesus Estanislao

Discovery of the day: The current administration is too optimistic and idealistic. - just a personal note

Achievement of the day: We have been a bit more sociable today, next year will be more..

and last but not the least, FINALLY THEY GOT MY NAME RIGHT THIS TIME! lol.

What's really interesting was that the whole time we were in the convention we were thought to be one of the students attending! woah! From morning til the end of it we were seen as a student and not as a young professional. Good or bad?

 What else to do when tired of the overwhelming information? or bored? or sleepy? *camwhore*

 More coffee. unlimited coffee and tea.. 

The most awkward photo!

First time we saw the ends of it til the cocktails. Last year was unfortunate that we need to leave as early as we can but this time we see to it that we really see it through the end. Cocktails was fun. Wine and all. ^_^

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Breaking Dawn part II - date!

Last installment of our annual Twilight date!

We were not a fan, but much to our enjoyment, we do have fun making fun of the characters in the movie. The books were really nice but the execution in the movies were not so superb. But then again, I have to admit, this last one was good, not great but nonetheless good. n_n

For a change, we dated in Greenhills for the sake of our cravings of buffalo wings by Don Henrico's. Meeting at around lunch, yay! quite a lot of people! We met in a bookstore, then we met Ralei around. something's missing if no one of us got lost! lol. (one of us means Ralei or I)

We headed to the cinema right away and checked the schedules. We loved it there, with all the movie teasers before the movie itself! *we love trailers A LOT* It's like we watch movies to see the teasers and not  just to watch the movie. The movie was nice, we kept on giggling to ourselves with our side comments but not until the scene when Carlisle was beheaded!! Ralei and I were like stunned and in shock! mouth in awe and eyes unbelieving! we looked at each other and expressed our revulsion on the scene! And exactly our thought at the moment "Carlisle??? bakit?? NOOOO!" We kept laughing until dinner about it!

Dinner at Don Henrico's was really nice. Satisfied our cravings a lot! we did movie and dine, our next stop is to shop a bit. Ate Heidz was looking for a nice blazer to pair with her dress in an upcoming event  in her work. I have a quick eyes for shopping as I don't usually like pointless walking. We checked out a few stores with interesting pieces and lo and behold! We found the perfect one! Wrapped and paid, we walked around some more for a bit then decided to go home after a while. After I bought 2 strands of pearl necklace and Ralei had a ring and Ate Heidz with a ring too. Really! we are saving! I can't believe we're saving! and I can't believe after swearing no purchases today, we  bought a few things ourselves! too much for self control. We enjoyed the mini shopping and the endless laugh and talks. I missed my girls all together that much! Our next date will be a year-ender!! can't wait! ♥

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

weddings and bells

The topic came up one time out of the blue. Maybe we were just bored in the office or too sleepy we needed to talk about something more interesting. My officemate/friend fancied the song "Polly" by The Melody. It is a Korean song, an official soundtrack of Coffee Prince (oh i love that drama! *swoon*) She told me, for her, it was the song she'll like for her dream wedding and I so agree with her. I think the song has the melody of someone floating in love! It has the tone of the wedding bells! We talked about weddings and related stuff and that's when I realized, it's a far away dream for me. I definitely love the idea but not yet in the near future. So I guess, at the moment I am the person who dreams of it and in love with the idea of being wedded with the groom no where to be found yet.

There is always this talk about the so-called love life of everybody at work and I am one of those who have nothing to contribute. I'm not at all talking about my private life in here! But in truth yes, I really have nothing to say. I've been single since forever and it doesn't bother me at all, not at the moment I guess. Not in a rush to anything, I am yet to feel the liberty deserved at my age and I wouldn't want to jeopardize it with some other commitment. I do believe myself when I say that I am most contented with myself at present. I am enjoying my solitude sometimes and the company of family and friends. As my officemate puts it, I may be just waiting for the time that my prince charming will come up to me and slip on a glass slipper. Such a fairytale-ish way to say it. At one time she says I am the type who waits for one and marry the one. Hopeless romantic with the undying love on the side! surely That's me! So cool she notices it! And I thought, really some people are so observant you would be surprised with how much they knew about you more than you knew yourself.

I love my fun-filled life today and I intend to max it to the fullest! Caring not a thing but myself and the few people I care about. I fancy a few crush but no one I'd like to pursue. My friends call me snob most of the time, brushing off flirty people but then I'm not just the person to flirt with and test the waters. I am one of those people who wants a sure one and makes sure it is the secured choice. Too careful I guess. Maybe someday it'll change, maybe not but for now I am just me, the happy me. ^_^

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lola's surprise birthday bash @ 80!♥

This event was not so easy. With mom buzzing about it for months now. ugh! You'll get tired of it at some point and with all the family dramas around it. I don't wanna think about it anymore. *just happy thoughts*

So mom did everything, from reservations to cakes to birthday souvenirs.. She chose Don Henrico's lunch buffet. Aya and I went there a little early to anticipate the arriving guests. hahaha.. As if we knew everyone, we did it anyway. We knew some of the relatives invited and few of Lola's friends, but not everyone. The party was a real surprise to Lola. She can't even eat for lunch. hehe.. She loved it and really we felt it because she can't stop talking about it and was really happy the whole day. ^_^ Glad to be part of it somehow. *few happy snaps below* There was a lot of photos but I chose some of it that I liked most. ♥

Estrel's cake and Blushing cupcakes

Happy Birthday Grams!

And since I was a child, they say I got my looks from you and nothing from Mom and Dad.. ^_^

with the Lovely Ladies!
handful of cousins

Grams's siblings

Almost everybody but not quite.. hehe..

Saturday, November 3, 2012

cupcake addiction ^_^

I don't know when it started but lately I've been fascinated with cupcakes. So this halloween we made some. First real baking experience! I remember years ago when Aya and I will sneak out to buy some ingredients in the nearest bakery we knew and do our stuff secretly. That was years ago, elementary or high school. Doing out stuff means... hmm.. messing up the kitchen? Anyway that was then when we know nothing more than try to mix things and then mess it up. We thought everything was as easy just then, but results showed differently too far from what we expected. It was fun sneaking out and doing things secretly. It pumps my adrenaline, sooo exciting!

Back to business.. Tonight, we have a mini gathering at home. Food and drinks then us baking cupcakes! yay! I also cooked Rabbeokki with Aya. So spicy!

Then after dinner, we get down to the cupcake business! We saw a recipe in the web and just replicated it with a little twist. We did a vanilla cupcake with blueberries with cream cheese frosting. And I thought it'll be difficult but I felt at ease making it with Aya. We prepped up the things we need, I did all the mixing and she took care of the oven. She pops it out and I readily refill the baking pan with another batch. hmm.. guess our first attempt is a success! love baking! step closer to my dream! *dreamy*

Light up

It was a typical Friday for me. Nothing much to dwell on. Work and the expected over time today. And then  we remembered it is Anton's birthday and I have yet to finish the birthday 'card'. I had the idea to rush over at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to snatch a slice for Anton and to grab some caffeine for my sleepy head! lol.

And so I did.. by myself. I asked my shift mates to wait for me before greeting Anton.

As I remembered days ago.. we were talking about when the streetlights and decorations for Christmas will light up the middle of the avenue. I was betting it'll be soon this November. I walked over the same path a hundred times before, crossed it more than I could remember and it's still almost the same except for the silhouette of the decorations looming in the shadowy isle in the middle of the highways waiting to be lighten up.

Clutching a box with a slice of Tiramisu inside, I walked a bit in a hurry for I know some people back at the office is waiting for me. I am alone in the deserted walkway feeling the cooler breeze of this season, I would have liked to take time on my walk but I can't afford to *pressure* I even forgot to buy my coffee?! Who does that? Er..I think my brain cells were dozing on me! Lol Anyway, as I walked by a few meters away from our building, I was blown away. Everything had just lighten up! It felt really nice. Alone there to see it by myself.. It felt like magic! It lighted up just in time for me to look at it!

And just then and there, I've understood those cheesy scenes I see in movies or drama series. Seeing it on screen seemed nothing but a show yet when I saw these lights came to life with my own eyes? Really! A surprise like that with the right music? Just perfect! Add it up with a charming prince! Okay. I am lost in my own fairy tale. But it's just so nice when I saw it! I would have swoon over it only it's a decoration for Christmas for goodness sake! I must be crazy! Hahaha This will be on my wishlist for sure. In the coming years, I really wish someone could light me up just like those hundreds of pretty lights!!