Sunday, December 28, 2014

some touristy-stuff

We tried to do some touristy stuffs with the kids. With all the crowd of people around, traffic anywhere. at the least, we were able to check out the strawberry farm.

Then, we had a really late lunch.... in Sizzling Plate/Steakhouse place. Still more line and waiting.

Since after, it was decided to turn back and just stay in the apartment. We only went out to buy some take away for dinner. Then eventually, it was decided to cut the trip short and drive back home early tomorrow to avoid the traffic and all this nightmares with the crowds.

Friday, December 26, 2014


We did not expect this hell of a traffic going to Baguio. Looks like everyone is set to spent the holidays in the City of Pines and now, everyone is jammed in the same traffic going there. The 5-6hrs drive became a whole day drive and there's no turning back. From sunrise to sunset we've been in the road.
A quick stopover for a break and dinner at a rest stop parking area of a gasoline station where, again, all people decided to stop, buy food and use the bathroom. Luckily, mom always prepare food packed enough for all of us to share.

We arrived late in the rented apartment.. just in time for me to log in for work.

Unfortunately, my network sucks big time! *sigh* Maybe it has something to do with a lot of people in the area is using it at the same time.

I just want to rest and go home and skip this crowd and traffic. =(

Sunday, December 21, 2014

just the two of us

Just the two of us and missing our partner in crime we still pushed through with our annual Christmas night out.

Reserved a table at Straight Up Bar - another roofdeck resto and bar around BGC in Seda hotel. We are roofdeck obsessed at the moment or maybe, since forever! We just love the view.

Unfortunately, it was a rainy night. In between the time we had dinner and drinks we kept on moving in and out of the view deck area which is quite a hassle. We weren't able to settle down but we were able to talk a looooot! Drinks weren't that impressive and the food is just so-so. So yes, as much as we loved the view, we won't be coming back for more!

We didn't stay for long and just decided to spent the rest of the night at Starbucks near my former workplace in our favorite corner.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

surviving Chili Vodka!

My friend promised me his incredible mix of vodka from the bar where he works at the time. I terribly missed my old friends and had set to see each other tonight. I gave up to watch a live game of football for this and also the company year end party too.

I started with food and they started with drinks! Am I the only one hungry here???

And after then, we were served with a shot of chili vodka and milk! Honestly, I don't know what to expect of it. We were laughing, cheering and making fun of each other beforehand. Then right after the shots.... no one spoke first. hmm.. I think we should have left this for the final rounds of drinks. It didn't set the mood for more drinking! It was a little funny that we were all waiting for each others reaction. I thought it was spicy weird with the milk as the chaser afterwards, I don't think it would do my tummy good! The only good thing that came out of it was that no one is drunk or full enough to need to use the bucket provided for you know! Well, I guess it went well that way. But I won't do it again! hahaha It's weird and it kills the mood. Period! So we grab our beers and went on the night, laughing and catching up with our lives.

Yes, we capped the night eating after all those drinking.