Sunday, April 28, 2013

family duties and movie date (Ironman 3)

Spending time with Dad's family side today, another sleepless day for me. One of my Tita is home from working overseas for a short holidays back here at home and they've come up with an ultimate "Laksa Party". Oh well, it's their thing, the adults' thing (by adult I meant the older ones), and I don't really eat laksa so I don't know, we were there to join the party and see our lovely Tita from the middle east.

 A week after the trip from Palawan and I'm still hung over the beach. Aya is reeling in the fact that I am tanned and she's fairer than me this time. She loves it when I am shades darker than her cause it only comes a few times. We toyed with our clothes today, dressing up with the same dress design. See? We have a couple of pieces we have the same, we're not borrowing each others' stuff always. Fine, yes we do borrow a lot from each other.  =D

We spent the whole day with family. All food again and lots of kids. (I want a baby... *whining* haha) It was crazy with all the kids all over the place. We have a big family and it's fun that way. :) And while they were busy chitchatting and doing food preparations after lunch I stole a few blinks so I can stay up for the last full show movie date with my other cousins.

And from there, straight to the mall. Ironman 3 movie date with the lovely girlies below. ^_^ I can't miss this no matter how sleepy and tired I am.

What can I say about the movie? It is pretty cool. I'm a chick flicks movie girl eh. Nonetheless, I liked it and really Ironman franchise is yet to fail me. I wish another sequel would come out, hope this won't really be the last.

Now time for an all night sleep and full day rest~ ciao!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

goodbye again paradise

We had supper late last night on a nearby restaurant. No more walking since all of us were tired to walk into town to find some place else to feed ourselves. Yesterday was really nice, sun soaked.

Today, packing starts as early as we all woke up. Still happy from the past few days, we were starting to feel sad leaving after just a short period of time. We headed to town to buy cashew nuts and some trinkets then we had our breakfast. We did walk around for a bit too. Checking out places and just wandering, taking our time before we go back and pack the last of our things.

Looking back at the past few days, it was all fun-filled days. And I know they would agree with me on that. If I remember correctly, this is our first trip with less stress on packed-day-tours and I am happy they liked it to think of a similar trip in the near future. I'm guilty of being a lazy tourist, I mean if you won't drag me out I'll be content to be wherever my feet takes me or wherever I think of going or doing. =P But my friends are different and I don't mind being drag around for as long as it is fun!

Our airport pick-up arrived at around lunch time so we thought of just eating lunch around the airport after checking in. The weather was rather gloomy today. It rained for a while when we arrived in the airport.

Before and After

Delayed flight going home, while waiting...

Still dark and cloudy...

I don't understand but really I, we, are badly tanned in reality. =D
Now, this is another goodbye Palawan... *feeling sad*

See you again for sure~ with lalalalaloooove! ♥A

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Malcapuya Island

Remember the other day when we spend our afternoon in CYC island? One of the boatman has sale talkED us into renting them privately for a day. And thinking that it'll be cheaper, we agreed on it for today's itinerary. And we thought we bagged a good deal, we're wrong. Ha-ha at us! it was the standard rate for renting boats privately.

We had a scare at first while waiting to leave. The other boatmen were talking about not so good weather for today and that some of the scheduled tours were cancelled earlier because of the cloudy sights and threatening rain. I don't know, I was not bothered a bit maybe because I trust our boatman to say it himself if it wasn't safe to push through. Judge it yourself, see photo below.

It was a little unsettling at first when we left but then once we left off for more than an hour of boat ride to Malcapuya island. For me it was a fun ride, not sure with Ate Heidi and Ralei though.We arrived there wet from the ride and with a bit clear sky. Finally! The sun is starting to show up.

Can't wait to dip in. We walked our way to the shore pretty much excitedly. By the way, this island requires an entrance fee of 200 pesos. Totally cheap for a beauty like this I must say.

We checked out the available cottages and open spaces with less people. We chose to stay at the far end of the island and settled our things.

Still pretty cloudy but the threat of rain has long gone. And we are enjoying a warm morning. 

I did try to read. I did! But again, the view is so distracting I can't concentrate. =P

And it's the beer again. We did enjoy our first day in CYC island, you know....

The struggle for the decent photo again..

It's so lovely I want to stay longer.. I really wish this is my reality and not just the break from reality.

Feeling friendly with a beer induced confidence, we struck up a conversation with an older American woman walking by the shore with a curious look. She saw this thing and was a little freaked out with it wondering what it was and if it is safe for people to swim with it floating all over the water. Well, we tried to search for an answer and the care taker nearby answered that it was some eggs of a jellyfish. So we came back running to the other woman with an answer. It was hilarious running back and forth and just that.

Once more, back to our temporary haven..

After hours under the sun.... tada! new layers of sunburns! XD

It was past the allotted time we agreed on staying when we decided to explore more of the long shore.


badly burnt >.<


Successful attempt on a decent group picture. props for Ate Heidz! =)

the end of our Bumming Day... *tipsy and toasted* 

It was an awesome day though we were only able to see one island far from our initial plan of visiting Banana and Malaroyroy island as well. We drank, ate, napped, swam, walked and talked all day by the shore evident with our sunburns. Hope we won't be killing each other back at the guesthouse when we start bumping to each of our sore spots! XD

All in all, Malcapuya is totally worth the long and rough boat ride. People should see this beauty. I was really taken by it I wanted to stayyy...

Off for now and will be crying my heart out because tomorrow is our last day. No more beach-ing, only a quick look through town and shopping for few things/souvenir before going home.

Ciao~ with lalalalaloooove! ♥A

Friday, April 19, 2013

Island hopping - Coron

Early to rise for a day of island hopping today.. not yet ready for some action we spent a few minutes gawking at the view.

The sun was already up when we decided to prep for today's dealings. hah! sounds like serious business eh?

It took us a while waiting for the other people who'll be joining the tour... The first stop was at CYC island and since we've been spending the whole afternoon there yesterday we were done taking pictures in it instead we just dipped on the waters and tried to enjoy it. Well, merely enjoyed it. My sunburns hurt really bad it bordered between annoyingly prickly with the clothes on and salt water. tsktsk I learned my lesson now, take it easy on the first day. =(

But still mooooore sun! We can't resist it. toink!

Lunch was pretty nice. ^_^ but I don't really eat seaweeds.

Kayangan Lake was the highlight I guess, and I think Ralei will agree on this with me. Such a memorable slip I mean sightings. peace! =D

with infamous "photo background".

We met lovely people from the tour. Our group was a lively one though we are a bit out of place since we are out of their age range. And even some thought, once again, we were minors on a trip on our own. I can still remember one asking me how old am I and how did my parents allowed me to go on a trip with friends unsupervised. *okay flattering* They were a fun bunch and sweet people. Over lunch they took care of us, offering more servings and all. We were also with two English girls and one American, I get to talk to one of them on a lengthy conversation after lunch while resting a bit. It was awesome. I didn't know I can socialize and keep the conversation flowing. It was fun then.

truly?! =)

Tell me how can anybody not love Palawan? Good people, good food and awesome spots. I just love this place and will keep coming back! One more day in paradise, can't wait to lounge and laze again by the shore tomorrow just how I like to roll out. *chillin'*

Ciao~ with lalalalaloooove! ♥A