Sunday, December 30, 2012

year end-er with awesome friends!

Train of thoughts... Let the pictures speak for themselves..

We topped out record with now's four bars and restaurants we hopped in. lol. Warming up with some music, Videoke babes with Hennessy!

This totally loosen us up. After two hours of shameless singing, we are now in search of Rue Bourbon.

Walking around the night streets of The Fort. It was fun at first until walking seemed to be endless and we can't still see any sign of Rue Bourbon. Oh really! I sucked at directions. It's a blessing to be with Ate Heidz and all. But still we missed the place then we gave up then we hailed a cab and then that happened, er, super annoying cab driver! He almost ruined our night. But lo and behold! We can't let that happen! No we won't! and we shan't! Duh! we can pay him enough noh! and we just wish he just keep his big mouth shut and keep on driving! Anyway, we arrived then and it was packed on a Saturday night. And yes, we need to wait for a table.

We did some strawberry mojito to wait up for a while. Few happy snaps and a lot of talks. 

Still no table available. Our pitcher of mojito has gone dry. We need another place with food! We're quite starved. Another walk to the neighboring pubs and restaurants. We decided to walk in at Chef's Lab. It was a bit awkward since we're the only people in it. And it feels like they're readying to close up when we head in. Nonetheless, they were welcoming and very nice. They let us pick our table and waited for our orders without the tapping toes. lol.

The food was more than ok. Since we had some snacks and drinks before we head here, we opted to eat light and tried one of their best seller potions! The Lalalala-love potion it is! It was a cutesy thing to do mixing and all. haha! But really, ginger syrup.. er, not a fan of ginger.. It's too strong for my palate. Anyhow, after dining and the round of potion, we decided to move on for some more drinks and dancing we hoped. 

Walking our way to the club.

My high school loves. Why.. just then we had a shift of plan. from Amber were now onto Privé Luxury Club

hmmm.. I don't want to comment on the crowd cause they're not my choice of crowd. It was nice to be with my circle of friends from the different periods of my life but just then I thought we should call it a night. We need to run, we meaning me and my girlfriends. We left earlier than our usual 'going-home-from-party' time, sober and still kickin'. Maybe it's just not our night to get wasted. Well, we went back to Ralei's place and splurge at talking almost all night. When we woke up, as usual we're starved after a night of drinking. So we head out and dropped by Yellow cab for our pizza before separating ways! Yay! I went home late that morning. Fun night once again, but not enoughhhhh! 

Happy year end darling dearies!!! ♥ 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Desperate for Lights

I've been wanting to see the musical and light show in Ayala Triangle since last year, but every time I planned on going, I fail!!! So much of it, this time I made sure of seeing it! I have uploaded the six-minute video in my Facebook. It was just nice. I was so happy seeing it this time! It's the last for the evening, I was relieved I get to be there when it started. ^_____^

The light show was really amusing. I wonder how many light bulbs were used. How many meters of christmas lights were wrapped in each trees. And how does the dancing lights create such a magical effect in the atmosphere. I really am in love in many ways, in many things, maybe this is the reason why I am so contented now and so wrapped up with myself. * over-analyzing* 

Ralei missed it though, but we still have a dinner we can't afford to miss. One bit of a problem though..... The place is swarming of people!!! Every restaurant in the area is full and tables are all in waiting. It's either we were seven people away from being next or forget about it. Luckily, Momo's maitre d' was really nice. We're like pleading to be squeezed in for a table for two and he gave us one! Yay! That was really nice of him. 

We settled in a table for two on the second level of the restaurant and gave our orders and while waiting for it we did a bit of cam whoring! lol. And then we thought why not have a glass of wine.. hehe It's a first for my good friend and I hoped she like it. But I guess she'll need more than a glass to appreciate it. 

We had a hard time selecting since everything on their menu seemed tasty and I can't believe I ordered their seafood casserole!! Well, Ralei had the roasted chicken with gravy. 

It's the chicken once more!
Seafood casserole

We were not able to have our dessert because I am running late from work and she too needs to be back to her office. And now, I can't remember what we've been talking about the whole time we're together that night.. Might be the past Christmas and the coming new year I guess. We had our food wrapped up while the waiters were puzzled why we had to go without finishing our meal. We felt bad that they thought we didn't like the food. It was actually great, I mean the food was delectable it's just that we need to run. I hope we did not gave such impression but we made sure to be back real soon with Ate Heidi. Another date to save!♥

Monday, December 17, 2012

December dondate

And still I have a date. Home from PEO christmas party, sleepless, with headache and all, I just took a shower to freshen up and I am all up for another round of date. So I head on to Trinoma to meet Joanne-unni. She'll be picking me up there. I was a bit early so I stopped by Starbucks to grab some hot thing called coffee!

Flushed and groggy from all night drinking, I was still able to make it! It was the thing I can't miss at all. Fun talks and catch up, quality time it is with my unni-deul! We are reminiscing our past date at around the same time from last year, the planning-date on our Seoul - Busan trip. How we miss it! Why so fast time?

 Unlimited samgyupsal! Great for the starved me! I had no nothing after Jack, Jose and vodka all night, just water to re-hydrate and that's it. And now I'm hungry! hahaha.. I'll love anybody who'll serve me food at this time! And it's this time that I appreciate buffet and endless meat servings! Donday restaurant is yet to fail us! We love the place and we felt it to be cheaper than some other Korean restaurant in the area. The table is always full with food and the staff is commendable. I have acquired a bit of the taste of kimchi but not entirely all of it. Still, I am a meat lover and not a vegetarian. So off you go veggies, I can't love you.

We broken off at around 2pm? Joanne unni needs to be somewhere else and I need to be home or maybe head to the mall for some Christmas shopping.. *sigh* and I thought, I need rest too, eh?

I went with Ate Heidz and Karen unni on the way home. Endless talk about Rourouni Kenshin movie *swoon* it was so awesomely done we can't believe it! Yes! Yes! We fancy anime.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

PEO Christmas party

This year's team party was planned to mimic our team Christmas party from 2010, you know, hotel room, food, booze and lots of fun! This time we were booked at BSA condotel in Makati, right in front of Greenbelt. Oh how can I forget such detail! I walked round and round there before I found it, so how can I forget! I guess it wouldn't be me if I've found it in no time. After asking a couple of guards, after a long while of walking... I have arrived. Pretty late but not the most late! Haggard and late! That's me!

new member of the team, meet Golda ^_^

We started with dinner. We had food from Shakey's and chips from the grocery shopped by the HKT girls. In case, it is not know, our team is semi-divided into little groups? People in HKT shift, GMT shift and EST shift, that's how it originated the term HKT people/girls and the like. So we ate and been scratching to start the party. Or maybe it was just me? maybe not? am not sure. I brought the huge Jose Cuervo in addition on what's on the table. Lemons and salt! yay!

We aimed to start at an early time because not everybody's staying for the night, yet we considerably started late still since some of us were still later than late. (ouch!) But I have my reasons.. I was lost in the way. lol Anyhow, we took lots of photos. They played wii while some of us watch. I wouldn't dare to, I don't like to play dance at all, put me in a bar instead and I'll enjoy myself! And then there was Ands idea for photo ops that turned to be a game!

Forget about the photo ops! it's all funny and laughable alright and we were divided into two teams and my team was on the losing end because we cannot emote properly and portray the scene. Why?? Basically because we kept on laughing! And fine, I'll post one of the many! hahaha

the Winning team
the "All-Laugh" team. lol

See the difference? anyway, back to business. After the long haul of laughter on the improvised game, we went back up and continued drinking and talking. I gained my drinking buddy in Ayen. We were busy distributing shots while everybody's busy arguing on Jakub's proposition about sex, marriage, virginity, and religion?? *awkward mix of topics eh?*

We ended the night with another round of game after the drinking. Then jackass moments with Ands and Anton. And finally, round-table talking for us who were left before dawn. It was a head throbbing night with all the alcohol and laughs, and the headache is all worth it! Lovely night with dear people! ♥

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

strawberry-ed nails!

I've grown my nails long again! after a long time of no nail polish.. my nails are back! ^_^

Monday, December 10, 2012

in baking mood

After the date... after the mall... hmm..what to do at home?

I had this urge for some sweet treat! and I thought I'd like to make one from scratch, so I rummaged through our cupboards for some ingredients and all I've found were eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla extract which I certainly think would make the simplest form of pudding!

I search through the web some recipe and voila! I got one fittingly. =D Here's the link  to making Caramel Pudding .

I prepared the ingredients needed. Er, since this is the first time I'll be doing this, please don't expect perfection. I barely made it. I had a hard time doing the caramel and Oh if only mom knew how much sugar I've thrown away, she'll be steaming mad at me! It was like trial and error for me. One comes stiff, next became a candy like in texture, next became too thin in texture.. then burnt.. and then finally! I made it! ^_^ Really, if I did not insist in doing it I might have just forget everything and just went to sleep since it's already late at night and I was also pretty much tired with today's events.

Anyway, I scratched the caramel out and transfer it to the pan as instructed (I used a little cup pans because I have yet to buy ramekins.) Well, scratched seems too rough of a term, what I mean is I poured the syrup in the little cups. lol

Next I made the vanilla pudding confidently! woah! Confindently? where did that come from?? and from time to time, I was like, "Aya am I doing it right?", "Is this enough? Did I get the right consistency?", "enough of the beating na?" and Aya's response is always, "ano bang nasa picture?" (What's on the photo?) *we're at lost* Well, it's an experiment and we do bond over this kind of things.

And then finally, when I felt satisfied with how the mixture looked I stopped the beating, started baking it. and this is how it looks after.

caramel pudding

and I forgot to pour the left caramel from the cup before taking a snap at it. Er. but nonetheless, it looks pretty decent, doesn't it?

Then right after, something for breakfast because it's almost dawn! and this I made perfectly!

Baked bacon and eggs in bread

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Date come true!

After eyeing Isabelo Restaurant for months as a spot for our next cousin-o-siblings date, we had the chance to do a walk in! Breakfast all day as they promote it, and they call it Rustic Mornings.

I love the place instantly. It is not the perfect, polished one but the one as old as time and artsy at some point. Every inch has attitude and it appeals to the curious eyes. Reviews on the restaurant was really good as I have heard so.

We were seated on one of the corners of the garden. It was warm in the late morning but then air is fresh enough to appreciate the place. It is a fine sight, old and different I thought. The staff, although not so attentive on one call, they were really nice and welcoming. We waited and they waited for us to order. It was really difficult to choose. Menu was great and we were tempted to try everything! hahahaha.. *gluttony*

Then as we each choose our food, Aya and I slide off a bit to take few shots around. :) I like the atmosphere and I like the place. hehe.. *see photos below* I wish I captured the essence of it, but I don't think I did. It is still better to see it for yourself as this is just one side of it cause it's out of place to roam around with all the customers in the other tables! lol.

Although the food took time before it was served, it was sure worth the wait! definitely!

Crispy waffles - smells heavenly nice! and it's huge!
French Toast! yes! and it's the real thing!
Waffles, buffalo chicken strips and salad - Such a Healthy choice! lol.

Frankfurter, cheese omelet and garlic rice - awfully GOOD!
omelet, ciabatta and herb spread - omelet was to die for!

We really had a great time and we did take time with our meals! :) I missed times like this with them. It is rare now than before that we get to go out and dine together. Great meal makes us a happy bunch! My cousins are so much of a foodie with Ate and Aira who likes to try anything, we really appreciate good food when we get one. ^_^


Sunday, December 2, 2012

TR Yuletide Fashion Ball

After a dozens of second thoughts.. Finally I did decide to attend our company Christmas party in PICC. (PICC is where the convention commenced last Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, good thing I only attended the Tuesday one.)

I didn't prepare for tonight that much. I only have my dress from the one I shopped on my last birthday then made my make up and hair myself with a little help from Aya. See.. I can take care of myself.

My heels suits perfectly with the dress since I'm lacking a bit of the height. =D Or I just thought I was. I love how it flows when the wind catches the train. It was not so long as to be overly dramatic just enough for my taste I think. I always try to do the simplest however at times most think I am not the simple one. Oh well.. what can I do? Looks can be really deceiving.. Nobody from my peers would believe I can dress as fast as a snap. unless they saw me in action with their own eyes. I think they thought of me as one of those who endlessly check out the mirror until perfection was met. I can't blame them, I do know that most people think I am one of those "high maintenance" type. Anyway, back to the party. Traffic as always was there and I really intend to be late since I don't want to enter the plenary hall with the lights still beaming so bright. *it makes me feel uncomfy to get noticed weird! I do love the attention but not so much from strangers*

I was texting and calling and I hate solo photos when I am uncomfortable with the surroundings. er.. what's wrong with me? I was so awkward in the "red carpet" or so it seems. I really don't want to pose for a picture that I kept my attention to my phone and kept on walking until one of the photographers called my attention. er. hate it! After all that, I walked through the crowd to find my teammates. I only knew a few. A few, I guess, meant only my team and some of those I coordinated with through the other teams. So unsociable of me!

I found the girls on one of the tables in the side, and later on Eloi followed and Joseph arrived as well.

Joseph & Eloi

The night was running slow. We ate dinner, talk and lots of camwhoring together until the most awaited part! The raffle! I wasn't able to finish the party though. My chaperons demanded that we get home immediately as they were already sleepy! (Dad, Mom and Aya waiting in the area) er.. such a kill joy! I was enjoying our demeaning comments and all *er..sorry about that. we don't mean harm just fun* What I meant was noticing outfits, we sort of did some fashion police thingy and judge performances on the stage. It was fun to be with honest and straight to the point people! We agreed on most than not. And then  finally after few glasses of cold beer with them, I really needed to go.. =(

More snaps below ^_^

with the girls!

with Eloi & Kimy

I had so much fun than the past TR Christmas party I've attended, maybe because I am more comfortable with them now than before. After a few years, finally I can say I am a bit warming towards them. Good company begets good time!