Wednesday, November 27, 2013


This is one of the few things that can change my mind about moving to Australia! It's just the sweet things that I can't really resist.. ughhh~~~~

Sunday, November 17, 2013

For a Cause

We are back at Isabelo's Rustic Mornings and are dining for a cause...

Sundate with Family it is.. ^_^

Saturday, November 16, 2013

TWG.. while waiting

I woke up feeling worn out from yesterday and it felt like I'm working on auto-mode - shower and then pack my things up. I need my dose of caffeine I guess. The girls and I didn't have time for breakfast since we needed to check out before noon and we already missed the breakfast buffet. We opted to fix ourselves then with all of us needing to be some place else this lunch. We separated our ways afterwards with the promise of another get together around December.

I headed off to Rockwell Powerplant mall as promised to Aya and thought I could wait for her until her shift ends. And I thought that would be easy, then realized, indeed it's just a thought! I arrived there at around noon and her shift ends at 6pm. Okay. I'll be idle for about more than I bargained for instead of sleeping in my bed cozy with my pillows. I did not thought of it, really, that I'll be waiting for hours with no company while my eyes are tired half shut and needing the effort to keeping it open.

Once I arrived there, Aya meant business and was assisting one of the customers in the retail area. I was greeted warmly by the other staff while Aya was assisting another. I was seated on one of the tables and everybody seemed pretty nice. All accommodating with their colleague's sister. That's really sweet of them! 

I started checking out the menu again and the tea list. This time I am less overwhelmed and was able to read more in the tea selections than I had before in Greenbelt. I found it more comfortable here than the other branch, maybe because I knew what to expect this time than before plus Aya is just around the corner.

I started out with a pot of Tea Number 12, it is a black tea with coffee! I'm so happy when Aya mentioned this to me before and I knew I had to try it. Truly it has a taste of coffee in it. Now it is in my favorite lists. So I have my tea and a plate of scones with Red of Africa tea jelly and cream on the side. Sounds delicious and for real it really tastes good.

And after.... a long.... while......

C'mon.. I'm staking here for a few more hours.. I need sustenance! lol *justifying myself to eat more*

I like the stew and I think it's for sharing. Yeah, it's for sharing and I ate it solo.

Then finally...time to leave! ^_^

Aya and Me-time on the roll next before heading home.... and again.. another round of food, crepes and ice cream! How can I resist desserts? The sugar-toothed monster inside was nudged to wake!


PES at 51

This year was different. Instead of attending it with Ayesa I was able to coax the girls to attend with me. It was every bit a thrill. And guess what? This year was prettily distracting I wasn't able to catch much on anything discussed since we can't help but talk. This year's was conducted in InterContinental Hotel. Nice! But I still like it better in BSP. I just don't know, maybe it had grown into me.

The plenary session was interesting though we weren't able to attend the whole thing with that overlapping time something like one started late and the other started on time and it was a mess coming from one session and jumping to another one in the next room being the latter was in the middle of the discussion while the former ended late. That sort of thing if you get what I mean. 

And among the sea of strangers, academe, professionals, and government officials, we met some of our former professors. And I don't want to talk about it at all. *defensive*

It ended pretty much early with the cocktails being hold off for it's budget to be donated to the Yolanda victims. It's pretty nice a thought and would've loved to be able to help more myself given the chance. Well I tried but maybe not hard enough and I'm feeling guilty about it.

We checked in at Prince Plaza II Condotel this morning and we can't wait to spend more time with ourselves giggling and talking about the day's event. It is nearby the shopping center and pretty much accessible to all modes of transportation. We checked in before the conference and just returned afterwards. We had so much plan before like partying all night but it all burst into nothing when the day ended drained with the information overload we had and tired from endless walking. The room was compact. It's neat and not so spacious somewhat like a studio type where you can find everything in one place and there's not so many space to move from. Nonetheless, it is comfortable, clean and the interiors fills in pretty nicely.

Once settled in, as promised, I went on to Facetime Pagz to plan our Boracay trip next summer. Wiii! I can't wait and it's what? 5 more months of waiting!

why so serious Pagz when we're making faces back at ya! lol
It was a lengthy conversation and we're feeling comfortable with the bed while starving. Well, we gotta move it's not like the food and drinks will crawl over to us. So we said our goodbyes for now and promised to call back later once we've done some shopping. We went back to the mall to hunt for food and ended up buying Shakey's chicken and mojos set, then off to the grocery for snacks and beers. That's when my phone pinged that I received an email....And that! Pagz booked us the flight going home from Boracay at his expense! Yay! I can't believe he's spoiling us like that! LOL Thanks though. haha

Back at the hotel, we ate our supper, referring those chicken and mojos, then went straight to the roof deck to check out the pool and to have some drinks. And this nailed my obsession for roof decks, at least for the time being. 

The pool closes at 11pm and ideally we can't stay up there after the pool closes for usage but luckily, thanks to Ate Heidi's charms, we were able to stay out for a longer while. We tried to call back Pagz up there but failed with bad reception in the area. Oh well, we'll talk soon and truth was, we're also chatting through facebook so what's the difference? 
This is how life on a Friday night is supposed to be. Carefree, stress-relieving sesh with friends/family or whatever, a good company over drinks. It's a plus that we have privacy and a good spot to lounge.

 We ended the night taking turns in the shower and as always calling over for some food delivery. And this never fails, hangover food in our books spelled "Yellow cab's chicken bbq pizza, chicken buffalo wings and pumpkin soup". It seemed weird that our supper only consisted of chicken and mojos while we cap our night with pizza, chicken and some soup. =D

All in all, it was a draining day with the seminar, exciting that we're on to the beach next summer, and amusing that we ended up skipping on the party scene tonight different from our initial plan.

Now, tomorrow is another day.. can't wait! xxoo

Thursday, November 14, 2013

my latest favorite..

Well, I'm having a really busy months.. And updates on my blog is piling up.. Siem Reap to Bangkok from March and other short trips until now. Gosh! I need to be running to catch up my 8-months backlogs! lol

Anyway, this is what kept me afloat this past few days. I was busy with work and edgy this past few days even if I just came from a short beach-ing trip with a girlfriend. *sigh* I don't hate my job.. It's just wasn't my dream job. I'm verging between stressed from work and excited for the annual meeting with the girls, guess that justifies my impulse in buying a new pair! hihi.. can somebody scold me?? because I'm trying to save up for my planned Eurotrip!!! and I'm not saving any from going out, mini trips, dates and small purchases like this! But still, it makes me happy. There goes... .

Friday, November 8, 2013


A quick lunch with Ate Heidi today and I was sold into buying this Toblerone cheesecake. Yum!

And now I'm broke! It was not cheap!!! =D