Monday, January 19, 2015

trying to be sporty??

I didn't intend to try it but I love my friends that I got swayed into doing it anyway.

We are in a quick spontaneous weekend trip with no reservation or whatsoever. We don't even know what else to do except for their plan to do wakeboarding. First we checked out Nuvali.. and boy! It was full! So we ended up in Pampanga where we were hoping to book a room in Pradera Verde but unfortunately, with the event this weekend, it is already fully booked. Not to lose hope, we ended up staying in a bed and breakfast a few kilometers away from Pradera that we decided to just comeback in the morning for them to wakeboard.

For the night, we ended up having dinner in a neighboring Japanese restaurant and shopping snacks and drinks in the nearby grocery then settled for the night after hours of laughing and chatting. I really love these people!

And then the morning came.. and this happened! HAHAHA

It was fun indeed.. but still this will probably be my first and last after all those water I drank! Lol

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