Friday, April 27, 2012

we've been robbed!!! O.O

어떻게?!!! quoi? pourquoi??

Well,, shit things happen and that's it!

Early this morning, arriving from work I planned to take a nap and do boxing at the gym after. That was my initial plan.. but my laziness strikes and I'm good as coma! Mommy and Daddy will be out with my Tita and cousin to Mall of Asia and I'll be left with Ate who will be sleeping the same time as I am. And then it happened.. I've been awake for hours before I got up asking Ate to wake up and eat lunch with me. Then there it is... I saw Mom and Dad's jewelry boxes empty.. cabinets all opened and rummaged.. Funny thing is, I went straight to the bathroom not thinking it is an urgent matter to deal with.. I went out and checkout their room and finally confirmed! We've been robbed! Goodness?! I rushed back in our room and woke Ate hurriedly.. *oh slowness.. really now Ate??* I went straight downstairs to check if there's anybody still in our house, went outside and asked Lola about the doors.. er.. And so it seemed, we were really robbed! in brought DAYLIGHT!!! woot! I wasn't scared, I was, in fact, thrilled! I don't know.. I may be crazy at the moment, but adrenaline rushes and the thought that I might have spotted the robbers early on did not scare me.. at all! and then floods of people came to our house *exaggerating* only few people came in, my other aunts, cousins, etc.. then came the police called by my uncle.. woah! guys to late for the action! They brought guns! as in high powered gun and a hand gun. and yet I was first to go upstairs.
미치겠다!  아이구.... 이 사람들이..?! tsktsk.. as I was saying.. well, they were not much of help as we know nothing can be recovered and then I just learned that having it investigated is not an SOP!!! goodness! Investigation on any crime was, as they say, requested and with fees.. *headache* whatever?! how I hate it!
I am just grateful to be safe with my Ate at the time. I am alive and we are all ok except for the soft blow it left on us, taking every piece of important part of mom. Their wedding cord together with the jewelries she have carefully kept.

oh well.. Bad things happen.. but why dwell on it if there are more than a million things to be grateful for..

Get on, move on.. and be HAPPY!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

how much i miss things..

I know I'm sentimental at times.. and this is one of those times.. I feel happy and sad.. just like a fish in a tank, you may be so close yet so unreachable.. or you may be that far away to the other side of the world and somehow we can relate.. What can I say? I just miss you.. I miss my friends. The web makes it easier to communicate but it's not the same.. thousand miles away from each other is not the same as few meters away.. inches away.. talking face to face.. laughing out loud.. fooling around most of the time.. crying and needing one another.. pissed and comforting each other.. I just miss the feeling of spending time with you.. I miss the sound of our laughs.. I just miss the bits of it.. talking endlessly, sharing endlessly.. can't wait until we see each other again.. maybe I'm just sad.. maybe I'm just feeling bad.. or maybe I'm just glad I know I still have your backs.. keep in touch loves!


Friday, April 20, 2012

no fun..ranting for the nth time..

So.. It's burning my patience.. you are really getting in my nerves! The very same person.. er.. really now.. really..?? It makes me feel uncomfortable..I know we're friends..I know you.. *sigh* I do understand you and that we are two different individuals.. but hello??? even just for a moment, can't you be in any way just a little bit considerate and take the initiative to do something helpful?? I really feel bad about it and now I don't know how to talk to you or how to act with you anymore.. it just makes me so uncomfortable to be around you.. that I feel I have started to keep my distance from you to avoid unnecessary chats.. we'll never be the same again, I think.. It's definitely awkward.. how's that? and so I've been told and yes, I do know but somehow I still believed.. but now, I don't know.. maybe we're not meant to be close as friends as before and so I know we're really not the same.. we don't mix.. we can't..

hay naku.. er.. just don't act like you care if you really don't care.. ang plastic lang e! and I hate it!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

5 minutes lang daw...

Trekking day!

woot! I'm not sure what am I up to but I was curious enough to try trekking. lol. super out of character and with my clumsiness, I don't think I qualify to be this active in such activities. But hello, I just wanna try! no harm in trying. lol.

Our itinerary includes a 3-hr trekking in Mt. Pundaquit in Zambales and then lunch and a bit dippin' in the beach.. I was thrilled as it was my first trekking experience and I am with Aya and two of my cousins who really do these things. I thought we are already prepared with what's to come until..... it was in the middle of going up that I cramped my legs.. plus the heat of the 36 degrees centigrade sun.. and the craving for some ice-cold as hell- drinks!!! lol.

fooling around was fun! except for the steeper parts.. hehe

Up in the peak, it was really pretty.. breathtakingly pretty.. oh how I like the view from up there.. The efforts did really pay off.. ^_^

I just wish there's more decent waiting area that fits in quite a group of people, then I heard, trekking up there is usually done early early in the morning before dawn or at night because there's no nothing to shade into. It was equally nice still.. I enjoyed our laughs til the end of the trip..

I must admit it was not bad. I felt proud being able to finish the trail with them. We arrived by the beach at around 12 noon, just in time for lunch.. I was badly burnt. *terrible sunburn* Icing it the whole time until we're off to the next island. I didn't bother to dip in the beach.. Guess there's no more place for more sunburns! =P

Now, at home.. I am dead-tired..and everything hurts.. lol.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

continuing family tradition

happy easter in Batangas!

After the long, changing, unpredictable planning... finally, the wives and mothers have decided and we are on a short weekend trip to Batangas near Kuya Pancho's newly acquired farm. We were not complete but still it's fun.. Just like family..

some things just never fails to amaze me.. ^_^

I took a few shots around the rented sort of resort.. and found some interesting things. I thought it's awesome to stay in the province but I doubt if I can survive my lifetime living there. As always, we pigged out and had a lots of chat. Adults were really funny and has a lot of chismis to share. Night swimming plus white wine.. and I'm all sold! hihihi.. It was quite a short lived Easter weekend but we sure did enjoy each others company..